Gridcoin poll: Will you join the Gridcoin Steam group? (vote until January 10)

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Until 10th January, 2017 Gridcoin users can vote in this poll:

     Will you join the Gridcoin Steam group?

Results so far, on:

You can see other ongoing polls here.

Further info:

You can vote like this:

Windows users:

  • If your wallet is encrypted, fully unlock the wallet (not just for 'staking only').
  • Click "Advanced", then click "Voting" to launch the voting menu.
  • Right-click on "Will you join the Gridcoin Steam group?"
  • Click "vote".

Linux users (QT Wallet/daemon):

  • Fully unlock your wallet.
  • Navigate to the Debug Console (Help - Debug Window - Console (tab) )
  • Enter one of the following commands:
  • Vote with Yes: execute vote casual_poll_will_you_join_the_steam_group Yes
  • Vote with No: execute vote casual_poll_will_you_join_the_steam_group No

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vote ended, about 45% of the voters said they'd join Steam