COOKED 11: Japanese Style Tomato Hot-Pot

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Hot-pot is fantastic especially in Winter!

There is a lot ways to prepare the broth for the Hot-Pot. You could do it  Sichuan Style and very hot or just use Hot water with same dashi etc.

I love Tomato Hot-Pot as it is prepared in 5 Minutes and is super tasty... Just buy a can of tomatoes and put it into your pot. Add water and some Soba Tsuyu and let it boil for 30 minutes. ( The tomatoes have to be pureed, so use something to puree it first)

Cut vegetables

Just check your fridge and use everything you have left

You can just use a normal pot and cook everything but having a Hot-pot machine for your home is the best for a Hot-pot Party ;)

You can basically add anything you want. leftover sausages, broccoli, tiger prawns, salmon etc.

After cooking everything for a while enjoy !

Prepare pasta at the end and buy some gouda cheese. Cook the pasta in the broth add the cheese 20 seconds before taking the pasta out and you get delicious soaked pasta. It tastes so good because the broth is so awesome after cooking all the vegetables and fish and sausages etc.

Last but not least, drink the remaining broth, it tastes so good, I would trade this for a Michelin Star Dinner anytime ;)

I often eat Hot-pot in Singapore or Thailand. I know it is not cold there, but the air-con is usually full power so it is kinda cold in the restaurants ;) So I recommend this dish for all countries where you have cold temperatures now. It will warm you from the inside!!!

How do you prepare hot-pot ???

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Can it be all vegetarian too?
In the last photo, it looks really delicious!

yeah no problem ! you can make it with vegetables only!
do you consider shrimp as vegetarian? or fish? o

No they are not even remotely vegetarian hehe

bummer. really? I have many"vegeterian" friends who eat fish ;)

oh then they are not "vegetarians" lol
and yes it is a bummer. Being a vegetarian deprives me of 70% of the world's delicacies. :(

well. you can do that nabe with vegetables only. it will be great too.
can you eat cheese?

you could eat fantastic stuff in japan . no need to eat anthing else than vegetables. most of my friend make an exception if they come to japan. they all try meat and fish in japan. even if they are vegan... (have some hardcore vegan friends.) but i convinced them to make an onetime expection and most of them eat a wagyu steak or great sushi and have tears in their eyes. but they say: what I eat in japan , stays in japan ;)

Replying here because there was no reply button on your last comment.
Yes, I can eat cheese. I love cheese :D
But I don't think I can ever try non-veg food. I'm too culturally and religiously brainwashed. I don't care about either, but the brainwash is still there. It's a typical thing in my culture.

well I totally agree. I know that you culture wont eat cow . well my culture does neither eat dog nor whaletor snake. well I tried them all and I have to say, once doesnt hurt. and if there is a god, a one time execption will be forgiven ;)