Ragtag Kickoff 2018

in gardening •  6 months ago

Coming off of the longest, coldest 'spring' in years and going into the middle of a rainy spell has made gardening more of a challenge this year.

Health issues even interfered with getting stuff going indoors. Sigh...

So, not content to wait any longer, the first seeds hit the dirt Thursday afternoon. There are now seed-tape radishes in the bin! (I'm saving the carrots for this fall.)

@uncle-dan helped me plant them. We used up all the remaining tape, too, since they were dated 2015.

We celebrated the occasion by getting the firepit, well... fired up.

I put together a couple of foil packets of veggies to get double-duty out of the coals. The roasted potatoes and cauliflower were the perfect end to a great day.

Here's hoping this is a start to a bountiful season!


It started here - Reclaiming The Backyard Firepit
Which turned into this - Ragtag Garden

The expansion of these two projects has now become The Ragtag Saga:

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Stay Tuned For The Next Installment - Coming Soon!

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Very nice I picked up some seeds today with some plants. My land is more or less sand so going give planting them in a starter tray a start and see where it leads. Not grown anything in years and never any of these. Might have expand to buckets or something if it works out. To many animals in the area hehe.

Nothing planted yet. Hoping to have some time Monday or during the week. Have a great weekend.



Sounds like a good plan and it will give them a solid start. Sandy soil is definitely a challenge. Best of luck!

I hope it goes well this year for you!
I started but have been lazy and no rain.


Thanks! Fingers crossed for both of us!

Nice to see that firepit put to use!! I planted a lilac bush today, for Mother's Day. Not sure how much of a garden we are going to plant this year.


Ooohhh, love lilacs! Good choice!

Great to see you enjoying some grilled vegetables and putting a few things into pots or the ground. Thanks to @uncle-dan for helping out. Many good things await you this spring. 🐓🐓


They were yummy! Hope to do that a few more times over the summer.