💨 A Lot of Hot Air (and Another Dodgy Moderator)

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I'll begin this post by saying that I've spoken to @malikusman1 and @waqarahmadshah before sharing with the community and I've taken the unprecedented step of sharing this post with @malikusman1 and made a few edits as a result.

This is probably the first time that I've spent so much time investigating a community's booming votes and been conflicted about whether or not to write a post about it. Whilst one of the users mentioned here has clearly been up to no good, I can feel the sense of sadness and disappointment from the other side of my Discord chat.

Whilst conflicted, I believe that there are a number of important questions to be asked at the end of this post regarding the wider use of booming, particularly in communities where admins and moderators have invited their family and friends to join them. Steem4Bloggers is certainly no worse than other communities in this respect (with the exception of one moderator) and some communities are unashamedly far worse. One recently exposed admin is still happily earning multiple booming votes per week as a moderator in other communities. (I'm pretty sure the steemcurators know who I'm referring to.)

I've also been told that @mariahweng is @shabbir86 's son - which explains some of what comes below (and perhaps some fragmented rewriting of my content). The regurgitation of content with a new cover image and account inactivity is too much of a coincidence so I'm sticking with my conclusion. Let's go...

There's nothing quite like a pushy newbie - an account created a few moments ago through @justyy's account creation tool and desperate to get verified. Introduced by:

none other than @malikusman1, who is my very good friend and considers me his small brother

Many of you probably know @malikusman1, he's joint admin in Steem4Bloggers, in which he runs many contests and also has the privilege of nominating users for booming support. Is the prospect of booming support why he's so desperate to join?

(@malikusman1 assures me that this newcomer won't be posting in Steem4Bloggers so if it is, he won't benefit from it here.)

Of course, I occasionally get triggered into looking at a community's booming support and this proved to be my trigger.

In their booming application, they describe their community. (They said the same in their Engagement Challenge Application - guys, you really should write something unique each time. The Steemit Team are like elephants that don't forget!)

👆 Source


Steem4Bloggers Booming

I chose the 1st April as my start date. Not only is it the day for fools, but it's 2 months which is a nice, random time period.

As is customary with booming support, the top spots are claimed by the community account, admins and moderators.

(Note: @solaymann has recently stepped down as a moderator)

@hive-109435a shameless 17

@yancar and @steemdoctor1 being the only moderators who have resisted the temptation to max-out their allocated 1 vote per week.

In total, they've selected 250 posts in 2 months - 70 of the votes going to moderators, equating to 28%.

Or just over 1 vote per day out of a possible 4. I get that.


We have different moderators from different geographical areas so that we could be able to cover different languages and people.

Well, they've definitely got Pakistan covered.

Ok, unremarkable and unsurprising allocation of votes to admins and moderators aside, what else is there?

So there are a couple of other names up there too, let's look at @mariahweng. Honestly, this guy's got to be a seriously good author to get more booming votes than the moderators.

He joined just over 2 years ago with a bang. Deciding that sharing a boy hanging from a tree was the perfect way to introduce himself (link removed - If you really want to see if, look at his profile).



Having said a bang, he was largely ignored, scraping by on krsuccess's $0.04.

He made an unexpected return in January last year though and by incredible coincidence (😉) gained instant acknowledgement from an anonymous booming supporter.

He eventually introduced himself.


His introducer, his father - @shabbir86 (The proud claimer of 9 booming votes).

@mariahweng's made 2 transfers to @steemitmylife1 - a user happy to expose his wallet, sharing it with 4 other users (@shabbir86, @bigbhai, @ronaqali and @ahmadfaraz).

Interesting - @bighai shares the same fortune of an anonymous booming supporter at the same time as @mariahweng for the same shitty posts about flowers.

@bigbhai's deleted his introduction now but of course, these things are immutable so can be found.

This part of his intro photo is interesting:

Image flipped horizontally and there's definitely some writing on the other side... something ending in 86... oh hang on... I can just about read it now: @shabbir86.

I genuinely didn't see that coming.

So looking at @shabbir86's Introduction, there's that piece of paper. And oh, that obscure, faint writing on the back suddenly comes into focus.

So, they were introduced together but don't mention each other. Weird. It's almost as though somebody's walked into where they are, got them to hold a piece of paper and taken a photo.

Who is this irrelevant photographer who doesn't get a mention?

Who is this anonymous booming donor and why are these votes in a community that wasn't selected for support?


Does The Camera Lie?

Then there's the camera. They acknowledge that they're related but why are they sharing photos across their blogs?

Notice the sausages (or whatever they are) in this blog, from just 3 months ago and the background from this blog a whole 6 months earlier. Same "sausages". Same tray. Same digital camera mark indicating the photos were taken with the same camera. You'd think that a day out with his son would involve a selfie and a tag? Small details.

@the-gorilla. Let me stop you there. Are you kidding me? You think those sausages in the background from one person's blog, are the exact same sausages on somebody else's? You've lost your mind.

How rude. Let me continue...

Pretty weird eh? Are you starting to think what I'm thinking? That @shabbir86 is also running the @mariahweng account?

Don't be so ridiculous. That's a coincidence. Just like the filenames.

IMG_20230621_121716.jpg in @mariahweng's post.
IMG_20230621_121730.jpg in @shabbir86's.
IMG_20230621_121736.jpg in @shabbir86's.

Linking filenames is an interesting way to catch multi-account users. You see, IMG_20230621_121640.jpg was taken in the same shop on the same day, just 1 minute earlier. @mariahweng used it in his Diary game on 5th February 2024 - 8 months later. So I'm guessing that he didn't get the pizza on that day.

Not to let a batch of photos go to waste, they were also used in the following articles:

  1. I like to eat burgers and samosas and pakoras are my favorite food\5|08|2023
  2. The diarygame betterlife with steem|22|7|2023

It's hard work running multiple accounts - so I guess we shouldn't be surprised that this post and this post are identical apart from the cover image. Lucky the moderator didn't notice... who moderated these posts? Oh.

@shabbir86's life is pretty repetitive too. 23rd September 2023 and 9th December 2023 being a good example amongst many others.

3 out of the 4 duplicate posts received booming. Feels good doesn't it, knowing that booming votes are going to old, duplicated content.

But there's still room to say "he does the account himself" and as I've just said - running multiple accounts is hard work. It's more than just copying content and selecting booming. You've got to visit other blogs and write meaningful comments which takes time. Which is probably why @mariahweng hasn't written a comment since 27th January, despite writing (and receiving booming for) plenty of posts.

Lots of waffle. And whilst a father/son relationship could work as a great excuse - it's clear to me that it won't be enough.


A Nice, Little Cluster

Let's take @anjinoor, currently standing at 9 booming votes since the 1st April. 9 votes in 2 months, a nice, unsuspicious number. Introduced herself on 21st February 2023 after being told by her friend, @noorji about the platform. Having created her account through @justyy's account creation, we can assume that she doesn't have a mobile phone.

Her introducer, @noorji had joined on the 7th January the same year. In introducing herself, she talked about the food she likes and if you took the time to look at @anjinoor's Achievement 1, you'll recognise the food photo. Oh, and you know how I love a coincidence, she also created her account through @justyy's tool so presumably, she doesn't have a mobile phone either.

But fret ye not, her neighbour who introduced her (@mubashra) does have one:

"i saw my neighbor @mubashra she was typing something on her mobile. I asked her that what she was doing. She told that she is making post for steemit"

Having caught her "making post for steemit", It was a surprise to see @mubashra has written fewer posts that @steemcurator01. But at least this user had a mobile phone and was able to create their account the standard way.

I continued my journey through Steem4Bloggers booming votes and quickly came to @joojoo78 who introduced himself on 2nd March this year. Another unsuspicious 8 votes in 2 months, he was invited by his mother (@anjinoor) and this time, his use of @justyy's account creation was understandable. And presumably, also his love of chicken.

I'm also impressed that @joojoo78's been able to set up a Binance account (101167000) given his age. Hang on, no. He's too young to get an account set up, they have strict rules. Perhaps its his mother's account? No. Hers is 100762372 so why would a child, who was introduced by his mother, not trust his mother to make his withdrawals?

Looking at their blogs, you can see that they both own mobile phones too - so why not register with them? Had their numbers already been taken?

And then the comments - With @joojoo78, we have another user who doesn't comment, other than to say "thanks" a couple of times a week. It'll take some convincing to tell me that a user who doesn't interact with a community deserves so much booming support. His mum's better although not exactly setting the community alight - she peaks at 3 comments per week, mostly to say thanks or enter a contest.

So what? Steem4Bloggers accidently supported a group of highly suspicious accounts introduced by somebody who's never written a post or comment. Users who when mentioned to the community admin (@malikusman1) were met with the reply of "I dont know these users" and whilst the moderators who voted for them know them in the community, they don't know them in the real world.

The admin doesn't know 2 users who consistently account for 7% of the community's booming votes - I've recommended to @malikusman1 that he needs to keep a closer eye on booming nominations.

We'll come to this little group again later.


The Top 10

Well, that's the top 10 covered, equating to nearly 40% of their booming votes.

Moderators, an account linked to a moderator and a set of questionable accounts representing the top 10.

Let's see what the last 2 weeks have in store for us...


2 Weeks

These are all of the users who have more than 1 vote in the past 2 weeks, we've met @hive-109435, @malikusman1, @shabbir86, @mariahweng, @waqarahmadshah, @joojoo78, @khursheedanwar, @steemitmylife1 and @anjinoor already and they've increased their share to nearly 42% of all booming votes.

@fawadaslam is another @justyy created account which is never a good sign - his introduction cites @steemdoctor1 so I'm guessing that's who his booming votes are coming from 🤷



The Steem4Bloggers account (@hive-109435) also shares a regular post, highlighting the 4 posts that are selected each day. Unfortunately, not every day is shared so this information is incomplete. But it might be interesting. Going back to 1st April again.

Assuming that the moderator selects themselves on the same day as others, let's do a moderator / member matrix (moderators first):

ModeratorVoted ForCount

For clarity, I've removed counts of just 1 or 2 and you'll notice that the admins (@steemdoctor1 and @malikusman1) rarely make their selections public.

What strikes me straight away, is that some moderators votes are clearly more concentrated than others.

@solaymann, @waqarahmadshah and @yancar have a large variety in the people that they select.

@khursheedanwar and @shabbir86 - not so much. And we know who's behind @mariahweng already.

That other cluster of suspiciously created accounts that I mentioned earlier... @shabbir86 is clearly a big fan of theirs too, giving them a combined 10 booming votes, whereas @khursheedanwar went with a more conservative 6.

@writer123 is a new one - In his introduction, he cites @steemdoctor1 as the person who's invited him many times. Plenty of booming support until this post which saw @waqarahmadshah ban him, having previously been caught cheating in the Crypto Academy.


Let's get back to @anjinoor and @joojoo78 now then. Despite their somewhat suspicious origin story, it could just be bad luck that @anjinoor was introduced by a liar and good luck that they've landed in a community that's willing to really support them. Oh, and bad luck that one of their biggest supporters appears to be abusing their booming votes. They've both got mobile phones so why didn't they register with them? (Note: Both their mobile phones differ from those used by the community's moderators.) Then there's the young child with a Binance account - unrelated to his mother's. This still smells off to me.


Community Activity

Excluding the highlighted abuse by @shabbir86, the high support of @anjinoor and @joojoo78 could be explained by a lack of activity within the community. When Steem4Bloggers applied for booming support, they had 282 Active Posters which we always see an increase in once the sheep gravitate towards these communities.

Steem4Bloggers has only 35% of that figure now, meaning that 65% have left (spot the maths degree 🤓) - just 101 Active Users. I can think of 3 reasons for this:

  1. Users were deterred by the high volume of votes going to so few people.
  2. Ongoing exams in Pakistan have reduced activity.
  3. The previous "Active Posters" count had been artificially inflated.


Where does this leave us?

It's very difficult to say. I'd quickly noticed that there was something wrong with the booming votes and instantly became suspicious... but having been as thorough as my fragile little mind will allow me, it's definitely possible that there's just one bad apple, contaminating otherwise clean waters.

As a result of this, @malikusman1 has removed @shabbir86 as moderator with immediate effect.

I know that the admins trusted @shabbir86 and I have to be careful that the rest of the team don't get dragged down with him. The support for @anjinoor and @joojoo78 by @khursheedanwar is probably harmless but my recommendation to him would definitely be to try and spread your booming nominations around more (his votes are only 1 each per week - curation being rotated with the intention of each curator only getting 1 turn per week).

I'm also wondering what believable excuse will @shabir86 have to convince us that he's not running both accounts?

Oh, the activity dovetails so beautifully too. I almost forgot to mention that.

2nd June
1st June
30th May
29th & 28th May
Just Shabbir
27th May
26th May

I already know... they're using the same device (a Tecno Camon 20 CK6n if you're interested) - tossing it between them like a pair of jugglers at the circus.


Final Thought and a Questions to the Community

How do you feel about 40% of a community's Booming votes (approx. 11 out of 28 per week) going to just 10 users?

Since the community accounts are often owned by a single user (without multi-sig), should they be entitled to 2 community votes and 1 user vote per week?

Should admins and moderators be allowed to consistently select their family and friends for booming support?

Are users now uninterested in communities with Booming support, preferring to chase Engagement Challenges? Should we discuss the future of Booming?

Should accounts created via @justyy's website be applicable to the Newcomers' Certification? Or should we insist that they register through the registration page? Or that their introducer creates their account from their Resource Credits or STEEM?

5% beneficiary to @malikusman1 and @waqarahmadshah for giving me their time.




the-gorilla's Alternative Steemit Interface

In case you didn't know, I've created an interface to help you find content that you're interested in more easily.

Posts by voting bot users, abusers and spam tags are hidden and you can search by multiple tags - allowing you to find the content that you're interested in more easily.

👉 Launch Alternative Steemit Interface 👈


the-gorilla's Club Status Tool

I've also created a tool to help users review their club status - showing them where their power's coming from, how much they're powering up, transferring out and who they share a wallet with amongst other things.

Please use it wisely.

👉 Launch Club Status Tool 👈


 2 months ago 

Hi, I wasn't intending to comment further on this matter, but ever since you started the contest to decode the hashtag #aagr, the entire Steemit platform has converged on this post.

I don't think everyone has read and analyzed your report in "full detail". For some reason, I have a feeling that some people have misunderstood your post and think that the whole team is involved in this.

If you could briefly explain in a comment who was involved and who was working honestly, it would be appreciated. Although you have already clarified everything to me on Discord, a short comment here might help, and if SC01 upvotes your comment, it would make things easier for the other moderators.

Because of one person's actions, other mod's reputation is being damaged...

Cc: @the-gorilla

From the replies, I believe that plenty of the people converging haven’t read the post!

I appreciate your concern.

Unlike a large number of the commenters, @steemcurator01 will have read the entire post, followed what I’ve said and understood who was involved. They’ll also have acknowledged my beneficiaries which knowing me, I wouldn’t have done if you’d done anything wrong.

Whilst there was clearly one bad actor, you can take credit as the moderator who prevented additional abuse. Both here and in the Crypto Academy. This is to your credit.

I’ve also seen your recommendations to the wider leadership group and when you’re ready, I would suggest sharing this with the community. The transparency I mentioned in my post is a positive and your suggestions will further improve this.

I hope this puts your mind at ease.

 2 months ago 

Thank you. 😊

 2 months ago 

You shouldn't think I did not read the full report but I felt my comment was not necessary since everything was crystal clear. I always thought you were the one who was always ready to keep the platform clean, so there! Would you believe I read all such reports and try to learn tricks of the trade?

 2 months ago 

You shouldn't think I did not read the full report

Oh no, I wasn't talking about you. I know you well, and I was sure that you had read the entire report. 🙂

Never had a Booming vote myself.......

Now where is my flagging stick

Never had a Booming vote myself.......

Awh 😔 WOX doesn't have booming any more because some of our mods use voting services!

Now where is my flagging stick


You're crazy, you're definitely crazy!
The whole thing stinks to high heaven! Many people know it, but only a crazy person embarks on the never-ending search.
You know what? I love you for being crazy!

Do you want my booming support, sir? I still have to apply. But don't worry, I have lots of friends... ;-)))

My curiosity just gets the better of me. Something will trigger me and I'll think, I'll just check that. After checking, I'll normally think "there's something fishy here" and before you know it, this happens and I question my own existence.

 2 months ago 

Saludos cordiales amigo the-gorilla.

Hablare solo por mí, primero es lamentable que existan abusos de cualquier tipo, pues esto daña la imagen general de la plataforma, los abusos acá en steemit están por todos lados, no solo el abuso de booming de un MOD, de las comunidades, también esta el problema con las multicuentas y en este punto hay un problema muy grave, pues el equipo de steemit lo prohibe pero por otro lado lo apoya, pues vota a viejos usuarios que tienen 2 y 3 cuentas, entonces no se puede juzgar a uno y a otro no, o se aplica a todos o la regla simplemente no sirve.

En esta comunidad y en otras que trabajo tenemos la oportunidad de aportar nuestro tiempo, nuestra dedicación, nuestro esfuerzo y así pienso que también podemos recibir una ayuda o forma de pago, es lo mas sensato, acá nos dan la oportunidad de obtener por lo menos 1 voto a la semana, eso esta bien, eso es algo que nunca he faltado y nunca pienso hacerlo, todo mi SP es ganado con el sudor de mi frente, con el uso de mis neuronas y de mis dedos.

Admiro tu trabajo en esta investigación, no es fácil encontrar estos abusos y tu lo has hecho muy bien, 100 puntos por eso.

La comunidad Steem4Bloggers es una comunidad muy buena, da un espacio para que muchos usuarios hagan vida en ella, yo soy de Venezuela y mi trabajo dentro de esta comunidad es incentivar a los latinos a participar acá, así cuando toca mi día de turno intento apoyar a la mitad latinos y mitad de otros países, mis reportes de auge van dirigidos a los usuarios que cumplan la regla y proporcionen publicaciones de calidad.

Espero esta investigación deje aclarado todo y que el equipo de steemit vuelva a apoyarme jajajaja ya que me han tenido un poco abandonado, si era por esta investigación entonces ya puedo ser un MOD confiable.

Dios te bendiga amigo the-gorilla.

 2 months ago 

Hello GORILLA 🦍,

Firstly, I would like to appreciate the investigation and good job that you have done in making this extensive report. Sadly, I'm so upset on this behavior of our mods and especially the ones which are closely linked to us (from Pakistan). No doubt, it is never so easy to properly investigate and monitor all these things that's why we (admins) were unable to judge these things, even it's our full-time responsibility. Talking about your investigation, all of your points are very valid.

Tbh, from the start of our community, our main mission is to establish and run the community in the cleanest and nicest way. But unfortunately, such kind of things make the admins disappointed. Being an admin, I will try my best of the best to monitor such critical things by my own and I hope that no such case will be reported in the future.

@fawadaslam is another @justyy created account which is never a good sign - his introduction cites @steemdoctor1 so I'm guessing that's who his booming votes are coming from 🤷


never a good sign - boss, here in Pakistan, most of the new users feel it difficult to make new account from STEEM (due to API not found issues) that's why they ask for the alternatives and Steemyy, I think (as I also recommend them sometimes), is one of the best alternatives for that purpose.

I'm guessing that's who his booming votes are coming from 🤷 - boss man, I have just seen his profile and he has just 3/4 booming votes out of more than 20 posts in our community in last one month. Anyways, it's still not appropriate to support him again and again if he isn't participating in other communities.

Lemme share my --- thoughts, the first thing is that, you know, whenever a new user joins the platform he/she need some sort of motivation or encouragement to give his best and take the best. So, I think it is one of the promotional strategies that most of the companies apply to make the new users feel easy and stay consistent. I hope you have got my point (don't forget to share yours). Btw, I always guide my invitees to discover more community, so that they can participate and enter in different dynamics, making it sure that they don't totally relay on the previously said support (a little dose of encouragement and motivation) 🙂

Anyways, thanks again for the investigation and letting us know about this heartbreaking condition. We always try our best to never repeat the history of the community abuse cases that were reported from Pakistan and for that, we make the transparency and merit as our first step. Appropriate steps will surely be taken by the admins and your help is highly appreciated always.

Btw, all the asked questions have been replayed by the co-admin (malikusman1) and I agree with all of them.

Thank you. Take Respect 🤝


Man, that's a lot. I'm relatively new here and don't understand many things. but as a decentralized platform, I think Steemit has many problems including the one you're talking about.

My main complaint is some things are not allowed to do, only if you are a newbie but old users can do whatever they want. for example, logging crypto prices. when I did it I got warnings but I still see old users doing that and making 100 dollars a post. I don't think it's fair.

some even use AI to create articles and make money. how is that possible? As I understand it is only possible if big accounts upvote them. so whales must favor some people even if they cheat. why is that? isn't Steemit decentralized? Anyway, I too wonder how to get favor from whales. do I have to be a relative or what? just asking.

The posts you're talking about will either be buying their votes or using their larger accounts to farm rewards. They'll openly admit to doing it (due to the history of Hive) and won't stop. It needs somebody with even more power than them to downvote until they stop. And that hasn't happened yet.

isn't Steemit decentralized?

The fact that it's decentralised makes it possible. If it was centralised, the owners could delete the accounts.


‼️‼️ CONTEST ALERT ‼️ ‼️

5 STEEM to the first person who can correctly identify what #aagr means

Runner-up prizes of 3 STEEM to the first person who correctly guesses what I think it is and 1 STEEM to any ideas that make me laugh

Dunno, but I'm guessing it's somehow inversely related to #apwr: 1, 2, 3, 4?

Update: Or maybe not inversely. Depends upon point of view.

The only relationship that I'm aware of is that they're both acronyms.

I'm confident that between sc01's tips, my comments and a couple of the better guesses, you'll get it.

Disclaimer: If it is what I think it is. If not, you might win the 3 STEEM instead 😉

Argh (very frustrated), another abuser got respected...

My guess. Your laugh, sir? Follow my Copy-Master:

The term "AAGR" stands for "Average Annual Growth Rate." It represents the mean annual growth rate over a specified period. This measure is typically calculated by taking the arithmetic average of a series of annual growth rates. AAGR is often used to analyze the average growth rate of investments, companies, or economic indicators over several years.

Boo, where's the referee? The cheating here is outrageous ... ;-)

... Oh, what the hell. The SC is smarter than any AI anyway... I can't figure it out either :-)


For trying to get another player penalised.

Hey Hahnsen, back to your roots! You have clearly exceeded your competences :-)

Good old Hansen, I haven’t heard from him for a while.

Schummeln? Ich habe wenigstens samt Quellenangabe zitiert. Naja, die Quittung für diese dreiste Unterstellung hat Hahnsen dir ja dankenswerterweise bereits ausgestellt... 😤
Haben wir dafür eigentlich über eine Leihgebühr nachgedacht?!

The SC is smarter than any AI anyway

Oh, hast du nun ebenfalls ein Schleimpunktekonto eröffnet?... 🤪

Das geht ja mal gar nicht, dass Hahnsen hier ein Auswärtsspiel pfeift... Wir müssen in der Tat über entsprechende Regelungen in seinem Vertrag nachdenken ;-))

Jo, die Schleimspur war schon nicht übel, ne... nach der Auflösung bewerten wir die Lage neu ;-D

Die Lage gefällt mir gerade ganz gut. Was nicht bedeutet, dass ich mich nun unter den Stalkern einreihe… 😉

Es bekommt wieder eine Dynamik, wie wir sie schon bei einigen Aktionen gesehen haben. Einerseits ist es ja gut, dass sie aus der Deckung kommen und mal einen Spaß mitmachen, aber mir wäre eine Kommunikation in Richtung "Weiterentwicklung" im Moment wichtiger... plus ab und an ein Spielchen :-))

another abuser got respected

another abuser got revealed?

Well, "revealed" came later. At first the guy was "respected" - that's a reason to be completely desperate and frustrated and make strange letter combinations... ;-)

That would also be my tip ... but I guess it would be to easy :-)

There are a bunch of different "r" words that could go there. I'm not really seeing how any of them tie in to the title of the post as @the-gorilla suggested, though. I think I'm still missing something.

I think the “r” word is between 2 options. One has been suggested already, the other is what I initially thought. If you get the aag from the clues provided, the r should come naturally. With today’s tip, the “g” should be straightforward.

The title should give you two of the other letters.

Unless I’m wrong too 😆

Well, I laughed at ChatGPT so there’s 1 STEEM there.

How did it manage to repeat itself 4 times?

aagr is the annual average growth rate. It is the growth rate, averaged over a 12 month period. It’s also know as the annual average rate of difference between the starting point and 1 year later. It is often used to calculate the average growth rate annually.

How did it manage to repeat itself 4 times?

Shall I ask him it?!

Yes please. Ask it: "After saying what "AAGR" stands for, why did you repeat yourself 3 times saying the same thing with a different word order? You know this isn't a Diary Game or Steemit Application don't you?"

I wouldn't dare say this to my AI. I'm frightened to speak to it after last time:


My AI is still friendly. Maybe because I really often use the magical word "please"?

Okay, it's a bit rude that the gentleman/lady doesn't respond to my question about the repetitions. But he/she does provide me with a formula:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-05 um 10.06.53.png

Wow, you learn more here by simply making nonsense than in the "Crypto Academy"... 🤪

The picture is MY screenshot from MY friendly AI. You are NOT allowed to use it, NOT allowed to read it, NOT allowed to look at it, NOT allowed to do ANYTHING if you don't want to be immediately exposed as a plagiarist... 😎

It just gets worse.

Sentence 1: Definition
Sentence 2: Definition repeated. Annual replaced by “period of time” and Average replaced by “mean.
Sentence 3: Definition repeated. Average replaced by “arithmetic mean”.
Formula 1: Definition of Growth rate.
Formula 2: Step 1 in learning how to do an average.
Formula/Step 3: Step 2 in calculating an average.

The final complex looking formula: Repetition of the above expressed mathematically.

Disclaimer: In replying to your comment, I DID NOT use it, I DID NOT read it, I DID NOT look at it, I DID NOT do ANYTHING with it.

It has a short fuse though.
Something must have clearly gone wrong during training...

Whereas other AI models are trained on data prior to 2022, mine was trained on 'X' since Elon Musk took over.

Okay. Maybe tomorrow.
I just wanted to answer a few comments quickly and two and a half hours have already passed.

Sir, please, sir, make me unpopular...

I’m dreading doing that job! Wanting to do things properly is extremely time consuming.

Just say “great”, upvote 20% and job done. Tomorrow, you’ll have nothing to reply to 😉

 2 months ago 

You have "Aired Another Golden Report"
aagr 👍

#tipoftheday - g is not gorilla

A bit early in the contest for tips don't you think 😉

If my guess is correct, people need to pay more attention to the post title. Which would also leave 2 viable options for the 'g' depending upon the level of enthusiasm you were feeling when you commented.

Mix in 3 parts of Gadolinium Dioxide and all will be golden 🧪


Good tip. Not great, but good 👍🏼

Wish I'd been more focused in my chemistry classes.

I’m pretty sure your chemistry’s good enough to know the difference between a dioxide and a monoxide 😉


!ask what is Gadolinium

Sorry, I can't help you right now. Please try again later.

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!ask is currently based on ChatGPT-3.5


!ask How long should I wait?

This is getting fun. The community should be grateful to you for your anti abuse services. Keeping that in mind, my guess is...

And Another Gratitude Reward


There can be other viable words starting with G but I think R definitely stands for Reward.

I think R definitely stands for Reward.

I don’t 😊

You see, sc01 and I know that it’s not all about the rewards.

You know I know what you two know. 😀

I just went with the simplest thought - Sc01 rewarded you for your relentless effort and then made this comment - so it's his way of thanking you. I mean how else can he thank. 😛

But I also don't ignore the fact, how crazy your brain works and given the history, how sc01 tags along... anything is possible. 😛

I mean how else can he thank. 😛

Simply joining in my stupid games is enough for me 😅

g = good
g = great
g = golden
g = glorious
g = galileo???

Depending upon the level of enthusiasm...

No more guesses!

That was my first question when the acronym appeared and the subsequent clue. That one’s been successfully solved so if that’s all you’re waiting for, then this is your last chance to have a go.

I know...
But the emojis made me rethink everything...


And another gold-worthy ranting

 2 months ago 

Hola, espero no llegar muy tarde, estuve tratando de leer todo el hilo y ver todas las pistas...

La primera ya sabemos que G no es Gorila.

Luego me di cuenta que #aagr esta directamente realcionado al titulo, entonces las dos A, serian "and another"

Me queda averiguar la G y la R.

La G, por el juego de las letras, debe ser "Good"

Hay otra pista acerca de los marines y los romanos, los marines son mucho menos, pero son más avanzados, ellos serian como el símbolo de algo bueno. Esta pista me lleva a pensar que #aagr no se refiere a algo negativo sino algo positivo: good.

Me queda la R.

La R no se refiere a Report, en mi opinion porque seria muy obvio, me parece que es algo más descriptivo, entonces sería "Research".

Para poner mi pequeño grano de arena dire que es:

And Another Good Reseach

 2 months ago 

My best guess is "Anti Abuse General Reports"
SC01 wants to see them all under this tag as and when he has time to do so.

 2 months ago (edited)

25% sc01 vote to the first person with the correct answer (no edits) 🥳


No one has got it so far.

Let's make it a 50% vote...


Still no winners, so let's go big, or go home.

Hope you can reach your destination now...


100% vote up for grabs


There's some big steaks cooking right now. It's a shame I eliminated myself from entering my own contest! Although it's probably more your contest now 🤔

I'll close my element of the contest tomorrow morning, share what I thought it was initially (and for a whopping 3 STEEM prize) and at the same time, share what I have finally concluded the answer to be, based upon your tips. I'll also do my best to explain your tips although I doubt I'll hit the mark on that one.

I think it's funny that a joke contest has descended into this. The winner getting the same upvote as the "Steemian of the Year" 😂

I love it when you join in.

Mac and Cheese for the unlucky Steemian.



Con mis últimas fuerzas dejaré mi ultimo comentario antes de abandonar este hilo xD cabe destacar que leí las pistas y todos los comentarios, solo pude entender esto por #aagr:

  • And Another Good Report

Fuente 1: los comentarios de @event-horizon
Fuente 2: Miami me lo confirmó

Fue divertido mientras duró, no acerté jajajajaja creo que hubiera sido menos complicado para mí si hubiera manejado el idioma ingles ( y echarle cabeza a esa ecuación con el dióxido)


O talvez no es "Good"

si no "Goddy"

por "Dodgy Moderator"

Solo cambiando el lugar de las letras

Esto un juego mental, nada es lo que parece.. 🤯 estas son mis dos últimas neuronas conversando en la madrugada 😂


Tal vez nunca entenderé porque mencionaste ese lugar


Surely ascended not descended 😎

And I'm looking forward to Another tip today 🫢

A Company of US Marines v the entire Roman First Legion...

Who would come out in first place?


Despite thinking that I know what #aagr is, this clue’s left me flummoxed.

I’m starting to think there’s a film reference or 2 in here with the first half possibly being “A few good men”.

Should we put ourselves out of our misery on Friday and share the Result? Time for one last #tipoftheday tomorrow?

Maybe The Royals will finish in the top four next time...

#bonustipoftheday 👅🍎🧪 🔢

I think I cracked it.

The Royals: your reference to the-gorilla

Top Four: maybe in top four authors, in steemit awards

And the emojis tell us why:

👅 Expression

🍎 I don't know wisdom or something

🧪 He uses tests (analytical reports)

🔢 Augmented with stats and numbers

That's why his reports are

Always A Good Read

You ought to give me some points for creativity even if it's a wrong answer 🥺


The hints... 😅

Ok how about this one?

We have established, g is not gorilla.

I have got this from 2nd tip... 👇

Gadolinium is used to inject in the body for better imaging during an MRI. So I'm supposing that tip/hint has something to do with a revelation.

From 3rd tip.. 👇

A company of US marine would always win a hypothetical battle against Roman First Legion because US marine are advanced and Roman Legions were horses and spears kind of army. And I'm not ignoring the fact that First legion is also referred as Germanica.

So my guess would be...

And Another Germ Revealed

P.S. Don't give me vote, I need points for analytical thinking even if it's wrong I better be on the right train of thought. 🤣

cc: @the-gorilla

Gadolinium is used to inject in the body for better imaging during an MRI. So I'm supposing that tip/hint has something to do with a revelation.

Think in chemical symbols and try again 🙂

I'm lost on Tip 3. sc01's on a different level to me when it comes to cryptic clues! I'll get there though...


I can only think of 'good' from 'g' if we look at the chemical formula.

I hope the formula is GdO2. G, D and two Os.

And Another Good Revelation??

But I don't see how tip 3 fits into this guess.

Think in chemical symbols and try again 🙂

Gadolinium (Gd) dioxide (oo) Good. I think I've decrypted the 'g' from the #aagr

A Company of US Marines v the entire Roman First Legion..

Hmmm. Roman legion would consist of a lot of soldiers compared to the the marines who would have modern weapons. Maybe this is a metaphor for a lot of scammers (roman legion) and a few marines ;--;

Has this tip got something to do with the cover photo of this post 🤣🤨

Think in chemical symbols and try again

Ag. Silver. The gorilla. Silverback gorilla 🤨🤨


For me you are the winner (... at least of hearts) :-)

Enough said. I happily accept the win. 🤣

 2 months ago 

Maybe it means "Another abuser got revealed."

 2 months ago 

Or maybe, "Aha another golddigger reported"

This is a sensible guess but the tips of sc01 suggest otherwise.

 2 months ago 

Maybe it is:

Action affects group reputation

The Marines will always win...

 2 months ago 

I've been thinking for a long time, reading everything and analyzing, I don't think my head is able to connect sentences and clues 😆.

And my conclusion is this:

Another analysis golden reported.

Interesting... 🤔

 2 months ago 


 2 months ago 

Taking into consideration all the details that @the-gorilla showed and the number of users involved or named, I can summarize it as:

"analysis attack abuse group"

A menos que la G se trate de ''Goldfish'' no se me ocurre algo gracioso

Aunque nombrar al ''Gadolinio'' fue extraño, este elemento es muy utilizado en las resonancias magnéticas para revelar tejidos malignos.. (de cierta forma los usuarios abusadores y agricultores son considerados ''tejido maligno'' en Steemit)

Oraciones en ingles que pude resolver son:

  1. ''Against Abuse Glossy Research''
  2. ''Abuse Analysis Gigantic Revealed''

Ahora a dormir, jajaja

... like the fruits

 2 months ago 

Advanced Audit Good Report!

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 last month 

Finally, I got it,

Aye Aye Good Report


And if you still need help ask Jodie Foster how much a small Japanese coin weighs 😕

 2 months ago 

Money Monster

Ok, I want to give it a try Associate in Agriculture/Farming Accounts reporter.

Don't forget this one @the-gorilla...

Aagr acciones del gorila por abuso ocultos y encontrados !😅

 2 months ago 

The automatic translator put me 3 times "a", but now I see that it is “aagr” I think it means: As A General Rule.

 2 months ago 

My guess is Anti Abuse Group Report.
Let's see what the correct is. Waiting for the results 😊

 2 months ago 

aired agent golden rate

 2 months ago 

article-abuse gorilla

 2 months ago 

Well, my guess is that this secret hashtag #aagr means 'anti-abuse gorilla.'

 2 months ago 


 2 months ago 

Hmm I don't think so, sc01 mentioned that the G is not for gorilla.

 2 months ago 

anti abuse Gorilla report😅

 2 months ago 

That sounds interesting everyone is brainstorming to guess the exact word. I think the hashtag is #aagr (And another golden report or raid ). Best of luck to those who are trying to figured out the exact answer.

 2 months ago 

My guess: Anti Abuse Great Report

Significa: Ahora

aagr is "Average annual growth rate" es el promedio de crecimiento anual de un portafolio.

Attention Activated Gorilla Radar #aagr

🤣❤️ Good Job.

 2 months ago 

I will like to try

At a glance report


 2 months ago 


🚨 Alert Alert 🚨 Gorilla Raid 🦍


Although 'r' could also stand for raid, introducing another decoding combination...

Anti-Abuse Giraffe Raid

This assumes that the gorilla has transformed into a giraffe, utilizing its extended neck to spot abusers!

🤷🏻 (Any points for creativity?)

Mi punto por tu creatividad xD

And another gadolinium revealed/removed

Assuming you are talking about an irritant like gadolinium...

 2 months ago 

Am A Great Reader😎

(I don’t have any idea what it means🤣)

 2 months ago 

another attack..........

He joined just over 2 years ago with a bang.

2 years, 108 posts, and 2 followers. Hmmm...


😂 I hadn't noticed that.

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