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Nothing is much more beautiful than the nature itself.While it sure was a great moment to witness and the color of the sky mixing together make it much more amazing and beautiful in its own way.Whenever you get to witness the sunset than you will realize the change of color of the sky will strike you in different ways and will make you realize that it is one of the best moment of the day !

The river was as well amazing acting as a mirror and the reflection of the sky in the water was something to look at.All in all it was a great evening and a great time to be a part of.It was in one of the best place that I go near a highway in my city !


The image was captured by my Smartphone Samsung J5.

Stay Blessed My Friends

Thanks for Stopping by Everyone


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These photos look awesome

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Glad that you liked it buddy :)

Thanks for being here !

Wonderful and beautiful picture @rehan12!! 😍🤗💚💙

Thanks for sharing this post.
Have a wonderful day!

Thank you beautiful

Same to you :)
Stay well !

Beautiful photo. These colors are just amazing.

Thanks mate :)

Nice photo


Khop sundur photo... Friends

thank you my friend !

wow so stunning...such an amazing golden tone. The feeling is awesome deep in this photo!

Beautiful words of yours buddy !

Thanks for being here :)

Cool... I like this photo :)

Thanks buddy it means a lot :)

Npr :) .... I try come more... we all need it :)

we sure do after all we are all here to support each other !

Yes.. :))

Right, support is very important, by supporting and visiting each other we will all rise to be more enthusiastic in making new posts.

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Stunning photo. Resteemed 💜💙❤️💛

the beauty of nature is so amazing I like your posts, have a nice day.

awesome shot buddy, i like the reflection of those vibrant colours in the water, good job