Gridcoin polls: January 2017

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There is no poll open anymore in which Gridcoin users can participate in January. Please see the votes in  February:

voting was until January 4:

Voting was until January 8:

until January 10:

until January 13:

until January 15:

until January 20:

until January 25:

until January 28:

until January 29:



  • If you want another poll: just add your poll question + wished answers in the comments section below or at the "Gridcoin tasks"
  • Simple counting doesn't decide the outcome. Your magnitude + your balance is your vote weight.
  • voting weight formula = ((Total coins)/115000/5.67)*(Magnitude) + Balance

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2 days left for the 8 polls which expire on January 8:

more than 95% want an ad on Boincstats, paid from foundation funds
more than 72% want to remove ClimatePrediction from the whitelist

the majority does listen to the Gridcoin hangouts (participation so far : ca. 30 users)

the majority joined steemit, voter amount so far <27

PC is voted as the best gaming platform

best OS = Android

The majority does not want to join the Gridcoin Telegram group

most people's speed is: 17Mb - 64Mb

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Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

2016 January 3: three new polls available, until January 10:

  • Should we lock the 1209 page announcement thread in favour of individual threads?
  • What is the best Pokemon GO team?
  • Will you join the Gridcoin Steam group?

4 new polls are available:

Should political polls be held within the Gridcoin voting mechanism?
Who was responsible for the DNC hack?
new campaign Google AdWords (2017 Jan 1 - Dec 31), $10 daily, paid via foundation funds
Approve campaign? (Sponsored fund for faucet, 20k GRC, paid via foundation funds)

If anyone wants new polls created in the future, give me a shout & I'll get on it! :)

Thanks for posting this, @erkan !

new poll until Jan 28:

Approve campaign? (Gridcoin hangout 16-21 expenses: $600)