War on Freedom of Speech as a Prelude to a Wider War

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The Case of Julian Assange is gaining momentum. “The Empire” wanted to gag the voice of truth, but instead got the widespread resistance. The last phase of loosing control will have to be — intimidation.

I will use a few sentences of our own @caitlinjohnstone to make an introduction:

Julian Assange has taken refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy not because he is hiding from justice, but because he is hiding from injustice.

Assange is a political prisoner explicitly because he speaks truth to power using the internet. Cutting off his internet access for doing the very thing for which he was granted asylum contradicts the reason he was granted that asylum in the first place.

— Caitlin Johnstone, Rogue journalist.

The Ecuadorian government of Lenin Moreno has yielded to pressures of the criminal governments of UK and US. The criminal “Imperial” governments cannot tolerate truth any more. The obvious solution of cutting Assange's voice has triggered an expected reaction — people began to fight back!

There is a ReconnectJulian Petition with over 30,000 signatures just in the first day, and it is accompanied with an Open letter: The isolation of Julian Assange must end.

This kind of clash can end in two ways:

  • Either the openly criminal governments will be overthrown and their actors held responsible
  • Or the openly criminal governments will start a great war which will help them to evade responsibility

Well known journalist and filmmaker, John Pilger, has made a several documentaries warning the world of a war preparation. In this video you can see his explanation why this war on freedom of speech (not just against Julian Assange) is a prelude to a wider war:

Duration: 11:02

The time has come. Criminal governments cannot allow Julian Assange any more. If they do not face a strong and decisive resistance, we can expect:

  • More terrorist attacks all over the World
  • More deadly weapons sent to Ukraine and Saudi Arabia, which are the real rogue regimes.
  • More bellicose words against Iran and North Korea
  • More shameless propaganda against Russia
  • More animosity against China
  • More intimidation with a World War…

…until somewhere something explodes big time.

And never forget:

Assange’s freedom is a measure of our freedom!


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