Tortillas with Nutella and Bananas | Breakfast

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Good morning, friends!

Today I wanted to make a quick and tasty breakfast for my family. At home I had a few tortillas, as well as nutella and bananas. I decided to combine these ingredients together and get a nutritious and tasty breakfast.

It's very simple, you need to take the tortillas and put it on a plate. Add a few spoons of nutella to taste and pieces of banana.

Next you need to form a tortillas in a roll and then you can start enjoying a delicious breakfast. You can also cut a roll in half with a knife and then you can see a brilliant picture of a nutella and bananas.

In my house there are always such ingredients as nutella and bananas, which are always in the refrigerator and I think that I will often please my family with such a simple, fast and very tasty breakfast :).

I hope you enjoy my new idea of ​​making breakfast using only three ingredients that you can easily find at home.

I decided not to write today a cooking recipe, because everything is very simple and you decide how much you need to add a nutella and pieces of bananas on the tortillas :). Enjoy breakfast!

Bon Appetit!

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100

Thanks for watching and your time, I always appreciate it!

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Enjoy excellent day, friends!

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Excellent photo! And that looks delicious


Thank you so much!

It's look tasty. Did you ever tried this with white nutella or with coconut nutella? It' delicious!


Thanks :), no, but I think I'll definitely try!

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Excellent recipe.


Thank you so much!

Wow so amazing, you made me compel to make my breakfast like this. By the way good stuff of nutrition,now I try my best to make it....


Thank you :-), I'm glad that you start your morning with breakfast!


Always wlcm and tnxs to appreciate my words.

Thats an interesting combination. We get it here with crepe, but takes time to prepare it. So Tortilla is the easiest option and with Nutella just yummy :)

nutella and banana are highly recommended and the combination makes the thing even better


I agree with you! :-)


Brilliant idea 😍😍 @milaoz


Thanks :-)

How sweet food


Thank you :-))

This looks so delicious!


Thank you!

Read the ingredient label ;-)

Goood morning!

looks like a peace of heaven, thans a lot for share it girl

Nutella: one of the foods out there that can be put on anything

A great way to start the morning

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Nutella, Banana and Tortillas. What a simple yet delicious recipe. However, as far as nutrition is concerned, it is ok, not too nutritious.

& I must say, the pictures are really nice.