My 4 Month on Steemit (1000 Followers, My Reputation, Stats)

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I just wanted to say: THANK YOU !!!

4 Month ago I stumbled upon STEEM went up 1000%.... As everybody I started trading STEEM. After a while I started researching STEEM reading the Whitepaper again and again. My first blogposts which were text only earned 0 Cents per Post :)


I read every posts of the superstars of Steemit. I found one by @piedpiper which described in a video the best text to picture ratio so I researched more articles and after writing down the combined wisdom of 10 superstars of Steemit I came up with this post:

Steemit has insane numbers !!! Check this out

This post generated 7600$ and in the end the Payout was 5500 $... OMG this totally locked me in. Dan one of the founders of Steemit had voted my post so did other whales. I decided to give Steemit another 30days to see if I will be only a One Hit Wonder or if I could replicate this with another Post. 

Reality was harder than I thought...

My next posts earned a couple of $ but nothing close to that 5500$. After a while I got an article hitting 200$, 10$, 100$ so I still kept posting. Days passed and I realized that doing the same thing like others won't help me establish myself as a Top100 Writer.. So I started a series called " I travel the world" and this Series changed my Steemit Life forever! 

My 9th Post of my I travel the World Series got voted by a Whale named @smooth

From this day I had been put onto one of the Authors Lists everybody on Steemit is/was trying to get added to. 

If you are new to Steemit let me explain what happens once you make it onto an Authors List. A voting bot will start voting each of your posts (without checking your content).

Once I got onto @smooth list it clicked, I immediately saw the potential where this could take me but I felt a pressure that being on an authors list meant that I had to focus to only produce quality content which would benefit Steemit .

After a while I saw incredible rewards coming into my wallet, average 500-1000 SBD per day...

I was one of the guys who did not pre-mine, who had nothing and started blogging so I knew that being on a Authors List was a privilege and I decided to start helping others with the little fortunes which came in every day. 

I started to give 10% of my SBD earnings to random Steemit users which were producing fantastic content but only earned Cents for their Posts.

My first donations labelled as coffee money were send to @timsaid @capitalism @hagie @lordvader @bkk-shadow @sauravrungta @sykochica @gonzo @nekromarinist @tanata @mrs.steemit @soldier @curie (Combined I was able to donate over 2000 SBD) 

Being on a Authors list and being one of the trending authors helps you build up a reputation and everybody started knocking on my door (in Steemit Chat)

While my little giveback donation program was nice for making friends and a good reputation I was still not satisfied how un-equal the payment were split between the whales-loved authors and the rest of the authors. I saw others doing featured articles where a "successful" Author would publish a blogpost for an un-known author to help him gain followers and a high payout. The common deal was all liquid SBD goes to the author and the SP part stays with the publisher. While this system was criticized by many authors who were against featured posts the authors I featured were so thankful because one feature earned them more than 100 articles they wrote in their account. 

After a while Steemit introduced Re-blog a feature for promoting others Authors post to your followers. With that change featured articles were no longer needed on Steemit. 

Re-Blog is great but still doesn't solve a fundamental problem of Steemit: Good Authors not being seen by others....

With the introduction of Curie and Steem Guild a lot authors are getting attention and decent payouts. It is just a band-aid but at least for now it is great to see some of the guys I send coffee money to being supported by Curie or Steem Guild. I had helped the German community to grow by setting up a German channel in Steemit chat and with the help of @fabio and many others we were able to gather many bloggers into the German channel to support each other and help with post and other Steemit related stuff. 

So I was very happy to be able to announce that Steem Guild was extended to German content to and that with a team of volunteers we are screening all German articles. 

There is much more stuff  I am involved in but I don't want to bore you to death....

So let me just thank you for supporting me and once I hit 2000 followers I will post another update!!!

I am blogging about the following topics :


Good to see you've hit 73 and congratulations, come pass me soon please...

hi gavvet, It wont happen if you don't stop posting ;)
smooth still support 1/4 of my posts but I eventually post to many per day so its a bit random these days. so you will be the Reputation king of steemit ;) but I don't care about the rep score as it is just a number which has no impact on anything ;)

Precisely, it doesn't mean anything, but some make a big deal even though its just the result of an algorithm. However I post a lot less these days so you or eric or sirwinchester will pass me soon!!! and I will gladly hand over the torch.

haha ok! I will try my best to overtake you

4 months, such a long time!
While some might be here for 4 months, not many are as active as you are with your posts, projects, support etc!

So keep going, people like you will make steemit grow!

thank you! I can only say the same thing about you. sorry couldnt make it in hamburg my schedule didnt allow it! next time my friend!

Great post, following from now on too! ...And you sure get a small token of appreciation too, here's the upvote. Namaste :)

hello eric , appreciate the up-vote. there was so much more stuff I wanted to write but I am not @kevinwong writing 6hours on an article. ;) my concentration just sucks after 1 hour.. but happy that you are following me ! thank you!

Thanks for sharing. Somehow I've missed your posts in the small Steemit world. I just saw it linked in chat. Looking forward to more.
Isn't it funny how 4 months seems so long? I had to look to find out how long I'd been here, but I signed up 3 months ago and then let my account sit a bit before getting into it.

it is incredible how long 4month feel, hopefully the next 4 month will be even better for the platform

loving your posts. i travel a lot too (well not as much as you but still i think a lot) but here i post only cryptocurrency stuff as thats what people expect from me ;)

well post what you want to. there can't be enough travel posts!

You powered up 40 BTC? Wow dude. Nice!

yeah. I would be a whale if I invested that amount now....

Love your stuff! Continue to follow, a definite upvote and resteem! Keep up the great work! ♨😉👍♨

Tis' a tough trek to the reputational heights @knozaki2015; Godspeed you all the way home to a reputation of 75 :) YOU DESERVE IT! BEST OF LUCK!!

I won't be able to make number one, but spot 2 might be in close range ;)
but I would love to see the steemprice go up again, I would trade my reputation for a 36 rep if steem went up 10x

... and I'll join you 9 down the line at reputation 27 on that Steem x10 thing - AGREED!! :))

Congratulations my friend! And thank you! I have not forgotten you. When I arrive in your galaxy, you can join me and we can rule the galaxy as Sith Lord and guy he met on the internet.

Your accomplishment reminds me of when I force choked my 1000th dimwit. It was quite a celebration.

haha lordvader ;) you are the best man! I was really surprised to see your name in my donations excel... but well there was a time when you were a minnow too ;)

Epic! Your series definitely needs a way to be organized nicely into a page! I think everyone's active on Steemit generally feels like it has been forever lol! I always use @dots to reliably tell my time around here :D

Congrats man. Let's grow this baby.

yeah! hopefully steemfest will bring another push for the platform!

You were one of the guys that helped me finding my place at steemit. Your story is really inspiring, especially that you continuously help new and unknown users. In my opinion this spirit of sharing the success is making a big difference. Keep it up!

hi shortcut. thanks for your comment. Really loved the conversions we had via chat. but your posts are really worth something. so i am happy to see you around and being sucessful ;)

You are a class act! You have brought so much to this platform and its community members (including me). You are one of the most generous people I have ever encountered. Congrats!

Hello Han-Shot-First ;)
thank you for your kind words. It was so funny when we discovered that you were referring to HAN ;)

very nice post

thank you, steeemit opened up a new world for me. so I am trying to help others as much as I can...

Youre doing really well, thanks for sharing :)

as a brand new user i'm excited to join steem, i make digital courses on skillshare everyday that can be #donein20 - i make an active income of the courses i make from the platform each month, this however will fill another need i have. talking with other creators. i've missed that. i felt that social media had died and conversation with it. you bring me hope. thanks for a great post! :)

welcome to steem. I have been here only for 4 month, but I really made some friends here. social media was pretty dead to me, Facebook is just like a phone book for me... but with steem I saw the value in communitcationg with others online again ;)

absolutely felt that as soon as i started looking around. also, made me think about what connection really is, having a fresh set of eyes, different audience, fresh start. glad to connect. seems you make some awesome stuff on here.

woo! i want to level up my account too ! but i dont know how i cant find topics to create posts :C

good work !

just write about your normal every day!

How the hell did you join in July and have 73 lol

yes it is incredible.. as we speak I am number 2 rep.. insane

Great post!! I'm new to Steemit and this was very inforitive for a noobie like me. I have a post in the German channel, please check it out guys!

welcome elumni. if you have any questions contact me anytime in steemit chat!

Wowza! Congrats on achivements :D

thanks richman!

You are the best of the best )

nah to be honest there are maybe 5000 better writers than me on steemit, but none of them travels as much as me ;)

Thanks for the post and the info. What are these white pages you speak of? I'm new to steemit and trying to understand the system in which this community functions.....thanks again

you can find the whitepaper here! it's an interesting read .

Thank you so much for the response.

Greetings @knozaki2015【ツ】Love your posts! Cheers!

thank you so much.. so many kind words. I have to prepare my posts for today ;)

Extremely well-deserved! You're one of the most hardworking users on the site and I'm glad that you're reaping the fruits of your labor. Couldn't have happened to a nicer fellow. Keep on doing what you're doing!

thank you posting everyday is harder than many might think ;) but I got used to it and try to do my daily 4 posts..

I'd bet! Heck, I try to make at least one post a week, and even then I find it a bit difficult. What more for 4 posts a day! You are a machine :D

yeah, but the pressure to have to write 4 a day ;) imagine that ;)

Haha yeah! Hence my question whether you are a mechanical construct or still human ;)

some think I am an AI ;)

Great to see you at the top. You deserve it!
Also thanks for supporting countless number of people here on Steemit. You are a great inspiration of what people can be. Thank you a lot!!

P.S. I still remember when you sent me the coffee money. I was shocked! hehe

yeah you were holding not so much sp, I remember but I knew that you are one of the best writers on steemit ;)

Thank you for the kind words.... really! :)

I was looking trough your timeline and you can exactly see when things started to lift off. But it's not like this stuff comes for free, you wrote allot of articles before and after that 1 post. Some might have given up. You did not.

Scrolling trough I also come across your Doorstopper article. I remember that one. I thought (and still do) that thing is simple yet amazing.

I think what you have done for the community is great. Giving back 10% is such a beautiful gesture. You deserve your success and I hope you will create much more quality content in the future while helping others. The community needs persons like you to succeed,

thank you for your kind words. I was planning to make a list of my best articles and the doorstopper article is definately one of the best... anyway I will make one best of post soon ;)

I had just started to read your posts recently and I actually like them much. I am not traveling as much as you do, but I will definitely use your blog when aboard, in particular for what concerns restaurants (if you passed by the concerned city).

hi ! thanks for reading my blog ;) you can always contact me in chat if you are going somewhere specific. most major cities in the world I have been to in the past :)

I will definitely contact you for my next trips, although the locals are in principle already taking care of me from the morning to the night :)

Thanks for the kind offer!

I always enjoy your posts. Well done:)

Thank you! 4 month passed so fast.. .let' see what will happen in the next month

We're me must be getting old mate! Time keeps passing faster and faster:)

BTW I couldn't imagine Steemit without you. How will I know where to eat lol? Your photos have rekindled my interest in eating out.

well I have a bunch of fantastic new restaurants coming up. again collaboration with @mibenkito

Awesome and all I can say more is just :congratz @knozaki2015 on your progress !

thank you . I love steemit and I am happy to be part of this revolution ;)

Amazing!! You inspire me and I'm glad to be following!

thank you so much! I think everybody can make it on Steemit...!

This is a great, insightful article @knozaki2015. Can you link the 2000 followers update? Do you have any tips for minnows like me who are pumping out our best content even with smaller followings? Like is there a big brother adoption process? Wouldn't that be awesome?

I know this post is pretty old but it is amazing and i just saw the link in another posts. first of all thanks. it helps to understand and congratulations!

i was wondering how the travel community is organized on the platform? i will start traveling in two weeks and wondered how to best connect with other travel or if there's a discord channel?

thank you!

Wow, so you are one of those who succeeded on steemit without buying in to Steem? I haven’t gotten anywhere near $1000 for a post. My best payout was $200 and I’ve been chasing that ever since. After 3 months of serious steeming (and 3 months of not so serious steeming), I have brought my average post payout from $1 to $5. That’s exciting enough, but I hope to keep it up and be able to make a living from steemit since I met able to do what I love to do here, connect, share ideas and build community. I also hope to grow bigger and start passing out some Steem to struggling minnows.

It was really a privilege to get there, congratulations. There is something that I liked about this publication and it is very true, there are many very good publications but they are not very seen by others, so they only receive cents, it happened to me but little by little I was seen more, well, I made a very good one article called THE SLEEP OF A CHILD and a whale liked my publication and shared it and became much more than normal <3. If you can, I would like you to read it at some point

Hey! I just got linked here from your recent post and wanted to say WOW. I'm so impressed by the way you conduct yourself on steemit and your dedication too. You've inspired me to start a series of articles! Thank you. I'll start this tomorrow.

I was amazed to see how big shot like you started the Steem journey. Even more interested in how you spotted this gem that early. I have to stop comparing my achievement to you at the same timeframe on Stemm haha.

@knozaki2015 congrats on being on here for over two years!

If you were to give one piece of advice to newbies on the platform, what would it be?

I only discovered Steemit a couple of months back and have just posted my first post, so I'm excited to get to know the community and building great content together.

Congratulations on what you have achieved from below until now which has become great.

And once again thank you for your help so far to help beginners like us, hopefully you become number 1 @knozaki2015,2016

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