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A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience. - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

Oh I couldn't agree more, Oliver.

Presenting at Steemfest today was definitely worth a world.

As the people who surrounded me today´s morning may confirm, I was pretty nervous before going on stage - just not to say that I was almost going crazy- haha! 

Finally that one moment had come and it felt better than I could have ever imagined!

@surfermarly during her presentation - the picture was taken by the great @firepower. What you need to know is that in real life he's not only as kind as on steemit, he's a really wonderful person.

Steemfest - What a blast!

Since I arrived at the get together yesterday's evening, I'm completely amazed.

This event is far beyond what I expected. It's incredibly fulfilling to finally meet all these people I've been contact with for month and also come to know new steemians I still didn't run into on the platform.

I'm not lying if I tell you that I almost didn't sleep last night due to the outstanding impressions I had from the first encounters at the welcome party.

Today's morning the conference room no. 1 was almost exploding. There was not only one free chair in this room. As @roelandp informed in his opening speech, there are currently around 300 steemians at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon. Wow!

So while it was heavily raining outside, it got pretty cozy inside :-)

Thanks to my excitement I completely forgot to record my own presentation. Actually I was aiming to film it with my GoPro and do my own vlog later. But anyways, I can share a little detail with you nobody else is able to provide:

Here is the video I presented today at @steemfest at that was somehow the core of my speech:

Now I really wanna thank everybody who watched the livestream! Thanks for hanging in there, even when we were facing some technical issues :-)

I hope you enjoyed what you saw.

Also people asked me after the presentation how they may contribute to my charity project. An kind of support towards the account @dreamsoftheocean is really appreciated here. So by upvoting the blog posts published in that blog or even sending a little donation to its wallet, you will already make a difference. Thank you, steemians!

After the presentation I was full of adrenaline and endorphins. All the pressure was gone, and I was just happy. The feedback I have received so far was incredibly positive, and I'm really grateful.

Then I was finally relaxed enough to start taking some pictures with steemit celebrities and like that involve you into this great 'internet friends party'.

Meeting Ned Scott @ned, Co-Founder and CEO Steemit Inc.

Meeting Brian Rhodes @brian-rhodes, Actor and Producer. I just love spending time with you, Brian! You're incredibly inspiring and I very much enjoy talking to you!

Keeping my promise of being a steemy groupie - haha! Meeting the famous @steembirds: @jaybird (here: also photographer) and @dan-atstarlite. You guys ROCK!

The best thing about the current situation is that this Steemfest ride has just began. If I could I would just stop time!

Again, thanks for being there! We will all keep you posted on our steemy, creamy & delicious doings here :-)

Big hugs, Marly -

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Omg, such an inspirational talk, @surfermarly! I'm so happy to finally have a chance to meet you at Steemfest!

Thank you so much for your kind words, @gringalicious! Hearing that from you means a lot. I love what you're doing on steemit, and meeting you in person doubled my positive experience :-)
Have a safe trip home!

Watched the presentation on livestream - you crushed it! Amazing video, too :)

Thank you so much, Wade!!! It means a lot hearing that from you :-)

So proud of you my sweet friend! What a great way to use Steem! That is such a beautiful surf spot too!!

Thank YOU for your amazing contribution :-)
Did you see the livestream?

I am so thrilled for you my dear sweet friend, and make no mistake, you are a steemit celebrity! I love you and your beautiful spirit, one that is so ALIVE, that is what I think of when I read your words and listen to you, that is what I felt when I had the great honor of meeting you. Beautifully alive my Marly!!

Aaaaaw no I'm not a celeb, haha! I'm just a girl that loves what she does :-)
Thanks for your lovely words, my friend!
Did you have the chance to see my speech though?

Oh yes! I meant to say that you did amazing but got distracted just telling you you're amazing haha! Actually you said something my husband always says in a different way- "Money follows passion" Howie has always believed that "If you do what you love, the money will come."
Also I didn't quite catch whose comment it was that you read? I will definitely check her out! xo

Howie has always believed that "If you do what you love, the money will come."

I read the comment from @connecteconomy :-) You'll love her blog, I'm pretty sure!!!

The next time Steemfest should take place in the US, then we'll have a chance to meet again :-*

Great job presenting your Steemit journey and new focus project, @dreamsoftheocean!

So much to take in at the event today, same again tomorrow I expect!

First we have some food and snooker to relax 😁

Great job!

Thank you so much, Asher!
It's been so great to meet you here. I'm really happy that we finally met in person.
Snooker to relax? Haha
We had a poker session last night (to relax also), I need some sleeeeeeeeeep! :-D

See you on steemit!!!

Yes you too!

I had my beer drinking game face on for pool and was suffering a lot the next day!

It was very cool to hang out with people from all over, each sharing a common interest 😁

See you on the Blockchain!

Oh I suffered a lot, too, after that snooker evening!! Haha
Lots of beers were served there...:-P

great presentation Marly ... I was superproud to see my logo come by (mostly because of what it signifies, giving youngsters a chance at something they deserve). Thanks for acknowledging us LiveStream watchers too btw :)

Great project

Thank you!
It was an honor to present your logo though. Everybody who's seen it, told me that they liked it a lot, and I always mentioned that it was designed by you :-)

Thanks for acknowledging us LiveStream watchers too btw :)

My pleasure :-)

This is best picture of steemfast2
I love this picture..

Haha, I'm happy that you liked it :-)
These guys rock!

I was watching the livestream yesterday and to be honest the nervousness was not really that visible and it totally dropped away once you got started.
I also wrote a little post about the charity and how people can sponsor the steemit way, hope you dont mind...

I was watching the livestream yesterday and to be honest the nervousness was not really that visible and it totally dropped away once you got started.

Yeah, I saw the video of the presentation afterwards and also noticed that. Good to know that that my personal experience was different from the ones the audience had :-)

I will bookmark this and read it after steemfest (when I'm more relaxed).
Thanks for your wonderful support and have a great day!

Hey @surfermarly, a bunch of us were watching the live YouTube feed last night here in Australia. You didn't appear nervous at all. Enjoyed your contribution. Thank you!

Nice that you saw it all together :-) I'm happy that my personal feelings were not transmitted at all!
Thanks for stopping by!!

I am happy your presentation went well. It looks like you’re all having crazy fun then. I’m sure @ned was stoked to meet a celebrity Steemian like @surfermarly

Haha, I'm not sure if he was stoked :-)
Thanks for your support!! Yes, we're having a blast. All the rumors about this amazing event are true!

Great presentation and project. Working together for that better world we all want to see. You surely didn;t seem nervous to me.

Thank you very much for your support!
I guess you always have a completely different experience from a speech than the audience has. When you're up there every tiny little "mistake" feels like huge. But most of the time the people who listen don't even recognize that. Also they don't know your speech, so nobody actually notices it when you change the script spontaneously :-)

I did a pretty detailed rundown of your talk from the livestream. hope you like it :)

That's pretty cool! Thank you :-)

Looks like a lot of fun and a great time with awesome people...enjoy!
I think, next time, I will not miss it again...

To be honest, now I really understand the hype about steemfest.
It's incredible!

Man hat es dir nicht angemerkt das du nervös wars bei der Präsentation.
Hast du NED was aus der Nase ziehen können das wir nicht wissen?

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happy steemit wünscht
asmr-austria (Christian)

Das ist schön zu hören! :-)
Als ich auf die Bühne gegangen bin, war die Nervosität mit einem Schlag weg.

Hast du NED was aus der Nase ziehen können das wir nicht wissen?


Ich bin ja gar nicht neugierig, aber wissen will ich es schon :-)

I watched your didn't look nervous at all!

That is really good to know!
Thank you so much for having been there :-)

Did not manage to watch steemfest live, but will certainly do that on youtube. Great event for kids, thank you for your input. Kids are flowers of our life :)

The videos are all still there, just follow the livestream link, there you will find them.
Thanks for your support regarding @dreamsoftheocean, it's much appreciated :-)

Thanks for the update @surfermarly my streaming quality was awful so I never got to see any presentations. Enjoyed the video and great to see the kids having fun, it's a great project you have set up and will give everyone involved a great boost on the happiness spectrum. How wonderful that Steem helped fund it.

Just in case you want to see the presentation, it's online.
Timestamp 2:34:30:

Thanks for your encouragement and support!!

Super job @surfermarley and I have found someone else to follow in @connecteconomy.

@surfermarly,you are great best presentation, your all the pics with famous steemians are lovely and your video is much attractive and awsome. your excitement there shows that you enjoyed that event too much.
Steem On!

Thanks for your kind words, @rabeel!

Brilliant. I didnt see your live stream, will I be able to watch back, and if so do you have the link? Thanks.

Thank you.
You can watch the video here (timestamp starting at 2:34:30):

Absolutely gorgeous! Well done ^_^

Mal ne Frage, waren auch afrikanische Steemians anwesend? In Nigeria gibt es doch viele neue Accounts!?

Hey Felix! Ich hab die Liste der vertretenen Länder gerade nicht mehr im Kopf. Roeland hatte bei seiner Eröffnungsrede ein Chart aufgelegt, auf dem stand, dass 38 verschiedene Nationen beim Steemfest vertreten waren. Die kann ich Dir aus dem Kopf nicht einzeln auflisten. Aber schau doch einfach auf YouTube nochmal in Roelands Ansprache rein :-)

Ich fände es interessant mal mit einem Steemian zu reden, der in einem Land lebt, wo die Inflation sehr hoch ist aber das Internet noch funktioniert und Steem Dollar sozusagen als Schattenwährung dient.

Ich glaube ich komme dann einfach mal zu Steemfest 3 rum. Hocke schon genug vor dem Rechner :D

Klar, mach das - vorausgesetzt, dass es eins geben wird :)

Die Cryptoszene braucht (offline) Traditionen! :D

a very amazing event, I really hope to attend this event next year

it's great to be together with steemit community in lisbon, knowing many friends with the same hobby, i really hope to be present at steemfest next year, today i write a lot about steemfest event, please visit my friend blog

it´s so amazing all that you are doing !!! Bless ^_^

Thank you :-)

Wow great project !

I saw your video with kids doing charity work for them, it gives immmense pleasure by helping such needy people specially the kids who have lots of dream in thier mind. Thanks

Thank you for your kind support!!!

nice to see you together guys

1st one is the best one!!
its too good!!

If I could I would just stop time!
Oh nice

Thank for sharing the video. Is there a link to the live Steemfest?

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That was the perfect post I saw today. You just achieved your goal today. Now you can relax here.

Thank you! Yeah well, "relaxing" is complicated at steemfest, haha
We're actually busy 24/7, but today I will leave and at home I'll have some time to recover.

.such a wonderful post...
I really like your ideas...
Wel done and perfect work

Its hard to explain that I like @surfermarly very much. I look up to her. Great that all people there had a great time. Maybe next year I'll join the fest.

Nice presentation. You give value too steem and humanity. Thanks

i have done.please its your turn to my post

@surfermarly your surfing project for the kids is fantastic! I enjoyed your pics and your video; thanks!

Thanks for your lovely words!

How has the Steemfest been? Can you look into this post and possibly provide some more tips?

We're still here!! :-)
It's amazing. I will read your post when I'm back at home.

Have a nice day...
@followed and upvoted

Must have been awesome to meet all the Steemians. It was a wonderful talk that you delivered. Keep providing us live updates from the war-zone :)

Thank you, I'm really happy you enjoyed it! Did you see the livestream?

You are Japan's hope. I wrote an article about you, so please watch it

"If I could I would just stop time!"

This made me smile, as having been to quite a few conferences I understand that exact feeling! :D




The video of the kids in action is awesome. Seeing the happy smiles on their faces put a big one on mine. I'm so glad to have had even a small part in supporting this event! ;)



Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki SteemFest². Thanks and good luck again!

I wish I was there. If I could I would have gone. Hoping to get to next steemfest.❤️