Finish The Story Contest - Week #57!

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A contest with a pot of 10 STEEM, 10 @steembasicincome shares & 1000 SNAX? You're in the right place!

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Welcome dear writers, to our 57th edition through the wondrous depths of imagination! It's your resident squirrel, @Brisby, with the pleasure of hosting you again this week! I'm sure you're all eager to begin the next challenge so I'll ignore the manticore at the door so that we can get to it!

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What treasures await within the @Curie & @Crowdmind enhanced Bananafish chest?

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3rd place: n. 2 STEEM & 200 SNAX tokens

Popular vote: n. 7 @steembasicincome shares
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Best comment: n. 3 @steembasicincome shares.
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  • Use the #finishthestory tag.

  • Try to post your story as early possible and not at the last moment (or after the results! argh!) to give people chance to read yours before they vote

  • Respect the dreadful 500 words limit! o_0

  • Help our contest & workshop to grow by giving it some visibility and consider linking back to this post in your entry.

Without further ado, good luck, brave storytellers.



by @Brisby

Shiro paid the street vendor for his lemonade, unfazed by her curious glances to the glove on his hand. Any other day, he would have answered the unspoken questions of the smiling woman with a light quip. A bit of banter went miles in getting people to overlook his many...eccentricities.

Today though, he couldn't muster anything witty. Throngs of people were milling about the square, mindless to those who were in a hurry. His quick errand run had become a snail-paced slog behind wandering looky-loos. The brown jacket he wore was sodden thanks to the blistering bake of the summer sun. He'd give anything to shed his sweaty layers but the memories of what had happened the last time...

Compounding his exhaustion were his ever-present traveling companions. Their desperation for his attention had begun fraying his nerves since he left home. Ignoring their antics and way they clung to him had worn his energy to a hair's breadth. Sheer obstinance was all that kept him from screaming at them in the middle of the crowd.

Shuffling aside to savor the crisp drink in the shade of the over-sized umbrella, Shiro felt something crunch beneath his heel. Dammit! Whatever he had broken, it sounded expensive.

Behind him a voice shrilled, "You're paying for that!"

Shoulders slumping as he fingered his wallet, he turned. "Sorry! I didn't know...", his voice choked to a halt. Not because the person was intimidating. The blonde slip of a girl glaring daggers at him wouldn't have been able to frighten a hamster. Nor was it due to her beauty, as she had been graced with an unfortunate nose.

It was the reaction of his companions that stole his breath.

Gone were the shadowy undulations and static flickerings who had doggedly followed Shiro since he was a child. What remained were swirling vortices of crimson and pitch. Amorphous, they writhed. They wailed. The air thickened with the depth of their need.

Without warning, unctuous tendrils sprang. Shiro cried out but it was too late. Oozing with hunger, his companions snaked to envelop the girl. Her wide hazel orbs rolled to the heavens before she collapsed to the ground.


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Join the fun! Here is how this contest works:

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  • You finish it with your own post (use the #finishthestory as your first tag) or a comment in the comment section. A limit of 500 words is recommended.

  • WIN 10 STEEM, 10 @steembasicincome shares & 1000 SNAX to the writers with the best endings.

The submission deadline: Wednesday - July 10th, 11:00 PM EST (U.S. East Coast time zone). Results will be announced on Thursday - July 11th, 11:00 PM EST (U.S. East Coast time zone). You may vote your favorite story until the results are out!

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Here's my take on the prompt. Fun stuff.

In you swoop to claim first blood again, Dirge! 🍻 I love to hear that you had fun with the prompt, thank you.

from the pen.gif

First Blood for @dirge!

This one is a winner! Go Read.

I wasn’t sure if I’d get to this one and then inspiration hit:

Now with 11% more words than legally allowed! Fight me.

Our potassium deity is mightily pleased that you were inspired!

Banana knife fight.gif
#1 rule for fights - Always pack a banana! 😂

Thank you, Maparari! 🤗

creepy bloom.gif

That fuzzy squiggly knows how to write an ending i just can't bear to miss out on. (I mean you all do really, but shhh puns haha) Shiro has one form, and one form only. And i was so happy this opening made it possible for Shiro to be that <3

This was another opening that set up so much to be answered, and left it loose enough for those answers to take the story many different ways, there is a real art to these opening, not just in telling a wonderful story that shows off your beautifully intricate and varied writing skills, but that provides a gift to your fellow writers in something that is peppered with loose ends that could go anywhere, words with such different possible meanings that allow for box pushing interpretation, and a setting with just the perfect balance of detail and blank space, every week we manage something that just too alluring not to finish. The bananafish is soaring with such a skilled sextet, providing us with weekly prompts that all reach this impossible bar, and it shows in the endings!

not sure this one should really count (edit: because i more reexplained the last bit of the opening than ended it lol so i understand if it doesn't count as an ending and also get if saying that i wasn't sure if it counted disqualified me and sooooo not panicking now hahaha) but it was plenty of fun, and a bit of a fever dream, thank you for this wonderful opening and being able to join in


The squiggle is beary happy that you found it irresistible! (Thank you for your sweet words but I'm dying here as I blush furiously on a hot day! We are truly blessed with the talents in our tribe!

polar bear fishing gif.gif

Always glad to have you riding along with us, Sarez! Thanks!

riding in cars dog.gif

Vote your favorite story here!

My vote goes to @sidequest as he promised me that I will be allowed to become an emotional toothpaste (and, if not, I still may join the salesforce).

A hard choice but the fairytale aspects of @agmoore's Ravenous really did it for me.

Happy to have you joining us again, Angelro!

thanks a bunch banana.gif

Thank you...It would not have happened if not for you...and thanks to you too...and I would be happy if it can be considered at least OK to read

Have a nice day

Sweet! Thanks, Darthgexe!

gloved hoof.gif

My squirrely heart flutters in joy to read from you again, Gaby!

Hi @brisby, What a challenge! Not accustomed to horror, but this was high-class horror. I thought of Poe and tried to get into the mood.

Good luck with the contest and good luck to everyone

You've me stuck blushing and grinning doofily with your compliment, Agmoore! 🤗Thank you so much for both that and for your story. (I love that you combined your story with your LMAC entry!)


The spirit of Poe is alive :), and really creepy!

😆😆😆 Exactly.

Love the contest!
Here the link to my entry

We love hearing when people are having fun and enjoying our contests! Thank you for that and for playing along with us. 😎

banana duckie.gif

Will you ever finish the Banana-gifs? Maybe that will be the sign of a potassium apocalypse.. We should build a legend or a prophecy around this 🤔

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