Gridcoin polls: February 2017

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There are 9 polls open in which Gridcoin users can participate in February:

until February 22:

until February 23:

until February 25:

until February 27:

until March 13:

until April 9:

until May 9:

until June 11:

until 2018 January 30:


  • If you want another poll: just add your poll question + wished answers in the comments section below or at the "Gridcoin tasks"
  • Simple counting doesn't decide the outcome. Your magnitude + your balance is your vote weight.
  • voting weight formula = ((Total coins)/115000/5.67)*(Magnitude) + Balance


until February 1:

until February 8:

until February 13:

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I have an idea for two new polls along these lines:

  1. Will you dedicate your computing power to [email protected], without any incentives?
  2. Would you dedicate your computing power to [email protected], if they distributed GRC to their users?

Many of us crunchers already have our favorite BOINC project and are perhaps unwilling to change it. However, [email protected] is planning to reward its users with digital assets and that's something new on the BOINC network.
The idea behind these polls is to get an estimate of the (larger) support DrugDiscovery would get, if they distributed GRC, as one of the assets. Perhaps such polls should be based solely on magnitude, since we are talking exclusively about computing power here.

P.S. It appears that the Steemit bug with five tags has finally been resolved