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And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane, by those who couldn't hear the music. - Friedrich Nietzsche

@surfermarly in her natural habit

What you see is what you get.

I was happy that it was Lea @coruscate who nominated me for @anomadsoul's contest.

If you don't want to spend days scrolling down one's blog, it's really hard to get the overall picture from someone who's been on Steem for a longer while.

Also - as the older users may confirm - we all get shaped by our experiences both on and off the chain, which is why our creative output evolves.

That's why I am especially happy that Eric launched the CHALLENGE | GET TO KNOW ME, encouraging us to select 10 blog posts that describe us and our path, helping the community to get in touch on a quite personal level.

Not wanting to anticipate too much, you may learn from my today's selection that I'm a quite ambitious, adventurous, social, sometimes impulsive, life-affirming, open-minded and risk-taking person who enjoys celebrating other people's milestones as much as her own.

What you see is what you get: There's no difference between the @surfermarly you know from the internet and the one that enjoys catching waves.

Let's go: These 10 stories may help you to get to know me (even better).


1) My introduction post [July 24 2016]: From city girl to surfer girl, steem your dreams!

You probably wouldn't find the article by yourself without knowing the exact title, since I didn't included the #introduceyourself tag.

Even though 29 months have passed since then, I probably wouldn't change a thing about this little opening.

The fact that I started out my journey telling people to Steem their dreams, really puts a huge smile on my face. You will see that I've been sticking with that vision ever since.



2) My breakthrough [December 5 2016]: BLOCKCHAIN VS. BLOGCHAIN - Who are you, steemit?

134 days after signing up to Steem I published an article that was supposed to become my breakthrough in the community. I had never received more attention before.

It taught me that, if you want to stand out, you need to get out of your comfort zone and probably even be a bit cheeky sometimes.

That part really cracked me up now:

Does a new user (without any higher level IT background) even understand how all these complex voting systems work? Who the hell is a bot?

Haha, priceless.


3) Two in one: first time ever in New York and first Steem Meetup [June 14 2017]: Steemit Connecting People: Meeting In New York

While waiting for our pizza to be served I asked a woman if she could take a photo from our group. We couldn't stop giggling and joking which apparently amused her. So it was Michael @hansikhouse who wholeheartedly proclaimed:

It's that we only know each other from the internet and today we meet for the first time in real life.

We - @dreemit, @andrarchy, @prufarchy, @hansikhouse and myself - broke into laughter. There was a bit of insanity in that statement, but we somehow loved it to be like that.

It's been one of my favorite steemy moments, since it perfectly documents how intense relationships created on Steem can be.



4) Playing Poker in Vegas - what a thrill! [June 24 2017]: Lucky Girl Trying To Have Brain And Balls - Here's How I Won At The Poker Table Last Night

This capture is one of my favorites ever submitted to the chain.

Only thanks to my friend from highschool @knircky - who not only took the picture but also taught me how to play Texas Holdem at a Casino full of testosterone loaded guys with baseball caps 😎 - I was able to survive here.

It was precisely at this table were I won §300 dollars with one golden hand.

Honestly, it was all luck - haha!

I was speculating on the River which is no wise strategy at all. Yet, it was the winning card in this specific case.

That situation reveals my constant seek for adrenaline. I find pleasure in taking risks, even though I might be losing.


5) Showing vulnerability & why I don't write blog posts in my mother tongue [July 1 2017]: How I Got Rich On Steemit "Over Night" - Finally Revealing The Big Mystery

Whenever I stumble upon this post I have mixed feelings. It definitely documents my first and only bad experience on Steem, while it also helped me to self-develop a lot.

You only got supported for taking your cloth off, is nothing any successful woman in the world should ever have to listen to.

However, today I know that it was a compliment: I wasn't an easy target for criticism, and this shabby statement was probably the only way to get me out of my shell.

I directly stepped into the trap and went all in on emotions as you can see in the article linked above.

One might think that I regret but I don't. Being hurt and feeling the need to vent one's anger is 100% human.

My zodiac sign is Cancer: We're extremely loyal people, as long as you don't let us down.

Now you know why I don't blog post in German anymore.

My first and last crisis on Steem was processed quickly, since I experienced a huge wave of support from the community. My goodbye Steemit post (yes, I temporarily decided to leave) received more than 100 encouraging comments from people who wanted me to stay.

So I did.


6) Sticking with those who matter [July 24 2017]: Here's What Happens When A Musician And A Surfergirl Meet On And Decide To Cooperate 🎧

My most valuable takeaway in two and a half years on Steem?

Stick with those who support you.

Accidentally running into Drew @drewsmusic - your friendly local musician, how he calls himself - has been a great stroke of fate and definitely changed the future route of my Steem journey.

What started as a conversation in a comment thread, ended up in a really nice internet friendship and even a brilliant video music cooperation.

Drops of Summer - the video presented in the article linked above, is surely one of my most elaborated videos ever submitted to the chain.

It was shooted and edited during my little Steemit break, so I had plenty of time to live up my love to detail.

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us. Thanks for being there, Drew!



7) Speaking at Steemfest and loving it! [November 2 2017]: Insight Into My Today's Steemfest Presentation And Meeting The First Steemit Celebrities 📷

There may have been few days were I was more excited than on the 2nd of November 2017.

Speaking at Steemfest² @steemfest in Lisbon was surely one of my biggest challenges, but also one of my best experiences so far. I am not lying if I tell you that I didn't sleep the night before at all.

Actually I don't even want to go further, since my face on the picture is telling the whole story. Thanks for the capture @exploretraveler, and thanks for everybody who smiled back sitting in the audience.

What if I fall? Oh, and what if you fly?


8) My first video interview given in a foreign language [February 2 2018]: Steemit/dTube EXCLUSIVE Interview with @surfermarly, talked Steemit, life, charity, more

I remember the day David Pakman @davidpakman asked me if he could interview me as if it was yesterday.

To date I hadn't been given any interviews in a foreign language, and the fact that I didn't even know what he was supposed to ask me, really brought me close to a heart attack.

My perfectionism is surely one of my weakpoints. I haven't ever been very good at the pareto principle, even though not being too good at it also brought me where I am today.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. - Vince Lombardi



9) Sharing my fortune with those who need it most [August 22 2018]: When It Comes To Human Beings I'm Color-Blind * 🌈

It was back in summer 2017 when I launched my charity project @dreamsoftheocean on Steem. After one extremely successful year in the network I felt the need to give something back to those in the world who're not so fortunate.

'Dreams of the Ocean' raises funds in order to organize watersports activities for kids. We started out with surf lessons in September 2017 and continued doing swim trainings in August 2018.

So far the project has been able to raise $3,000 USD in Steem. Besides that I donated 1,500 Steem by myself in order to finance the first event in 2017.

Why did I chose such a title for my recent post about the project?

On the last day of this year's event someone from our local community on Lanzarote told me that he was a bit upset since the funds from the charity hadn't been used to support local people from the island (Spanish people), but also kids with migration backgrounds, such as Arabs.

I was shocked to hear that and decided to to eternalize my feelings on the blockchain, without telling anybody about my inner motivation.

How would I be able to do a social project, excluding kids with a migration background?!?

Ultimately, we actually all belong to only one tribe, to Earthlings. - Jill Tarter

10) THE END - Coming full circle building a house on Steem: Dreams Are Paid With Steem - Turning My Greatest Wish Into Reality ▶️

First I wasn't sure whether it was a good idea to be completely open about my newly accomplished milestone, since there is always a fine line between sharing a success story in order to encourage and motivate others vs. waking up enviers.

Notice how story no. 5 has shaped my behavior after all.

In the end the decision to let the community know that I had just bought a piece of land with my Steem savings, turned out to be an incredibly lucky strike.

The post became my most successful one of all time: position 3 on the trending page, without any bid bots being involved. But the best part of it was actually that I received more positive comments than ever before.

It may have been a small step for you Johal @thejohalfiles upvoting me with 100%, but it was a giant leap for Marly :-)

Final advice: Being yourself, having faith, sticking with the ones that love and support you and not letting others put you ever down, is surely a good strategy both on and off the blockchain.

As the rules of the contest imply, I'll be nominating three steemians to participate as follows:

@creatr, @cryptocurator and @pennsif

You definitely should get to know these three!

See you on the block.

Much love,
Marly -
This blog was created in July 2016, aiming to provide thought-provoking content for open-minded people who go on adventure, step out of comfort zones and embrace the new.
Thanks for being part of the journey!


PS: All my blog posts are created and submitted via eSteem Surfer 1.1.12 - my favorite Steem desktop client that was developed by @good-karma's @esteemapp team. Check out their account for more information.

Original content.


I am glad I caught one of your posts as it comes out. I don't often get a chance to check my feed. I remember most of these posts and they all rock!

Your unfettered spirit of adventure and vicious hunger for life leaves me in the dust, though I stand out in my surroundings. Thank you for all you do on the platform. God bless you.

@done!!! What an honor and pleasure to have you here :-)

Thank you so much for your warmhearted and kind words and for your tireless support.
You know that you're my best teacher with regards to grace of charity, a true inspiration!

God bless you, too.

Aw. What a nice way to run into you again ;)


What can I say, but thank you for the amazing honor that you've nominated me for the "Get To Know Me" challenge.

I would not have know about it apart from you, and I very much enjoyed looking over your review of your Top Ten posts. I particularly loved listening to and watching your music video again!

I'm looking forward to chatting with you, @pennsif, and @cryptocurator soon.

Surf and Steem on!



Hey hey hey! How could I not nominate you? :-))
I'm pretty sure you are one of the people in this network I have been engaging most with ever since.

Looking forward to our steemy foursome :-)

Me too!

And, thanks again! <3

Hi @creatr - it will great to have you on the radio show on Thursday with @surfermarly and @cryptocurator

Thank you, @pennsif!

I'm looking forward to it. ;)

Hey girl!! That will always be one of my favorite steemy moments too! How could anyone not want to get to know you better? What a fun trip down Marly Memory lane- love you beautiful! xoxo

Hey girl :-) What a sweet comment!! Love you more, haha

Do you remember our dance at New York's subway station? I'm still not sure if it was a lucky strike that you lost your camera and these type of pictures never made it to the chain... lol

Biggest hugs ever!!!

Of course I remember- I bet that musician does too! Definitely not a lucky strike- you were magnificent!

Hugs right back atcha :)

Haha, I remember he loved it as much as we did :-)) What a cool moment!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday, sweetie :-*

Great story, but I'm missing the part where you can brag about your self. You've done amazing things so far, but what you're doing for surfing is more than riding a board (with or without a sail). Keep doing what you do. Do it with passion and do it with love and luck will come your way (even more).

Hehe, thanks for the flowers! I've never been too good at bragging actually :-D

Of course, surfing is my passion, my driver and the basis for everything. In all of my blog posts there is some surfermarly in there. So even when I'm talking about Steem, then I always provide a surfer's point of view (which was also the title of my Steemfest presentation btw).

Being creative always means that you're translating a part of yourself into a piece of art, whether this is a painting, a scientific study, a book, a blog post or whatever type of (art) work.

Thanks for the thought-provoking comment. I was almost about to text a whole blog post into this little window right now :-))

Surf on @dboontje 🤙

What an incredible journey you've had on here. I'm so glad you stayed!

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words, @indigoocean!
It's been a wild ride, and every day was totally worth it :-)

Hope you're enjoying a nice Sunday

you seem like a nice person and i was happy to know you more

Sweet! Thanks for your lovely comment :-)

Aww I’m so excited that you accepted the challenge! 😊 It’s so fun to look back through your earlier work!

I’m out and about right now, but I can’t wait to read through this all later! ♥️

Hehe, I'm super happy you nominated me! It took me the whole day to put my story together, but it was a lot of fun diving through the old posts and remembering my best and toughest moments here :-)

Hey Marly, I just figured you were a pretty cool chick. Didn't know half of it 👍

lol- thank you, trying my best to survive the Steem jungle :-))

Thanks for stopping by and browing to my little recap though, wishing you a nice day!

Quite the journey you've been on, @surfermarly. I'm tempted to go to the canary islands for a surf lesson from you. And big congrats on buying a house with Steem.

Yeah, getting a bit sentimental here looking back on those 29 months actually, hehe :-) What a ride!
It's not a house yet, just a piece of land - but of course the plan is to build something on it some day.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I'd be the best surf instructor to choose, since I'm actually not very good at surfing as you may have seen in my videos, I'm just good at having fun in the water :-D

It's all about teaching people the smile is the most important thing on the water nothing more 🤙


I'm feel i know you much better now

Cool article and interesting information about yourself. Keep up the great work and Steem On @surfermarly!

Wow. But i guess i will want to know you more

Very nice to meet you marly, I will be following :)

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Well haven't you been an active little participant lately on steemit. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit better and even flew off to YouTube to catch a glimpse of the bikini shots. The thing that won my heart too was that tiny little skateboard you were sitting on. OMG. I love it. I rode a Hobie fiberflex, with the red urethanes and the ACS 500 trucks on it, for 27yrs, until I lost is on the beach. Bummer. Anyways. Nice ride. You got to get the goPro and go for a ride on it for a post. Here's a little encouragement:

Hang lose gurly girl...

lol - I hope you weren't disappointed to see that I effectively never surf in a bikini....? :-D

We've got a longboarder on Steem and he's even from my island: @paxsurf. He's been publishing some nice shots and videos in his blog, too.

Happy skating 🤙

Coffeebreak, time for Steemit again. What a wave you’re riding here @surfermarly. Really loving the series that @nomadsoul started here. Because looking back isn’t actually the easiest thing at Steemit. The waves are rolling in too fast and once riding it you can’t get out.

I’m glad you didn’t left, loving your vids and positivity day by day. Best thing I notice reading back your stories. The smile gets bigger and bigger. Loving the change you made through the years here on Steemit.

Such a pity you don’t have any footage from that dance with @dreemit 😉 Think that would have been your number 1 post!

Hang loose 🤙

Hi Marly, this was most interesting to read more of the ups, ups and downs of your journey on steem.

And thank you for nominating me for the challenge. I will have to have a big think as to whether I have created 10 posts of sufficient interest to include.

But it has given me a grand idea. Check your DMs in a few minutes...

Founder of the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

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I'm loving this picture a lot. The first one

Cool ...Post it was good to read. :) And I like Being myself also... I hope you get lot warm days and lot cool waves.

amazing post....I ma imressed

You create the blogs in very systematic manner, really liked it, keep flourishing.

You've gone really far and its like I will be learning more from you now. Weldone and keep up the good work. Your posts are really enlightening. Thanks for sharing.

I am @oredebby

Need a giant dive to know each of the post better or to know Marly better.
Frankly i never shared so many personal stuff on steemit except few generic posts. Looking at all your summary it was incredible journey so far especially the leson that you leaerned..

stick to those who help

This is an awesome peice of advice. "Together we rock" thanks for sharing so many good things @surfermarly....only summary part is so exciting how about giving a dive into each of the post......seriously you get me soon engaged on each of the post...though do not except any. Cmment as all of them are pretty old....thanks sharing..👍

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