Why Privacy Matters

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[Текст на српском] You know that funny corporate disclaimers that usually starts with: “your data won't be used…” Evergreen joke. It is common knowledge made into a saying: “If the service is free, then YOU ARE the merchandise!”

As long as centralized social media corporations has any number of followers, we have to repeat this truth. ALL CENTRALIZED social media corporations abuse your personal data! You don't have a control over your privacy on any of them!

After the “Shadow Banning” affair, now “Project Veritas” revealed on camera “with the little help” of Twitter staff, how Twitter abuse its users’ private messages!

Duration: 4:52

And just when you think that it really can't get more scandalous then it already is, you see Facebook snitching on Dakota pipeline protest group to prosecutor!

Duration: 2:00

Please do not go on the terrible suicidal line: “I've got nothing to hide…” That's Goebels. Value of your privacy is much larger than the money Twitter can squeeze out of you. You have to value it with your freedom. Here is Glenn Greenwald in 2014, making the case for why you need to care about privacy, even if you’re “not doing anything you need to hide”. It may be the best invested 20 minutes of your life…

Duration: 20:41

00:00 Being Alone
02:30 I have agreed to make myself so insignificant…
02:50 Eric Schmidt (Google)
04:50 Give me all your passwords of all your emails!
08:08 Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon
09:30 Societal control through prison in mind!
10:07 1984
11:55 Realm of Privacy
12:30 “People who ask privacy are bad by definition”
13:25 “If you render yourself harmless, you'll be safe”
14:54 Rosa Luxembourg
15:30 Questions about Snowden


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The only way to fight this is to vote with your feet.

Stop using these platforms.

They are businesses and users are profits. Less users means less profits.

If you stop using the platforms, they will make less money and either change their ways or fail.

If you keep using them - you are rewarding their bad behavior.

That's exactly my position, @ozphil. Thanks for your support.

thank you

Keep sharing, more power!

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