Gridcoin Hangout #002 (RSVP & Suggest topics)

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Gridcoin Hangout #002

A massive shout out to the BeyondBitcoin community & @officialfuzzy for providing the Gridcoin community a room in their mumble server for free.

What is Gridcoin?

Gridcoin securely rewards BOINC computation on top of Proof of Stake. Reward allocation is distributed, not centralized unlike other distributed computing related cryptocurrencies. More info:

Past episode details

Why are we holding these hangouts?

  • A mumble conference call can provide significant advantages over communicating via forums and IRC.
  • To create opportunities to inform the public of new Gridcoin, BOINC and related services & their development progress.
  • To bridge relations between the cryptocurrency & BOINC communities.

How long will the hangout last?

The first Gridcoin Hangout lasted 2.5 hours of recorded time, with 40 mins beforehand (to get rid of nerves & introduce yourself) and a couple unrecorded hours after the hangout completed (for more casual communication).

Want to suggest a topic to discuss?

Reply with your suggestions in this Steem post & order of discussion will be from highest to lowest voted suggestions.

Can we discuss anything?

It's advisable to stay generally on topic, users are distributed around the world so they may not share the same views regarding controversial topics not related to Gridcoin/BOINC/Cryptocurrency & nobody wan't to be tuning into an argument.

Proposed time for Gridcoin Hangout #002:

San Francisco (USA - California) Saturday, 13 August 2016, 13:00:00 PDT UTC-7 hours
Austin (USA - Texas) Saturday, 13 August 2016, 15:00:00 CDT UTC-5 hours
New York (USA - New York) Saturday, 13 August 2016, 16:00:00 EDT UTC-4 hours
London (United Kingdom - England) Saturday, 13 August 2016, 21:00:00 BST UTC+1 hour (9PM GMT)
Frankfurt (Germany - Hesse) Saturday, 13 August 2016, 22:00:00 CEST UTC+2 hours
Auckland (New Zealand) Sunday, 14 August 2016, 08:00:00 NZST UTC+12 hours

How to join the Gridcoin hangout

Step 1: Download Mumble.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4: Join the Gridcoin channel.

Step 5: Configure your audio wizard & setup Push-To-Talk.

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Topic suggestion:

What is the outcome of the discussed topics from Hangout 001 ?

e.g. for the short-term doable topics, a thread was created in the forum with what we discussed?

or the longterm-doable topics:
comments added in the threads a la:
"we discussed this in hangout 001, and the majority of the attendees thought: we should keep an eye on them, but e.g. topic1, topic2 have higher prio"

I don't think any of the previously discussed topics should be off the table for future hangouts, the majority of topics did not yield consensus.

Topic suggestion: getting ready for launch and their impact on Gridcoin

I wonder if we can double dip...I've got the beta link for suchflex, but I'm still getting the BOINC computers up and running

I don't think so, you'll be earning Gridcoin through their BOINC CPID like you would do through katiee's pool.

I asked on their r/Gridcoin post, but I didn't get a specific reply

Topic suggestion:
Welcoming the new developer to Gridcoin.

Yup this is the big news

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

So, the new dev (or any Gridcoin dev, for that matter), will join the mumble ?
Someone invited them ?

I've invited the new developer, hopefully he'll attend.

any reply yet ? 2 days to go

Negative, no reply yet - don't think he's going to show up, we can celebrate his recruitment without him I guess? haha

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I made a brief write-up about this. I am excited for future updates about the development. I'd love to have a chat with the new dev about their thoughts for Gridcoin.

Great, will try to be there again!

man I personally want to see a list of all the best ones in one place with descriptions :)

We can certainly use that linked thread to discuss potential new BOINC projects from now on, there has unfortunately not been a lot of interest thus far though.

since yesterday (or today?) WuProp was removed from the whitelist already
the poll is still ongoing

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I will be out of town and working during this next upcoming Gridcoin Hangout for mumble. So I will unfortunately have to wait until it's uploaded before I get to hear it. Until then I will be idling in the mumble server so don't be surprised if I don't respond. Wish I could be there for it! Maybe I can come up with some suggestions for discussion.

That's unfortunate :(

You can reply to some of the topics being suggested in here to get your views across too :)

Actually, I have been mistaken! Worked this weekend away thinking I had missed out on the hangout. I'll be looking forward to participating in it! Thought we had this thing going on a weekly-basis. Looks like I may just have to be more aware and read a little more carefully. :)

Awesome :D

Topic suggestion:
erkan noticed there are a lot of new users, but not a lot of active accounts. perhaps people are abusing the newbie boost? is there a way to IP ban multiple wallet creations? i also know some of the nodes ban Tor connections... does that mean all of them do? if not, how can we ban those nodes?

Perhaps, I think what's most probable is that users register a BOINC account but never follow through with crunching? Or do you mean a lot of new users in the neural network? Because looking at gridresearchcorp's neural network stats there's 1000 more than there were last week.. lol

I think the newbie boost should be removed for sure.

this is me RSVPing too, btw. :D

Topic suggestion:

I was listening in on @officialfuzzy and beyondbitcoin yesterday. Something that I found very interesting was BlockPay that has developed a system for digital payments with cryptocurrency.
Their webpage and steemit page.

I think it would be a great idea to reach out to the developers regarding adding Gridcoin to their system. They state that they can incorporate any currency to their system and having Gridcoin on it would not be bad. I don't know much regarding how they are willing to do this or for how much, but we should talk about it and maybe invite them to us in the future to talk about their system?

What do you guys think?

I will try to attend tonight, but I'm arriving home late from a trip today.

We're working on getting Gridcoin integrated into Openledger to act as our bridge onto the Bitshares platform:

This will provide Gridcoin presence on:
The Bitshares wallet
Smartcoins wallet

I've been reaching out to Blockstack developers to get Gridcoin integrated into their blockchain application stack.

Great work CM! Nice to take your time to arrange these hangouts. Making a voice conversation really does a better job than writing tons and tons of replies on a forum. Looking forward to the next hangout and hoping to be able to attend.

  • Having any developer online with us would be great. I don't know if Rob is having time to attend and give his view on things? The new dev would be great to.

I guess there are so many topics that can be discussed and they don't have to be cleared of the table in one hangout. Episode 001 was a great start and i liked listening to it when it came up on soundcloud.
I liked @officialfuzzy idea on the spreading out the steem to attendees in grc to help promote it and award attendees.

Gridcoin and its idea to award for something that otherwise would be purely voluntarily is really a good idea. You join two great communities at the same time so to say.

Looking forward to great development for this great coin.

Topic suggestion:
forced authentication on gridcoin-irc: It is no longer possible to send newbies straight to irc with kiwiirc. But we still link to there from the wallet, reddit,...

I would be infavour of allowing kiwiirc, as this would enable to help newbies much more efficient. Or another solution like having an extra gridcoin-help irc where everyone can join and then link to there.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

the easiest solution would be: an extra gridcoin-help irc

but then: I'd like that ops/mods enforce that in that channel only Gridcoin-related topic is discussed
not like the off-topic-stuff in the current #Gridcoin channel which will scare/distract/bore/make-leave-again newcomers/Gridcoin-enthusiasts

off-topic stuff belongs anyways in #gridcoin-otc

#gridcoin-help now exists! :)

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend tomorrow.

But when gridcoin-help exists this is what should be linked to (via kiwiirc) in the wallet, reddit,....

Currently there is a button in the wallet leading to a nonfunctional kiwiirc gridcoin room.

I'll be there.

Topic Suggestion:

Wallet Make-Over. Resigning the aesthetic of the wallet and also going through the resource consumption of image files. Coz images take up mo' space than code.

Peppernrino compressed the size of the images and managed to save 8 MB, I agree though that the wallet needs a make-over. Time for dedicated Gridcoin community members to start learning c++ ;D

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment