Poll (until January 8, 2017): do you want ad on BoincStats ? (top banner, full month, 300€ (+10€ PayPal fee) and not filtered by Adblocker)

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Until 8th January, 2017 Gridcoin users can vote in this poll:

     Do you want ads on boincstats ? 

       (top banner, full month, 300€ (+10€ PayPal fee) and not filtered by Adblocker)

Results so far, on:

You can see other ongoing polls here.

Further info can be found here:

You can vote like this:

Windows users:

  • If your wallet is encrypted, fully unlock the wallet (not just for 'staking only').
  • Click "Advanced", then click "Voting" to launch the voting menu.
  • Right-click on "new_campaign_boincstats,_full_month,_310_eur[foundation_4050a5d6-aad7-4cc1-bd04-6b4a9a1c5efd]"
  • Click "vote".

Linux users (QT Wallet/daemon):

  • Fully unlock your wallet.
  • Navigate to the Debug Console (Help - Debug Window - Console (tab) )
  • Enter one of the following commands:
  • Vote with yes: execute vote new_campaign_boincstats,_full_month,_310_eur[foundation_4050a5d6-aad7-4cc1-bd04-6b4a9a1c5efd] Approve
  • Vote against: execute vote vote new_campaign_boincstats,_full_month,_310_eur[foundation_4050a5d6-aad7-4cc1-bd04-6b4a9a1c5efd] Deny
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Don't forget to make your vote on this poll. Only 13 Votes so far.

Current standings:
Approve: 99.85%
Deny: 0.15%

More Poll Details at Gridcoinstats.eu

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

2 days left: >95% support the ad so far

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

the vote ended:

over 96% of the voters support this ad


Thanks to everybody who supported this campaign. Unfortunately, it is postponed indefinitely, since Willy de Zutter (BOINCstats webmaster) hasn't replied to our offers yet.

For further proposals on how to continue with our advertising efforts, please check this article:

I voted in favour.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks erkan for posting this here. I planned to do it also, but spent too much time on preparing Gridcoin GPU mining (4) article.

Anyway, just to clarify it a little - we are advertising on boincstats almost all the time (through Google AdWords) but this would be a fixed campaign, arranged directly with boincstats webmaster (if he agrees, he hasn't replied yet). This deal would get us past Adblocker, greatly increasing the number of impressions (and clicks). More detailed explanation here: Gridcoin Advertising