Arresting the Free Speech

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The Empire went full scale rampant. Emperor Trump has disrobed “humanitarian interventions” propaganda openly opting for the ‘protection’ of someone else’s oil, and now is dismantling “free speech” propaganda…

Not having a serious backlash from the Julian Assange’s persecution, the Empire continues to ‘protect’ free speech by arresting journalists who are telling the truth. On Friday, October 25th, US investigative reporter and The Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal was arrested for having a courage to actually visit Venezuela and report things out of hysterical warmongering corporate media narrative:

Duration: 11:22

Here is his tweet with the facts link:


For everyone who follow Max Blumethal’s work, this is quite clearly a politically motivated attempt to silence investigative journalism on a fabricated assault charge, but if you would rather like to hear it from his lawyer…

Duration: 3:57

On the other hand, if you haven’t seen Blumenthal’s work, I suggest to visit The Grayzone YouTube channel while it is still there. This arrest may well be an announcement of a forthcoming termination of “unauthentic behavior channel” from another centralized platform under the control of Imperial corporation — Google.

The Empire and its minions has fully plunged into crimes, and the persecution will not cease. On the contrary — a fascist regime can only be overthrown by force. The question is: How many Assanges and Blumenthals will suffer until the sheeple awake and resist?

Don’t forget Julian Assange!


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I am still a Trump fan

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