Assange Isolation — Day 69

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Julian Assange-2018-06-04_002301.jpg

On June 19th, it will be full 6 years since since Julian Assange is imprisoned inside Ecuadorian embassy in London, under the pressure of rogue and tyrannical regimes of US and UK.

Today @JulianAssange has been:

  • 69 days gagged & isolated after US pressure on Ecuador
  • 2176 days in the Embassy
  • 2736 days detained without charge in the UK
  • 2811 days investigated by US grand jury

Roger Waters has once again reminded the World of Julian Assange at his Berlin concert, and of the criminals who are holding him illegaly detaind, and who have just put a torturer at the head of CIA


And I am using this chance to send another reminder:

Julian Assange vigil-Dc8yWvMU8AAV7hr.jpg

Never forget: His voice is our voice


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Universal Basic Income


Assange is best example why cryptocurrencies are necessary. They freezed all his money but they can't stop Bitcoin. He is living of Crypto donations last few years...

Quite right, @cicbar. This is a changed World already. Even if they arrest him and make him a martyr, it will just draw more people to the new World.

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