Assange Isolation — Day 52

in #wikileaks6 years ago

Today Sergei Skripal is discharged from the hospital after the “miraculous recovery”. Of course, criminal UK regime does not allow press contact to both Skripals, preventing any possible dissent from the official story…

In the wording of UK criminal-in-chief Theresa May, it is highly likely that her criminal regime is hiding the truth with the aim of pushing British people into the major war against the nuclear superpower, so that her plutocratic puppet masters could profit on more deaths.

The same criminal regime, against all Gods and human laws, is holding in isolation the only man who could probably reveal the truth — Julian Assange. It is day 52 since rogue and criminal global terrorist regimes of US and UK have exerted pressure to Ecuador government and force it to cut off all the connections of Julian Assange with the World on March 28th 2018…

So, what can he do in isolation?

Duration: 0:46


Lol! A person poisoned with hard deadly weapon did not stay in the hospital for a month! Uhaha...

If Monty Python team were still active, they would destroy… they would satire to pieces, this criminal clowns from the UK government… but they would obviously have to do it somewhere from Russia or China @mister-omortson :)

Oh, this British arrogance!!!

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