Gridcoin whitelist: should DrugDiscovery be added to the whitelist? (vote until January 15)

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Until 15th January, 2017 Gridcoin users can vote in this poll:

     Should DrugDiscovery be added to the whitelist?

Results so far, on:

You can see other ongoing polls here.

Further info:


You can vote like this:

Windows users:

  • If your wallet is encrypted, fully unlock the wallet (not just for 'staking only').
  • Click "Advanced", then click "Voting" to launch the voting menu.
  • Right-click on "Should DrugDiscovery be added to the whitelist?"
  • Click "vote".

Linux users:

QT Wallet/daemon:

  • Fully unlock your wallet.
  • Navigate to the Debug Console (Help - Debug Window - Console (tab) )
  • Enter one of the following commands:
  • Vote to add DrugDiscovery to the whitelist: execute vote whitelist_poll_adding_drug_discovery Yes
  • Vote against: execute vote whitelist_poll_adding_drug_discovery No
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Results so far with 6.91% of the total shares voted we have a 76.2% to add DrugDiscovery to the whitelist.

1 more day to cast your vote.

I will be voting to whitelist this project.

The project currently does not have a lot of work units available, however they have a lot of potential (multiple crypto assets, the project administrators have been communicating directly with the Gridcoin community, etc).

Their cryptocointalk project thread is worth a read!

I think we should whitelist [email protected] Their planned token will bring some attention to BOINC from the cryptocommunity and such attention will most likely be benefitial to Gridcoin as well.


I agree, they've talked about creating two tokens (at one point mentioning ethereum, but there's a lot of options out there!).

They spoke of a potential ICO and using a portion of raised funds to rain GRC onto their users.

I look forwards to [email protected]'s further developments.

Project has been voted into the whitelist. Still no workunits available or even pending. No test WUs. SSL is not working in the scheduler. This is a mess.

I do not want to get into a debate, but there is no SSL there ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The DrugDiscovery admin will have to fulfill the whitelist criteria as all other BOINC projects before them.
If I remember correct, the SSL are not a MUST criteria, but if they want to protect their users, they should implement it.
I have asked the admin the question:

Also, we as users decide where we crunch. We can also weigh in, by NOT crunching...

Just as info:
the other BOINC project that is currently voted on (TN-Grid) has mostly SSL ready:


good to hear !

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The vote ended:

over 70% support that DD should be added to the whitelist

note: there are NO WUs currently provided by this project