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in gaza •  5 months ago

Dear steemians,

I would like to share a video I have watched more than 20 times last few days and couldn't stop my tears. Palestine and Gaza's issue was overlooked by the humanitarian agencies and by the world leaders since 1947. We let kids die and never feel guilty for it. We are still silent when more than 1 million refugees are living from Durma in Bangladesh. Since December 2017, more than 600,000 people fleed from Durma and took shelter in Bangladesh. There was no legal action against Myanmar's government. You may be thinking that it was domestic violence, So shame that the terrorist country killed thousands of people just because they were ethnic Muslim. Last year, I made many articles against the genocide and how country military forces were killing thousands of people. I am not against the country or the religion, but I am against the action taken by Govt.

Last night, I found another heartbreaking video from @maxigan and his video made me think to share the above video with my followers. The above video was watched more than 10 million people on youtube. If we avoid the topic as a political issue, then we are just letting kids and innocent people die in Palestine. Do you know we don't say Palestine any more? Only say Gaza as a "larget Open prison in the world". Why the kids can't access basic needs? because we don't feel they should get it. We think they are different and sometimes one or two videos convince us that they deserve it.

I died many times before my death watching the videos. May Allah forgive all my sin. I hope at least you watch the video and say yes the video tells the truth.

Also, I want to share the @maxigan video again here to let the world know more about the truth.

May God save all kids around the world and innocent people in the vulnerable situation. Keep sharing your voice for humanity.

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There are millions of Americans who object to what the President is doing. It is like we are helpless with his lies and deceit. I saw what is happening in Bangladesh on our news here in America, but it was just a short message and it is rare to see. When I saw it in horror, my children told me they are learning about the violence and oppression going on over there in school. That is amazing as I, as the adult, didn't know. I hope that by people speaking out and our children learning about what is happening that things will change. That they can change it for the better.


As an American I agree with your words. There are many Americans that object to what the president and congress is doing, and their approach to this situation. In this modern day the people and children of Palestine should not still be in their situation and subjected to the kind of life they are forced to live.

I have learned much on steemit about the issue on Gaza, but also of other refugees in other situations; Not from American news...

I can only say that these issues sadden me greatly.


Thank you for sharing your opinion. There is no hope, to be honest and within few years, our kids will know there was a country named Palestine or gaza. I hope our kids will be taught that the kids in Gaza who were studying at school were not terrorist. They will know original history and history never forgive anyone.


Amazingly powerful song . Music is the way to get message across to the masses, its about time musicians took a stand, especially when it so easy to publish yourself.. It sickens me people can stand aside and watch these bastard murdering innocent people whilst preaching peace!

#freePalestine 💯🐒