Gridcoin Community Hangout episode guide!

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GRC Hangout episode guide

Brief Intro

The Gridcoin (GRC) Community Hangouts are scheduled mumble meetings, we folow a similar model to the BeyondBitcoin hangouts in that anyone can submit a relevant topic to disuss & order of talking priority is determined via post vote value (desending order).

@OfficialFuzzy (Fuzzy) from the BeyondBitcoin community reached out to the Gridcoin community earlier this year via his 'community allstar outreach' campaign, ever since then we've been consistently creating content and utilizing the BeyondBitcoin mumble server.

Shout out to @peppernrino for doing audio editing work & to all the regular attendees!

BTW, just a heads up - you can use your favorite Podcasting application to listen to the 'Gridcoin Community Hangouts', as our SoundCloud RSS feed was submitted to a significant quantity of podcasting directories.

TL;DR: What's Gridcoin?

Gridcoin is a cryptocurrency which securely rewards BOINC computation (Such as attempting to solve cancer/aids/ebola/malaria, mapping the Milkyway, searching for extraterrestrial life, protien folding, etc) on top of Proof of Stake.

Unlike Golem, you do not pay for volunteers/workers to crunch BOINC work units, the Gridcoin network distributes rewards to volunteers on the behalf of whitelisted BOINC projects.

Main GRC Hangout links


Available episodes as of the 5th Dec 2016

EpisodeSoundcloudMixcloudRSVP thread
#001 - 30/07/2016Soundcloud linkMixCloud linkSteemit link
#002 - 13/08/2016Soundcloud linkMixCloud linkSteemit link
#003 - 20/08/2016Soundcloud linkMixCloud linkSteemit link
#004 - 27/08/2016Soundcloud linkMixCloud linkSteemit link
#005 - 03/09/2016Soundcloud linkMixCloud linkSteemit link
#006 - 10/09/2016Soundcloud linkMixCloud linkSteemit link
#007 - 17/09/2016Soundcloud linkMixCloud linkSteemit link
#008 - 24/09/2016Soundcloud linkMixCloud linkSteemit link
#009 - 01/10/2016Soundcloud linkMixCloud linkSteemit link
#010 - 08/10/2016Soundcloud linkMixCloud linkSteemit link
#011 - 15/10/2016Soundcloud linkMixCloud linkSteemit link
#012 - 22/10/2016Soundcloud linkMixCloud linkSteemit link

Episode editing backlog

EpisodeRSVP thread
#013 - 29/10/2016Steemit link
#014 - 05/11/2016Steemit link
#015 - 12/11/2016Steemit link
#016 - 19/11/2016Steemit link
#017 - 26/11/2016Steemit link
#018 - 03/11/2016Steemit link

Gridcoin speaking during BeyondBitcoin hangouts

BeyondBitcoin EpisodesSoundCloudRSVP thread

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Well done to everybody who has contributed to this, very impressive work indeed. Also, this is a good opportunity to mention our 'Gridcoin Hangouts' application for Android (thanks to @moisesmcardona):

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