The Weekend Freewrite 4/8/2018 - Part 3 - The Dramatic Twist

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Weekend Freewrite

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Now comes your dramatic twist - the conflict.

Prompt 3

helping Charlene to prepare some of the meal

  • Write the twist as the continuation of your story
  • Set timer for 5 minutes
  • Write
  • Use #weekendfreewrite and #freewrite
  • Publish your piece
  • Paste a link to your freewrite in the comment section of this post.

What do you think? Do you like this weekend freewrite challenge. It does go a bit deeper than the one word or one prompt freewrite. A bit more challenging. But so much fun!!

This week’s prompts are taken from The Writer’s Toolbox.

I am presenting a three-part prompt one of the weekend days (my weekend). I will try for Saturday since some of you are many hours ahead of me. But often, my Saturdays are very busy - then, it will be on my Sunday.

Hope you are having fun with this!!

Remember, drop the link to your completed three prompt freewrite under this post.


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Wow this was a different turn for me. I must have gotten it from your stories @byn :-)

Boy, that first sentence was a difficult one. Thankfully, it inspired a wonderfully sweet and rewarding story! So unlike me, but you know I like to do the unexpected! :)

Meet Dr. House

Hahahaha, just kidding. It's morbid.

Adult themes for me again. It's not terribly explicit, but not for the faint of heart or easily offended.

Reader Discretion Advised

I am determined to visit every weekend freewrite this weekend! The prompts were crazy hard for me and I love seeing how different all the stories are! I am already AMAZED by the variety and quality of writing this week. Wonderful challenge!!!

I am so late... yeah... as usual haha. Better late than never right?...
This one was a little tricky but here goes....

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