CHALLENGE by @anomadsoul: Get To Know Me ~ Due To Cosmic Events In Life Beyond My Control, The Eclipse Chronicles Have Been (Temporarily) Eclipsed: Reset To Day 00.0001 ~

It may FEEL like we're going backwards here...but it's all an illusion (No worries, we'll continue THE Event to fruition, in a short while from now.)

P1280242 151k lighter.jpg

A Slight Postponement of Previous Posts

Due to events going on lately upon the wondersite of Steemit, things have been a bit 'below usual snuff' from this end. Which is fine with me, as OTHER busy events of life have been messing about lately with my usual posting/voting/chatting situation in the world of Steemit. So, with this challenge by @anomadsoul in mind, I thought, what a perfect time to put out some older posts from the past, just for fun. And to possibly meet a few more of the new folks on Steemit. Particularly since this seems to be a hard thing to do nowadays.

An Abbreviated History

I've been on Steemit for almost two years, and it's been a complete blast. I've SO enjoyed getting to know a whole passel-load of very fun, interesting, highly creative new friends on here. Yes, this is a very special place to hang out and post. I was very fortunate to be introduced to Steemit (thank you, @haphazard-hstead), then go on to meet many wonderful people from all over the world. Here's to all of you, and all the NEW friends out there that I have not yet met.

Onward, upwards and away-wards into many more years in the Land of Steem.

Thank You For The Idea

Here is the link to the original Get To Know Me post by @anomadsoul, explaining all the parts of this challenge. I greatly appreciate him putting out this great idea for us to partake in.
Original Challenge Post

Ten Of My Posts

P1560528 87kb 450 size.jpg

Sorry, couldn't resist. This little cartoon of mine was inspired by by the very humorous storyteller and beer expert wandering about the hills in a kilt, @meesterboom. Though my cartoon 'artwork' can't hold a candle to his Academy Award caliber movie-ola's.
Thanks, BoomMeister ( :

- § -

My 10 ACTUAL Posts

Early Contrŏv-ersies

Early on there was a challenge put forth to show your local fall color, and soon after a bit of grumbling about folks putting attractive models in front of some fall foliage and snapping away with the camera. So I tried my hand at this sort of high-brow photography, and this was the result.

Autumn Beauty Caught In Nature's Web

- § -

Stinky the Cat

Many of my posts on Steemit have been inspired by Stinky the Cat. She was one classic four-legger, always game to lend a kitty hand to my various writing and photography projects. A true character and inspiration in the world of the arts, may she rest in peace. (More than likely, she's creating all sorts of joyous mayhem up in Kitty Heaven. We can only hope so.)

Letter Found On The Table Saturday Morning

The Sip n' Smoke

Created after the very talented @enternamehere sent me a present on Steemit, after a discovery on her blog. This is one of the many very enjoyable parts of the site. People interacting with one another from all over the planet, and sending each other classic gifts through the postal service in large, brown boxes.

- § -

Deep Science

There's been some rather heady scientific research going on into many parts of the natural world on Steemit during the last couple of years. Some of it is even true.

The Ottoman Mars Project

- § -

More Deep Science

Which has led to other far-reaching research articles sponsored by the Schteinn School of the Sophisticated Sciences (S.S.S.S). These folks really know their stuff.

The Schteinn Science Report-An Odd Mushroom In The Park

- § -

These Things Are EVERYWHERE

For some reason shoes keep showing up on a regular basis as I pedal my bike around town. This has been a very photo-lucrative project to date, and I get 'input' from all OVER the world, such as from the expert dragonfly photographer and humorist @ocrdu. Imagine that, tennies from The Netherlands. Oh, and stay tuned, there's about 78 more to come.

Shoe Shots No. 15

- § -

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Much like those errant shoes above, Christmas trees started showing up all over the place along the roads, bike paths, byways, and in other odd locations within my local town. Throughout the entire YEAR. So...why not talk about THAT on Steemit?!

Christmas Tree Toss of 2017

- § -

A Writin' We Shall Go

Writing and poetry challenges are very popular on the site. This is probably one of my favorite things to do -- write stories about events and things that happen in everyday life. These challenges are often put out by individuals for fun or as inspiration to get people into a creative mood. Such as the one put on by the talented writer @dreemit, who asked us to write about our last few days on earth, before a giant meteor fell on our heads.

The End Of The World As We Know It

Another very popular writing project on Steemit that I've come to enjoy is the 5-Minute Freewrite, put on by @mariannewest. These are quite enjoyable, with a new word or phrase prompt provided every day to get the creative juices flowing. Though, to be honest, I seem to have a hard time sticking to under five minutes. Which is why I made up my own category for this project: The 28-Minute, 5-Minute Freewrite.

Dumpster Diving By Moonlight

- § -

Not Enough Kooks In The Kitchen

Food prep challenges are a big deal on Steemit. And even though I can't cook worth beans, I thought I would try my hand at this sort of thing anyway. This is a LOT of fun. I've made many posts about various sandwiches, desserts and other tasty dishes. Such as the Faux Fowl-Piglet Brussel Ball Sandwich Concoction, Ice Cream Pie, Creamed Angleworms On Toast, Invisible Spinach Faux Pond Soup, and other well-known delicacies from the kitchen. I've even won a couple of awards dong this. Amazing!

Steemit Iron Chef Cooking Challenge: The Cabbaa'ge O' Lantern

As well as some other fine cuisine creations in the dining world:

The Octobrät Sandwich

- § -

Various Photo Challenges

The Color Challenge is a daily photo challenge on the site put out by @kalemandra, and has been in existence from almost the onset of Steemit. The theme is you find something of a certain color to photograph, that matches the color of the day. I decided to combine Science AND Photography, and show a plant from each of the planets of our Solar System. There were 7 plants, for 7 planets, in 7 days, one for each color of the day. This is the last post of the series. A week-long marriage of Art and Science. [Final Retrospective of the Series: Plants Of The Solar System]

Color Challenge:The Plants Of Our Solar System

- § -

Monochrome Monday

Another photographic challenge that is very popular and fun, all in monochrome images, put on by the ever entertaining @old-guy-photos. There are always a TON of very creative, gorgeous photos in these posts each Monday of the week. Hope you can join the world of Monochromatica soon.

Amazing B&W Photos From The W.E.B.

- § -

In Conclusion

Well, this challenge was VERY hard. I picked a smattering of posts that I feel represent some of the things I do on Steemit. These projects are always a whole lot of fun to create, and narrowing it down to only ten was rather difficult. Then again, I think there may be more than ten in this post. But then again again, counting correctly has never been a pre-requisite for being on the Steemit site. Thanks be for THAT. And my pre-apologies go out to @anomadsoul, if this collection tosses any monkey wrenches into the works of proper post procedure.

As always, I hope you've enjoyed going back over the last couple of years of posting with me here. It has been a wild, very enjoyable ride, and hopefully there will be many many more years of Steemit to come. I hope you get the time to read some of these posts.
Cheers, -ddschteinn

For nominations I put forth: @old-guy-photos, @enternamehere, @tangmo and @generikat.

Thanks for stopping in and viewing this retrospective Blast From The Past of some of my posts on Steemit. If you have any thoughts about going back in history, posting for the pure fun and joy of it (and making a bit of money, if you can), how in the WORLD to pick 10 (?) out of 250-some odd posts, or anything else this post reminds you of, please feel free to comment away in the spaces below. I'd love to hear from you.

Please UPVOTE, COMMENT and FOLLOW if you enjoy my works.

And go to @ddschteinn -- There's a whole lot more...

Posted: 09/30/2018 @ 17:07

P1050887-1 48kb no name.jpg

Excerpts From Late-Night Conversations With A Mechanical Cat

Fact Number 94.5

In Retrospect: My Very First Cat Fact - No.1

Cat Facts Posted.PNG

PS. I will be rather sporadic on the site for about a week or less, so any non-returned comments are just because I am not on the box, not anything else of dire consequence or meaning -dds
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Thank you for the smorgasbord @ddschteinn.....enjoyed your post very seem to have great fun.....and that is really all one can ask.

All the best.


Good tribute to the @meesterboom. ^__^

I've enjoyed seeing your writing here on Steemit, @ddschteinn! I'm glad so many folks get to appreciate your unique style of humor, from bemusement to absurdity! Here's to many more, including about cats, Christmas trees, and trying to figure out whether you're gazing at the sun or the moon.


Thanks for introducing @ddscteinn to Steemit! I loved his series where you seek the eclipse and all the fun along the way lol!


Hi! @haphazard-hstead! I’m glad to see you here again after very long time! How are you? Hope you are doing fine. Thanks so much for your great support to my works. I miss you and hope you can start posting again very soon. ;)


Thank you muchly. I appreciate the kind thought about what I do. I love the 'bemusement to absurdity.' I'm hoping to see you back on here as well one day soon. Mushrooms and all the other edibles and contests and such. As for the sun or moon...hmm, sounds like a harbinger of things to come. One never can tell ( :

I've been a bit MIA around here myself and am trying to absorb the changes here on steemit. It seems I have missed a lot! lol

I adore all of your posts so reviewing some of the older posts was fun for me this morning. :D


Hiya girl! :-)


Hi you! :D

You forgot the flip flops toss 😅


The christmas tree posts!

I think that's how I found you and when I knew, instantly, you were a kindred spirit a bosom friend. Sometimes we stumble across others who see things a bit skewed but somehow can see life as it, the hilarity of existence on this odd ball in 3 d and you just know they are a 'brother from another mother' or whatever modern parlance fits.

That's one helluva sexy rooster there hubba hubba, the scandal of it all :)

You should do #inktober with us. Scribble a doodle and call it a day, inktober with us!

Sounds like a fun time so thanks for the nomination! I do actually remember these fun posts! Wow times sure does fly!

First of all, I’m really happy to see my name as one of your nominations…. I much appreciate it! Many thanks, GFF! But, I think, I cannot write the post like you did! You did great job!

It’s good to see your top 10 posts and I’m glad that I participated in most of them. (8 posts) Btw. Your other posts are pretty good as well.

You created those stories with various styles and very creative idea. I always enjoyed reading all of them.

The model has bright colors and is very cute and attractive indeed.

I miss Stinky the Cat, too. May she rest in peace and be a cute Kitty Heaven….

Ah dd, getting to know you has been one of the best things about discovering Steemit. I mean, shoe shots, Stinky the cat, tree tossing, those are all topics of absolute genius, and don't even get me started on your culinary prowess.

This place and all us are beyond lucky to even get to dwell on the edge of your creative sphere, and I absolutely adored this post, it was like an excerpt from the dd-opedia! Peace out domestic cookware:)

*Super after the fact edit: Thanks for the nomination, I will attack it like shoe leather at a dog park!


Double ah, such kind things to say. Ya makes me all rosy in the blushcheeks. I too am so glad to have met you so long ago in the land of Steem. You are one of my fav's for sure. We don't seem to chat as much as in the past, since we both seem to be muy busy, but I'm sure that will settle out in the future. We can always hope. Once the rains start, and I can't be outside as much, I will be on here more. So much to do, so little getting done. Then again, talk about babbling to the large group of singing individuals ( :
I'm pretty sure you get more done than 16 of those folks on the Army recruitment commercials. And that's only BEFORE 6 AM. My model of workatude. (I certainly have lazy down to a fine art...)
Well GK, here's to another 27 years of Steemit. May the cordless mouse be with you. Cheers, my friend, and have a most wonderful day.


Um, all I have to say after reading your reply is that I am smiling a whole bunch at the moment:)

Double extra cheers in return my dear amigo of le pan domestique!!!

Hello @ddschteinn, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Aw, talented :) I can definitely say the same about you my friend! I actually wrote a comment here the day it came out, but I couldn't get it to post, then I forgot to try again later- at least my vote went through! I would like to say I remembered, but honestly I just came to see if you had a new post up and then I remembered lol!

What a journey it has been! "Making posts", that's a good one. Choosing only 10 must have been the most challenging part of this challenge, considering how much quality steemit material you've contributed over the last 2 years.

All of your work is a treat. I have thoroughly enjoyed your mysterious shoes series and your fanciful food offerings. Oh and of course there's your cat facts convos, those were classic. RIP Stinky, you'll live forever on the blockchain.

Thank you for considering me for this "get to know me", it's an honor to be mentioned. Sadly, there was an untimely death in my family last week and I was unable to work in much time for steeming before the challenge closed. I'm still working through the grief, as the memorial service was yesterday.

On the bright side, I've got some #inktober2018 material up my sleeve, along with the aforementioned pizza night. Take care dd, here's to our first DECADE on steemit! We'll get there if we just keep on truckin :^D


I will keep this short (for once), since I know you are very busy. I'm so very sorry to hear of your family loss. Never makes any sense. My thoughts are with you in your hard times. I know you have JS and other great friends there, but if you ever want to chat off here, I'm always around. Via Steemchat, or email. (I keep meaning to make an email account to keep track of all my Steembud's, in case this place goes gunnybags all of a sudden. Just haven't gotten around to it.)
Thanks for the kind thoughts about my 'work'. It's so much fun, I'm so glad you enjoy it. And it was very hard to pick a few. I went way over ten, that's for sure. DDA was telling me about Inktober. I should throw a few of my sad little things out there. Why not. But I still need to finish up the eclipse. I've been visited by friends and traveling a bit. So it's dropped off the old radar screen of finitude.

I look forward to more of your posts, and the day when you are prolific once more. It shall happen. Take care my friend, I'm thinking of you and here's to many more years of the joy of Steemit.

So much for a short one ( :

Oh, I will miss your banter, but, I hope you have a good week. OMG! I remember that sandwich. I thought I would completely lose it over that one.

Faux Fowl, Piglet-Brussel Ball Sandwich Concoction

Enough said. I still miss the Stinky stories. Be well. Hurry back.



I'm still here for awhile. Thanks so much, glad you liked the Piglet-Brussel Ball Sandwich. And SO glad you said something...I put the wrong one in there. Now it's the other, the Octobrät. I yi yii, how to keep our sandwiches separate!
I greatly miss The Stinkmeister too. One day, I hope to put out more stories about her, but it hasn't happened yet. As I've always said: "get in line, stories, get in line". Double Mwah.