Day 14: 5 Minute Freewrite - Prompt: Apricot

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A big welcome to our new freewriters @jewels3 @whatilearned @topkpop and @ackhoo

Today, let's all visit @f3nix and spread some of the freewriting love

Prompt: Apricot

  • Set your timer to 5 minutes.
  • Start writing
  • Publish your piece (include a link to this post if you wish)
    Use the hashtag #freewrite

Copy and paste your URL into the comment section of the prompt post.

  • Or, if you don't want to publish your freewrite, just copy and paste as a comment under the prompt post.

If you don't know what a freewrite is, her is a link to the introduction post:

If you like this and want more people to come out and play - resteem!

I wanted to tell you about @rexusmo He is running a “cheering up the minnows” project. You leave a link to one of your posts you think is pretty good in the comment section on his post. He chooses one to give some sort of a prize. Either a big upvote or a transfer of SBD into your wallet. Give it a try. The link is to yesterday’s post where I was announced as a winner :) Find today’s post. He chooses after 24 hours who gets the prize.

cheering up post

Also, I would love it if you all check out each others #freewrite and spread some love :) @improv

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Thanks @mariannewest for the mention and support. I really appreciate it.


thank you for what you do!!!

Ahhh, so nice to see the #freewrite project is growing :-)


I know!! I am blown away!! it has been 2 weeks and we are at 35 who have participated at least once :)

Thank you for the welcome!

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Here's my freewrite!

To answer your question,Whaleshares is a community that helps minnows. Here is the Discord link where they have live voice chats where you can share your work and they award whaleshares to people who attend their chats.
Great people there and in Minnow Support. Here: a great community which has all sorts of helpful channels and initiatives like Make A Minnow which I was nominated for and received for the month of October (1 month of 10,000 delegated steem!)

If you haven't joined either, its a great support unit.


Thank you!! Going to check them out. There are so many different discord channels that it can get confusing. Are you okay that I share this info in one of the upcoming prompts?

Yay! Here is mine. Thanks so much for hosting this!


Thank you for playing with us!! Great song....

Wow, seems I'm featured today and I'm in a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, being able to write only from my smartphone. What could I wish more? :-P Thank you @mariannewest ..when im home I'll make a freewrite with all the words that I lost!


haha . don't lose any words!!! We need them all :)

Not much to say about this one. But here it is -

Apricot - 5 Minute Free Write Challenge

This challenge is a toughie. Not much to say about apricots. They are super chewy when dried. I still don’t understand how they don’t rot when dehydrated, because they never get hard. Must be something to do with the sugar content. I like the color of the apricots flesh. That figures though because I love the color orange. I don’t see them that often at the store or maybe I just never look. It’s not a fruit I buy. I don’t think of them as typical American fruits.

I don’t like or dislike them. I guess they are a neutral in my life. Just like so many other things that we walk past on a regular basis and take no notice of and form no opinion. That’s what an apricot is to me. Sorta a nothing, yet, it has such wonderful properties to it. I hear it’s a mainstay in the Iranian and Turkish cultures. I wonder if that’s even true?


See, you had a lot to say about the Apricot :) And yes, it is true - eaten often in Turkey and Iran and many other countries. And the very orange dried Apricots have sulfur on them - that is why they are kind of soft and still don't rot. The untreated ones look a bit ugly - but are so much better for you :)


Ahh, I should have known something was put on them to keep that color. I'm more of an all natural girl, given a chance. Most fruit and vegetables don't look like the ones in the stores. Those truly are a select few :(


so glad you are joining us!!

Thank you for tagging me @mariannewest !


You are welcome!!

so here is my freewrite outcome for today - was fun again to do it!!!!

Do you pull these prompts out of a hat? Please tell me there is a hat filled with random pictures and words!


I have a spreadsheet. almost as good :) and it helps me to remember what day we are on. I do pull the prompts from my brain (hah), books, magazines, books on prompt writing, your guys' writing. :)
But I should get a hat and fill it with pics and words and such. We could do a video of the drawing of the word for the day..... Hmm. You are giving me ideas :)

This was so fun to pick a story to tell. It reminded me of Apricot with Hops- alot from the 1980's Strawberry Shortcake story books and cartoons.


Lol. You are so cute!!! thank you :)

A short one this time, but I only got a glimpse of an image.