BREAKING NEWS: Evicted and Arrested!

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It is happening this moment! Ecuador's president Lenin Moreno has announced that the country has withdrawn asylum from Assange. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been evicted from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London..


immediatelly following the reports of eviction, the Australian founder of the WikiLeaks whistleblowing portal was handed over to British authorities.

Julian Assange dragged out of the Embassy:


A sad day for a freedom of speech (

The Day Freedom was Murdered!

The day fascism showed its ugly face.

I dont know what to say.. I only can repeat myself. It is a bloody shame.

I wonder how anyone still can believe that we are living in a free and open society. Fascims ugly face shown again here.
I wish the best for him

Yes, @s0phos, it is fascism, with its Imperial secret indictments, which completely demask US and UK governments, and the corruption of the Ecuadorean leadership.

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A shameful day for human rights, political refugees, asylum seekers and especially a shameful day for the Ecuadorian government of Lenin Moreno.

We Fight On

No Extradition!

The only chance now would be a general elections in UK, and new government which would be opposed to extradition. How likely is it, do you think?

Agreed, but it's too difficult to say.
They might blacksite Assange and render him to the US as quickly as possible to avoid further delay.

But we must keep shedding light on Julian's plight. This is a travesty of justice in every sense.

With Corbyn opposing the extradition, this may well become a reality I fear

At least current Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn has denounced the arrest and is opposed to the extradition. Unfortunately by the time there is a general election over there in the UK, it might just be all too late.

No politician will save him.

I’m afraid you are right, @sloe.

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Sad day. How to kill democracy. Big government.

I don't understand. Where were all the Brits ? The "Resist, the UK must resist" was met by only a pathetic whimper.

No overwhelming number of protesters, or even a united front of concerned journalists ? Why did they let this travesty take place ?? Have we all just surrendered ?

We have a Federal election over here in his home country on the 18th of May, but a change of government will change nothing. As both leaders clamor to outdo each other in their support of Israel and the US, not a thought or a second will be spared for the illegal and immoral persecution of one of it's citizens.

Freedom was killed way longer ago but people see what they like to see and it is easier to stay deaf.

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You are right @wakeupkitty. But the significance of this event is in the fact that now it is not possible to pretend deaf and dumb any more.

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