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Apricot went to the store in her red yellow peach autumn colours. It was a great day, sunny sunwhine smelling goodness in the atmosphere.
she's looking for a plum to accent her colours. And by accent, I meant contrast.
Strolling, rolling, crawling, ballin'
Apricot found the shiniest purple pumpin plum
I thikn she's fallin'
For the best lookin bum
So she went up to him to jiggle,
but along the way, she got caught by a human!
And now she's a streudal
topped with cumin

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:D this was Great!! loved the ending. it made me smile and laugh! Thank you for that!


thanks! :)

hahaha - I started laughing when I saw the picture!! Strudel with cumin. hmmmmmmmm :)


Hehehe i'm glad it's funny :)