Steemit Connecting People: Meeting In New York

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Yes, steemit doesn't only provide a technologically and ideologically innovative space where people from all over the world are able to value, appreciate and reward content.

This network also builds a bridge between the digital world and real life.

Steemit connects people.
Photo credit (left to right): @hansikhouse @dreemit @surfermarly @andrarchy @prufarchy (behind the camera:) @knircky

Spontaneous Meeting In New York

80 degrees, sun's burning and New York is pumping more than ever.

In the middle of this "concrete jungle where dreams are made of" (and where I traveled to being on vacation) I had the great opportunity to meet some really cool people: Steemians.

Thanks for organizing our get together, @dreemit! I'm so happy we finally met in person.

"It's that we only know each other from the internet and today we meet for the first time in real life."

@hansikhouse trying to explain our childish and loud excitement to a stranger 😆

Maybe it's generally complicated to understand from the outside what steemit has done to all of us.

It's a new mindset.

Since yesterday I definitely know that we're all fallen for this project in the same manner.

Steemit is an anchor for dreams.

Probably we natively don't speak the same language, didn't grow up on the same continent, have different skin colors or a different background.

So what?!

We are able to connect at once because we've got this anchor. We've got infinite things to talk about because our world is extremely exciting and colorful.

We're all part of this future plan.

So today I'm not only flashed by this amazing city which I'm visiting for the first time in my life, but also by its people.

Thanks for the time, guys!

It's been a blast and lot of fun meeting you. See you in Lisbon!

To all the other Steemians: YES, it's real. This community rocks on all channels!

Big hugs & kisses from New York 😍
Marly -

PS: The amazing and lovely @dreemit (love you much sweetie!!) is preparing a more detailed report of our meeting with more pictures. So stay tuned 😉


How awesome to put faces to the user names! The human connections are what Steemit is really all about!

I couldn't agree more Eric! Building bridges between the digital and the real world is definitely amazing. To be continued at Steemfest 😉👍

Safe travels Marly! Make sure you and @knircky win millions at the slot machines.

And put it all in Steem!(and buy us all places in steemit park!)

Haha excellent plan hon 😍

Hee hee, I thought you'd like it ;)

Hahahah high risk?! That's even crazier than buying Steem at $4 😆✌🏿️

It's amazing to see people from all over the world coming together, people with different stories and backgrounds but with the same vision and interests.
I believe this is the true meaning of Steemit and this is why Steemit has a bright future! :)

I totally agree @nikolina! That's one of the untouchable assets of steemit, there is no doubt about that.

Crystal clear upvote and resteem :-) Greetings.

Cool!! Thank you very much for your outstanding contribution to the community during such a long time. Please find a little donation in your wallet which is supposed to appreciate that and help the account to get a nice amount of voting power soon 😉
Have a steemy day!

Ich bin voll baff. Thank you very much. We will immediatly power up. 300 Steem that is a really high donation. Thanks a lot for your trust.

From the heart into you wallet 😉
Have a steemy day!

Hehe. Likewise my dear :-)

So much fun with this awesome crew!! Already looking forward to the next opportunity to gather! Big hugs @surfermarly!!

I couldn't agree more!!! Thank you so much for coming over, it's been so great to see and talk to you 😘

I feel the same, I think it's the first time I've been giddy about something in quite some time! I love how you said 'childish excitement', that's exactly how it felt! XO

This is actually pretty awesome.

Definitely! And I want more of it!! 😄

soon! steemfest 2 is near

Wish I was there! Sounded like an awesome get together, I'll make sure to escape work for the next one :D

Awesome plan! I bet there are going to be many more in the future 😉

Wow! This is great :D At least three different continents represented in one picture. Awesome!

Imagine how many we're going to have in Portugal! 😉
Thanks for stopping by!!

I hope you guys have tons of fun there :D

Looks like you guys had an awesome time! Glad to see this grow into something where this is possible!

True story @trafalgar! It feels awesome being part of it, and this is just the beginning. More epic meet ups, get togethers, workshops, think tanks to come in the future!

Haha yeh love it! It's definitely a new mindset and Steemit just sucks you in!

This is so CoOL! I think it would be really great to have all people at one place. SteemFest V2.0 going to be rocking.

Can't wait to travel to Lisbon to be honest 😉

Let's see those pics !!

Yeah!!! @dreemit is the boss, she's going to put the whole story together in her blog 🙃

Cool!gotta wait then ;)

right on ! love these kinda posts :)

Haha and me posting them 😉✌️

Mini Steemfest for you guys... Enjoy!

Yeah it felt like a little fun warmup for Steemfest in Lisbon 😉✌️

It's amazing to be part of this global community. We're all different but have a common interest in making connections and sharing.

True story! We've got the same vision which brings us very close 😉
Thanks for stopping by Stephen!

How cool is that - I knew you could not resist posting on steemit - looks awesome, we miss you - come back to Europe soon

Haha it's hard to resist having such a beautiful message in my pocket 🙂
I'll be back soon (with more than 1K photographs and infinite stories to tell).
Big hugs from the Big 🍏

That is so flippin cool! I would love to see groups or yearly events etc for steemit would be awesome to connect with many of you in person as well. It seems like everyone on steemit has like mind sets and it is what builds that great sense of connection between us all.

I totally agree! Well it all depends on us - we just have to make it happen 🙂

That is so awesome! I need to find other Texans to do the same. It's so good for the soul to hook up with like-minded people, especially if you feel like you're alone in your interests. Steemit provides such a great platform for making real connections.

Sure, do that! I can totally recommended it 🙂

Excellent post!! Thanks Marley!

Thank YOU for stopping by 😉

Thanks Marly for highlighting such a positive development.

You would have to thank the whole group for joining, I'm just the messenger 😉 Thanks for commenting!!

Welcome and glad to follow you.

Great, you're getting to meet other Steemians. Yes, Steemit causes connections to all continents tied to the internet world.

This makes steemit even more real!

Definitely! So are you a "Spanish man" or is this just your nick? 😉

The real real spanish man , not a copy!! Olé, Fiesta, Paella, Tortilla xd

Jajajaja te has olvidado de mencionar la sangría 😁✌️

Not many beaches in New York but some new friends seems to have made up for that! Looking forward to more photos of your trip!

No beaches needed right now 🙂 I've already taken a lot of pics. Will be back in two weeks and start blogging a #travelseries. Now: Vegas! ✈️✌🏿️


Sweet! Don't blow all your crypto on the roulette wheel! Enjoy!

Nice to see everyone getting to know each other.

Yeah it was a great moment 🙂

What can I say that nobody else is thinking!
What a great meeting!!! so happy for ya, sweet!!!!

Nice photo!

Thanks 🙂✌️

I LOVE THIS! It makes it so much more better than just through technology but to make it feel like a community and to get to know each other is wonderful! Keep on keeping on! :)


Woah this is cool stuff, upvoted & followed. NY is a place to be :)

Great one! Love the Steemit Community and trying to make it better! Maybe by my new blog would love if you would take a look at it, would be great if you give me input on the idea of it! And if you like it a resteem is always appreciated, so we can get more people to do it! upvoted and followed!

Sure! It'll be my pleasure to check it out 😉

I like your post up voted! Check out my latest video crocodile cage diving in Africa!

Thanks for your kind support! Will reach out, sure 😉

That's great! have a nice day :)

Thanks you too!! 😉

Great one !

Beautiful shots !

thumbs up steem with akkha.jpg

that is pretty cool.

Yeah 😎

Hab dir in geschrieben :)

Ah cool. Im Chat bin ich während der Reise gar nicht - gibt so viel zu sehen hier 🙂 Gerade auf dem Weg nach Vegas. Wenn ich da mal n Moment habe, logge ich mich ein 😉👍 See ya

Hab ein neues Projekt gestartet und wäre cool wenn du mir hilfst es publik zu machen, vorrausgesetzt es taugt dir. Habe dich erwähnt.
viel spass auf der Reise! abrazos, Eli

Busy in Vegas, aber habe gevoted 😉👍 Schönes Projekt!!

Cool! Viel Spaß und danke für deine Unterstützung :)

How cool that you got to meet eachother!

Totally! @dreemit made it possible 😌

Is awesome to see how Steemit can conect people in the real life!

Wow, how crazy is that!! Enjoy it! Looking forward to seeing what you guys turn out

Awwww...I bet this was FUN! Putting faces to personality. Love it!

Hehe this is where you are :)

I understand the crazy childlike excitement of a steemit meetup, I felt it too in February in NYC ... I almost lept around ;-)

very benefits

It's just really awesome to see how Steemit doesn't just create a virtual community... but also a community "out there."

It's a strange and wonderful throwback to the very early days of the web; back when there were so few people on the entire Internet that we'd go and have gatherings around the place... and much like explaining Steemit now, we'd have to explain to random strangers why we were all so stoked about meeting people "from the Internet."

That was... meh... 22 years ago. Oh how the world has changed!

Thanks for sharing this!

Love your photo looks nice :)

Thank you 🙃

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