Gridcoin & Steemit Decentralized Political Polls - Who was responsible for the DNC hack/leak?steemCreated with Sketch.

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Gridcoin decentralized political poll!

Topic: Who was responsible for the DNC hack?


  • Fancy Bear
  • Cozy Bear
  • Gufficer 2.0
  • DNC insider leak
  • Other US politician leak
  • Random script kiddies
  • Non-Russian state sponsored actors
  • Other
  • Abstain

Both Magnitude (total BOINC computation weight) and Balance (user balance) are taken into account when voting.

See more info on how to vote (linux users need to vote via console, windows users via GUI) and the current results at gridcoinstats:

Gridcoin's the first cryptocurrency to vote in a decentralized manner on this topic!

I'll post each of the poll options as comments & by upvoting a poll comment Steemit will be the second cryptocurrency platform to hold a decentralized poll on this topic! 2 world firsts!

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Steemit Poll Option: DNC insider leak

Steemit Poll Option: Fancy Bear

Steemit Poll Option: Cozy Bear

Steemit Poll Option: Guccifer 2.0

Steemit Poll Option: Other US politician leak

Steemit Poll Option: Random script kiddies

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Steemit Poll Option: Non-Russian state sponsored actors

Steemit Poll Option: Other

(comment who you think it was)

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customminer CM tweeted @ 08 Jan 2017 - 01:42 UTC

Gridcoin & Steemit decentralized political polls : Who was responsible for the DNC hack/leak? @GridcoinNetwork @wikileaks @Beyond_Bitcoin

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