Legal Abuse & Defense Against Global Surveillance

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The Centralized Hierarchical Political Matrix has a fantastic subversive power. It can ‘normalize’ completely insane things while imposing the totalitarian control. The best example should be the fate of your dwindling privacy…

Privacy is important to people just like water, air and communication. Every attack on privacy is actually a step towards securing totalitarian control. And the Centralized Hierarchical Political Matrix has its methods to make people given up their data. Usual trick is giving a service “for free”. It’s never free. When you sign Terms and Conditions that you didn’t read or understand, you have paid with your data. The rule goes like this: “If it’s free, then you are a product!” The other of usual tricks is implanting into the feeble minds the famous sentence: “I don’t care, I've got nothing to hide…” When you meet such a person, you tell him: “OK then, give me all your passwords of all your emails!” See his reaction. If he continues the discussion, tell him it is Goebels! Then give him an explanation on importance of privacy by Glenn Greenwald.

But that is just one simple example you will undoubtly encounter in your everyday life. More dangerous examples go over your TV set and corporate media, where government officials will tell you that mass surveillance is quite normal thing, aimed at your protection. Rubbish! Centralized techno giants will tell you that data you give them — your data — is protected, and is perfectly safe. Rubbish! Anyone who believes that deserves everything what will get. But what do I know, right? Let a witness from the belly of a beast tell you the truth. I find it very encouragaging to see a mass of people who came Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon on Monday, to hear the lecture on privacy and government collection of citizens data, given by National Security Agency whistleblower, Edward Snowden, via video link. I hope this seed will grow:

Duration: 04:01

His most important point in this short video: the Law does not exist any more. Tech giants now have a ‘business model’ with data harvesting, and they have signed a Faustian deal with the devil… they are technically not doing anything illegal (you did agreed to the Terms and Conditions that you didn’t read, right?) collecting mass data, but… that is not the real problem. If the Law would exist, it should FORBID COLLECTION OF USER’S DATA. Regulating ‘protection’ of data implicitely means that collection of data is OK. That spying of everybody all the time is good. Well, it is not. It is just another trick which the Centralized Hierarchical Political Matrix uses to ‘normalize’ completely insane things while imposing the totalitarian control…

In a video below you can see complete Snowden’s testimony (starting at around 01:38:00 to 02:00:50) and full three hours of the Opening Ceremony of Web Summit 2019:

Duration: 03:01:34


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