Gridcoin poll: Approve campaign? (Gridcoin hangout 16-21 expenses) [vote until January 28]

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Until 28th January, 2017 Gridcoin users can vote in this poll:

     Approve campaign? (Gridcoin hangout 16-21 expenses: $600)

Results so far (A), on:

You can see other ongoing polls here.

Further info:

You can vote like this:

Windows users:

  • If your wallet is encrypted, fully unlock the wallet (not just for 'staking only').
  • Click "Advanced", then click "Voting" to launch the voting menu.
  • Right-click on "Approve campaign?" (Gridcoin hangout 16-21 expenses)
  • Click "vote".

Linux users (QT Wallet/daemon):

  • Fully unlock your wallet.
  • Navigate to the Debug Console (Help - Debug Window - Console (tab) )
  • Enter one of the following commands:
  • e.g. vote with Approve like this: execute vote new_campaign_grc_hangout_16_to_21_expenses[foundation_94c79403-e2af-42b5-b2dc-f0e29ae181af] Approve
  • e.g. vote with Deny like this: execute vote new_campaign_grc_hangout_16_to_21_expenses[foundation_94c79403-e2af-42b5-b2dc-f0e29ae181af] Deny


  • (A): Poll results on Gridcoin Research Corp are still calculated by the old formula when magnitude and balance was 50%/50%. GridcoinStats displays poll results by the new formula that was voted new ca. a month ago.
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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

When you click View on this vote, it is displayed 100% correctly in the Foundation window.
CM, were you able to find what was wrong with previous Hangout votes? My vote (for adwords) is still producing errors when you click View on it (but it's still votable), I can't figure out what's wrong.


The issue is picking up some traction & Rob has even responded. Looks like we'll get to the bottom of this before too long! :)


Negative :/

I don't believe I set a date length (start/end dates), perhaps that has something to do with it?

I created a text file, renamed it as a .csv to add as an attachment.

I removed special characters from the title and the text (perhaps that caused errors? such as "£^&%^$% etc).

I'm happy it's working at least for now.. for me.. haha, but certainly fixing this in the future is a high priority for improving the legitimacy of held foundation polls.

Thanks, @erkan for posting this poll to steemit, much appreciated :)

It's very interesting post!!
Exchellent job dear @erkan :)