Julian Assange: The Last Communication

in #wikileaks5 years ago

Well, I hope it was not really the last communication, but only the last before his communications were cut off inside the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Julian Assange is more than 6 years imprisoned inside the Embassy, and since March he has no connection to the World. Any material on him has the character of an exclusivity. Here he can be seen giving an interview and discussing a range of topics, including the future of cyber security, the current threat to nation-states and how he is portrayed in the media.

Duration: 54:03

  • 00:00 “I started WikiLeaks to know the fate of mankind”
  • 02:48 What’s it like spending everday in the Embassy?
  • 03:42 If you get your freedom, what will be your plans? Will you return to Australia?
  • 04:32 What led you to start WikiLeaks?
  • 07:49 What can we expect from WikiLeaks in the future?
  • 10:21 What are the biggest threats to business’s & governments today?
  • 18:21 What is your view on cyber Warfare as an offensive role as a retaliatory action?
  • 25:25 I.D. theft is on the rise, why is this area increasingly attractive to criminals?
  • 29:09 What is your view on the media coverage of your activities?
  • 31:52 Do you have any regrets about releasing sensitive information that could have endangered lives?
  • 32:55 When you eventually leave the Embassy, do you plan to continue your activities?
  • 34:12 How do you see things changing in the next 5-10 years in terms of the types of cyber threats?
  • 40:27 Is there a point at which you may decide to walk out of the Embassy and see what happens?
  • 43:55 Governments are meeting with private sector companies to showcase their offensive cyber capabilities in secret, is this something that should worry the public?
  • 48:30 What do yu believe is the best way of tackling privacy presented by the internet of things (IoT)?

Courtesy: World Ethical Data Forum

Never forget: His voice is our voice


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dumb question alert - but why can't some upstanding Londoner just set up a wifi hotspot next to the emabssy and toss a laptop/tablet to Mr. Assange? Do the police block such things?

Actually, Ecuadorian Embassy has cut his connection, which means he does not have access to any of communication devices from the inside, @direrat. Currently, his confinement conditions are worse than if he was in jail, except maybe for a better food.

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