Strange Eats: Recipe: British Scrambled Eggs (And Competition!)

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A few days ago, I had the absolute worst scrambled eggs ever. It was dry and flavourless. It was a disgrace to all things eggy and holy. So, I decided I must teach her how to make it the way I like it. And since I was doing it anyway, I thought I’d share the recipe with everyone!
This recipe is based on Gordon Ramsay’s recipe. I didn’t know that there were multiple styles of scrambled eggs before making this dish (Someone in Team Malaysia pointed it out). After watching Jamie Oliver’s video, I found that the style I use is most likely the British style but my choice in consistency is closer to the French style (as it is runnier).


  • 3 Eggs
  • A teaspoon of Crème Fraiche
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Butter


  1. Pour your eggs into a non-stick skillet unbeaten. You do not want to beat your eggs before cooking as you are unnecessarily breaking it down.
  2. Insert a generous helping of butter to increase the velvety texture to the eggs.
  3. Turn on the heat and start stirring everything up. Eggs are very simple to cook but hard to master as they cook rather quickly. Thus, you’d want to take your pan on and off the heat frequently. When the pan is off heat, due to the low temperature eggs cook at, the egg is still cooking. You wouldn’t want to overcook the egg, making it dry. You also wouldn’t want to undercook it and make it a runny mess. The idea is that you want to cook it until you see some thickness in the egg but you do not want to make it too dry. For a visual reference, you can use the image above.
  4. After you deem the egg cooked, turn of the flame and add Crème Fraiche and seasonings. Then, stir and plate it. The reason behind only adding seasonings towards the end of the cooking is because if you add it before cooking, the eggs leave behind a grey watery substance and you’d want to avoid that.
  5. Serve the eggs with toast, mushrooms or dried cherry tomatoes. A few flakes of parmesan would also go great on top!


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It's all about the butter! Sadly I've gone vegan now and eggs and butter are the only things I miss.

Ah damn. I have tried vegetarianism beofre and hated. I can't imagine being vegan haha. What is your reason for becoming vegan?

Health reasons. Weight loss, and it's working :)

Scrambled eggs my favourite. mine is done without the creme though. and still it is nice! Because it is scrambled eggs.

Yeah I'm done!
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My favourite superhero is superman.

?? Results??

The results are coming out soon! My wifi was wonky yesterday :D

Yeahhh excited!!!!! Thanksss

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