Set Back Saga: Recovery Mode

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As many of you know, I had another stroke at the end of March.

After a brief stay in the hospital, I was released on Easter Sunday and was well on the road to recovery. Two weeks later, I was back to work and feeling stronger every day.

I was following up on the aftercare doctor visits when I met the cardiologist that was responsible for prescribing my blood pressure medication. It only took five doses til the first signs of a reaction showed up. My left hand and wrist became painfully swollen. Then, at 4 a.m. I fell in the bathroom after very nearly passing out from lightheadedness. That fall also made my right foot and ankle as swollen and painful as my wrist. That led to my needing a cane to walk as I had a couple pet sit visits to tend to. By that evening, my right wrist was worse than the left and uncle-dan had to solo the visit.

This picture gives a general idea of the level of puffiness. My knuckles were invisible and my fingers couldn't bend without screaming at me.


First thing that Monday morning, we called the cardiologist to tell him the situation.

He said stop taking the med. (Duh... I already had after the fall.) He offered to prescribe a different med, which I declined at least til this reaction had been resolved. He didn't tell me to come in so he could see what was going on or even suggest I go to the ER to get checked out. He couldn't back away fast enough from me. Jerk. (For the record, he's fired and I have an appointment with a new doc soon.)

At that point, I called for an appointment with my primary care nurse practitioner. She was so concerned about the swelling, she made me go to the ER to check for blood clots - just to be safe. Still nothing to address the allergic reaction. After 10 hours in the ER, three X-rays, one ultra sound, a CT scan and a bag of fluids for dehydration, I was given an all clear for blood clots. Still no treatment for the reaction. As a matter of fact, the marathon ER visit rendered me totally 'locked up' the next day. I needed a walker to get around and couldn't even get up without assistance. It was so bad I taught myself to pee standing up, because I wouldn't be able to get up once I sat. Not a skill I'd imagined I'd ever acquire.

A week later, I had regained enough mobility to handle a car ride for another visit to primary care. Finally, I was prescribed a six day course of prednisone to tackle the allergy symptoms. That did the trick! I can now see all of my knuckles, and all the pain is gone except for a bit of residual stiffness in my left ring finger.

I re-started my therapy sessions today, too. One of my homework assignments is typing, so I hope to get back to posting on a more regular basis. Fingers crossed... and thrilled that's actually possible again!

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Sneaky, you did not tell me you were posting this today.

Well I can relate to some of this incl. the bathroom fall with injuries already.

It is nice to see you back on here, this was a good update.

Let us know how all the typing made you feel by tomorrow.

M2C told me you posted so I broke my night rules and came to see.


Yeah, it came together quicker than I expected. Was a bit tired after all the typing and went to bed. Took it at little easier today, too.

Glad the update was coherent. Sorry to hear you've been through the fall aftermath. Not fun at all!

Thanks for the resteem!

13 votes after 3+ hours? This needed a Resteem for you, so there it is.

Night Eddie.


Thanks, bud! Appreciate the help!

Oh my goodness, lady! Will the bad luck ever end?? I'm sending you lots and lots of love and good vibes. You're been on my mind for a while now. Thank you for the update!


I know, right?!?! Getting a little tired of dealing with this stuff. Good news is that I started back to work today. Easing into things & rebuilding my stamina...


Definitely take it easy! You don't need anymore setbacks. I look forward to hearing more from you when you feel like it. Get some rest. Lots of love your way!

Welcome back! You have really been "up the creek and over the mountain", as the Sacketts say. (Louis L'Amour books, in case you aren't familiar with them.) I do hope the worst is over, and there is improvement from here on!


I hadn't heard that saying before, but it's spot on! Thanks for the well wishes!

O boy always something. Hang in there.


I know, right! Thanks for the encouragement. It helps!

So glad to have you back. Knew something was going on, I know it will take some time to find a bp med that works for you. At least the PA was smart enough to send you to the ER. Going to resteem. @barrydutton has been worried about you too. You are going to have to teach @uncle-dan enough to let us know you are ok.

Welcome Home! 🐓🐓


Thanks! So good to be back and on the mend. My PA is a good listener, thankfully.

Good idea to have uncle-dan learn the basics. We might have enough time now to get to that even if I have to print out step-by-step instructions.

Appreciate the re-steem! I've sure missed y'all!


Back at you. We missed you too. 🐓🐓


TY again for sending this along M2C.

Resteemed also.

Glad to see you back. I am so sorry you have had all these setbacks. Your cardiologist should be shot. That is a very irresponsible way to treat anyone who is having a reaction like that to medication. I tell my kids that if I get sick, take me to the vets. My animals get good treatment!


Thanks! I concur on your conclusion of the cardio guy. At the very least he should have to deal with the symptoms I struggled through. Good point on the vet's approach. I'll keep that in mind next time!

whew so happy you are okay! thanks for the update. glad you got the meds sorted; that stuff can be so complex. much love <3


Thanks! It feels great to be doing normal stuff again. I'm not a very patient patient, as my docs found out. Lol!


haha understandable! by the way, i have that peeing standing up thing on lock ;) i like to do it haha! but usually do it better in a skirt or without pants on. but they do have these ;) <-- i have this model and it works :)


It's amazing what you can learn to do when the circumstances are right. Right on about pants being in the way. Clever little gadget as a solution for the situation. Might be worth the investment... Thanks for the tip!

Glad to have you back.. hope you're back tp 100% soon..

On a side note.. Doesn't it feel great to pee standing up.. wait till you learn to write your name in the snow.. 😁



LOL on my new skill! I'll settle for not hitting my shoes for now. Writing will be a graduate-level course.

Glad to see you back. So many doctors are worthless these days I hope the next one works out and cares. Take it easy and I hope rest of your recovery goes as expect. Hugs.


Thanks! Agreed on having to be careful choosing docs. The next one has good recommendations, so not going in blind like the last one. I'm hopeful.

I'm so happy to see you!! I hoped your health hadn't gotten bad. I'm so sorry you had to go through all that. and I got prescribed the same medicine. Amazing stuff. I broke out in a rash head to toe from poisonous periwinkles I messed with in the garden. The meds cleared it up in a few days. I'm glad you're typing again. The place isn't the same without @aunt-deb. I'm happy you're doing better and hope you'll be back.


Thanks! This was my first experience with Prednisone. Was amazed how fast it worked! Good to know you had a similar positive response. Didn't know periwinkles could do that either.

So glad to see the crew is still here. Missed y'all like crazy!