Empowering Bangladeshi youths through Steemit Blockchain

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Dear Steemians,

Last few days I was much busy with community management and networking with steemians and freelancers from Bangladesh. I am running the first steem based Bangladeshi youth community for last 1 year. The youth run first Bangladeshi community was founded by me in July 2017 with the name @SteemitBD.


I am working on the development and how I can support Bangladeshi youths through The community. The community allowing me to help Bangladeshi youth more closely and talk with members. The community account publishes posts every day written by community writers and also support quality articles by upvote and resteem.


I am counselling with every new member about steemit and how steemit works and so on. I also found a lot of suggestions from them.

I am also admin in steem chat Bangladesh channel (http://www.steem.chat/channel/bangladesh) and I will give time there and will facilitate some young leaders who will keep supporting on behalf of Steemit Bangladesh.


Most of the users don't know about me as founder and I don't want to focus it more. I also appreciate their review after my support to them and it really encourages me to work behind the sense. If you check other social media like twitter and fcebook. You will find a lot of post promotion done by me. The post was mostly from Bangladeshi users.

Screenshot ().png

I am creating youtube tutorial for members and Bangladeshi users about steemit and how they can get more facilities from @SteemitBD

Right now we are working to introduce a discord bot which will allow Bangladeshi users to sell and buy steem/sbd within the discord server without scam and it will be done trough steem escrow system. We hope we will able to give them this facility within next month.


Around 205 tweets done by @Steemitbd twitter account and most of the post was about Bangladeshi users post and I feel happy that I could promote their post there. But As I can't do it all the time. I want support from Bangladeshi users who will able to manage the community and grow it to support more youth from Bangladesh by providing knowledge and help them in their freelancing journey on steemit.

More important thing that compelled me to be active last few days was the wrong message to Bangladeshi steemians. Many Bangladeshi users were getting blacklisted and they are spamming and haked and so on. I found many the lack of community activity was spoiling the opportunity for Bangladeshi Youths. Many Bangladeshi users was making post just to use bid bot upvotes and the ecosystem of steemit was not supporting their posts organic way whcih supposed to be.

I am now on the way to have a custom bot which will offer free upvote like @minnowsupport for the registered Bangladeshi users. @SteemitBD also have around 10 writers who are writing and published quality post from Community blog as writer and 50% of the SBD rewards goes to writers. As community blog it gets some upvote for some users and I invest 0.500 SBD to get upvote from @minnowbooster to these posts. It helps me to offer at least 0.400 SBD to these young writers.

It mostly defficult for them to get such rewards from their personal blog writing. I hope if the community get a sponsor, we can help more middle income or lower middle-income family young people from Bangladesh. Bangladesh has huge potentiality in ICT because of large number of youths. And emporing them with training and education is the only way to solve many social problems.

@Steemitbd has now curation service, we are curating 3 good quality articles and we are upvoting and resteeming them. The curation trail is also active via steemauto. We got around 6 curation trail upvote from different Bangladeshi users.

I was receiving a lot of DM from Bangladeshi users last couple of months who were asking support. I would like to request them to visit the @Steemitbd and join the server. I will try to help them through the community. Last few days, I talked with around 50 Bangladeshi steemit users via voice hangouts in the community and helped them to know about steemit and steemitbd. I am also investing around 100 SBD for the development and contest and other kind of things. More importantly my personal effort is more important than anything else.

I hope you all will be with my journey to support Bangladeshi Steemians and help me to arrange training and support me by suggestion. More things are coming as surprise for the first Bangaldeshi Community. Please suggest me for anything you feel best for Bangladeshi community.

There is a little point to work alone when strength are in numbers.

N.B: By upvoting this post you are supporting me @Azizbd personally, not my charity @SchoolForSDG4

Please contact me @Azizbd for any information https://steemit.chat/direct/azizbd .

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Appropriate initiative. Users in BD lack education in most cases and any attempts at educating them is really brilliant. Continue making youtube videos, i think it will cover most of the shortfalls we have.

Thank you very much brother. I want you on the board and more collaboration from Bangladeshi Steemians. Will you consider joining us? discord.me/steemitbd

joined now. Thanks for the invite

Hope to see your community grow.

Upvoted, resteemed and has been added to the latest MAP Upvotes post.

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Thank you for your amazing support

Wow, you are super busy Mohammed. I did not know you ran this project as well. You are doing great work.

Host of the My Life in 8 Songs and The Alternative Lifestyle Show radio shows on MSP Waves.

Editor of the Weekly Schedule of Steem Radio Shows.

Founder of the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

I am sure it will help many BD users. I feel happy that the community is now supporting. And last one year I was doing it alone and now I have curators, curation trail and soon coming free upvote, contest for them and trading feature within the server for BD users. It is growing rapidly which has over 200 members. Some writers are writing articles for the community account every day. I hope they will improve too. I am trying to give them my best and hope the success of it will be visible soon.

That is excellent news.

Great initiative!!! I'm sure your community will thank you for all you're doing. We need more of "you" in the world :)

Thank you @naturald. I feel happy to find friends like you and thanks for your encouragement.

Waw! I was in dark that Bangladeshis are doing such amazing job in steemit platform! You are pride to us, light bearer of newbies like us. Thanks for your initiatives, I will be highly appreciated if can support you in such great hearten activities. Following you with all shorts of support possible from me.

Thank you brother for your great support and also looking at my activities. It really encourages me to continue my activities.

Most welcomed! You are thinking out of box which is rare in Bangladesh. Here, we are doing prototype works in our life --- Study - seek job - save money - get retired - spend money - get died! Boring! Carry on bro, we are with you.

Hi @azizbd, I had no idea on @steemitbd before getting this post resteemed by @doctalk, great initiative I am definitely joining this community to take me to the next level in the steem world.
. looking forward to get your advice... thanks from @help4u

I saw you are following the community account and I think it is great to have your support there. As the founder, I feel there is no way to reach success alone but when we all reach success together, it will be more beautiful

May Steemit users in Bangladesh continue to grow.

Thank you for your prayers and support dear friend.

May Steemit users in Bangladesh continue to grow.

You gat my support

Show your support to @steemitbd and it will be highly appreciated.

Great work are done by great mind, great minds @steemitbd. You got it all the way, at least it is an opportunity for more users in bd and more to come. Good works......

Thank you @asoju for your support and contribution.

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