Monthly Food Program For Underprivileged Children at @SchoolForSDG4

in education •  5 months ago

Dear all,

Today I am going to arrange monthly food program for children at @SchoolForSDG4. We already have taken all the preparation and here is the latest from picture last hour. After 2 hours, these all will be at school and we will feed our kids.

This month food program is different than any other month as it is Ramadhan here. It is already 4:30 PM here. We will feed them. A professional cooker made the main menu "Akhini" for the kids.


It looks so delicious. We all will participate in the food program and our teachers too. As it is a month of Ramadhan, all of us are fasting from sunrise to sunset. Some of our kids also fasting too.I invited some of my friends to join in the program who will help me as volunteers during the program.


Here is some of the shopping last night we did.


My mom was helping was working and another brother was helping her.



My sister was making "Peyaji" which is one of the favourite food items during ifter. It was not possible for me if my family did not support me. And so I feel so happy for them too.


Here is the cooking going on in front of our house. @Lindahas will share more update tonight hopefully. Stay with us.

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Please contact me @Azizbd for any information .

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as always great attempt. And this is a true example what can social aggregation do to us in a positive way. May be a click from USA is helping a kid in Sylhet through steemit. How on earth can you expect such bridge of humanity.

aziz vai looking testy.

thank you for a having a kind and generous person only few people have this attitude that look after for the better of other people specially those who are indigent and can't afford to have a plenty of food daily. Thank you also for making us inspired of your good actions..

Indeed, it is human initiative. This kind approach would help us to build an indiscriminate society. I firmly believe you would be more and more blessed by God. In addition everybody should do something as much as they can for underprivileged community. Hats off ....!!!