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Bananafish is an account created by @f3nix for serving as a reference and connection point of the Steemit community that is expanding around the Finish the Story contest.

The name comes from a story by J. D. Salinger, A Perfect Day for Bananafish, and recalls a mythical fish that some characters propose to catch.

For us, the Bananafish wants to represent an ideal in the "sea" of Steemit, populated with plankton, redfish, minnows, dolphins and whales. An ideal of content quality, fair and friendly participation, sharing, growth of accounts on a human and social level, before than economic.

Looking for the "bananafish", that is the Steemian optimum, we hope to build a solid and fertile community of creative ideas, founded on friendship and respect.

For this reason, the Bananafish account proposes itself as the leader of a vote trail and feeds its Voting Power with SP delegations, moreover, it owns a dedicated channel on Discord, in which the members of the community can chat with each other and keep informed about what's in the pot.


How to follow the Bananafish vote trail

What is a vote trail?
A vote trail is an automatic voting system, with which many accounts vote for the same posts as a lead account.

What is voted by Bananafish?
At the moment, the Bananafish trail only votes for posts containing entries in the Finish the Story contest. Votes to comments are excluded from the trail for technical reasons, and Bananafish will not vote for other content so as not to disperse the valuable VP of trail participants.

Why follow the trail?
Following the trail is a great way for community members to vote for all participants in the Finish the Story contest, without fear of losing sight of someone, even if they stay away from Steemit for a while.
In this way, all participants in the contest, both the "official storytellers" veterans and the newcomers, can receive consideration and upvotes from the whole community.

How to add your account to the trail?
The suggested way to add yourself to the Bananafish trail is to use SteemAuto.

Registration on SteemAuto is done via SteemConnect and is therefore absolutely secure.
Once registered, the steps to follow are the following:

1- Click on "CURATION TRAIL", third menu item on the left of the screen

steemauto 1.png

2- Type "bananafish" (without @) in the "Search for a trail" box

steemauto 2.png

3- Click "FOLLOW" in the pop-up window that opens

steemauto 3.png

4- Click "Settings" always in the central window

steemauto 4.png

5- Configure the desired settings.

IMPORTANT! The mythical Bananafish does not want its followers to dispel all their valuable VP reserves, so we recommend setting "scale voting weight" and a desired percentage.
In this way, the voting weight of your account in the trail will scale proportionally to the total VP of Bananafish.
For example: if you have set up your voting weight at 50%, with a 100% Bananafish VP, your vote will actually be 50%; but if Bananafish votes many times and his VP is reduced to 50%, your vote will be 50% of this 50%, then 25%!

steemauto 5.png

6- Save settings! Done!

Bananafish hint:
please note that subscribing to SteemAuto also offers other very useful features, first of all the possibility of SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS, which is undoubtedly very useful.


Delegate SteemPower to Bananafish

Bananafish feeds on the SP delegated by his community friends. The more SP he receives in delegation, the more his vote will have a value. Vote that will be exclusively used to vote the contents of the members of the community itself.

So, the more generous will be the friends of Bananafish, the more this generosity will come back in the form of precious votes to their posts and their comments.

Currently, the following accounts have delegated 50 SP each: @f3nix, @brisby, @calluna, @cyrusemerson, @marcoriccardi, @maverickinvictus, @raj808.

Thank you, generous friends! The divine Bananafish fills you with blessings!

How to delegate SteemPower to Bananafish?
Obviously, no one is forced to delegate SP and no one in the community will be treated differently depending on whether she has delegated or not, or how much she has delegated. Bananafish loves everyone unconditionally!

If you want to share the generosity of the friends mentioned above, there is a very easy way to delegate SP: subscribe to SteemWorld! Once registered, the steps to follow are these:

1- Click on "BALANCES", second menu item on the left of the screen


2- Click on the "Delegate SP ..." box next to the "Vesting Shares" row


3- Insert "bananafish" (without @) to the third line ("To Account")

4- Enter the amount of SP to be delegated (for example 50.000, to the third decimal place) in the fifth row ("Amount (SP)")

5- Click "OK"! Done!


Bananafish warning:

  • If you want to withdraw the delegated SP, you have to redo the procedure above, inserting "0.000" at step 4
  • ATTENTION: Steemit returns the delegated SP in 7 days; recovery is not immediate!
  • If you want to increase the SP that you have previously delegated, you have to redo the procedure above, inserting the new TOTAL value of SP delegated at step 4 (for example: you have delegated 25 SP, now you want to delegate another 25 SP; redo the procedure and insert "50.000" at step 4).
    Bananafish hint:
    also SteemWorld offers other useful features for following the progress of your Steemit account, through a lot of data.
    I use it every day!


    Discord channel dedicated to the Bananafish community

    Last but not least, come and have a chat with us by clicking on the invitation below:


From the unfathomable depths of the Bananafish realm, that's all for now! Let’s grow together! Have a nice day!


One day, I will say: I was there when it happened.

One day I will say: @gwilberiol was writing with us! :-P

I've added myself to your trail!

Thank you @anixio! Especially for being part of this from the first time ;-)

That's the utopia beneath the contest. Moreover, "Nine Stories" by Salinger - the book from where the bananafish pops out - is a short stories collection (really!?), which is exactly what we do here. You know, Marco, there are media agencies that for a so-called "brand identity" ask good money .. oh wait, I'm not suggesting you to bill me.. no, NO, NOOOO..yearghhh....blurp..

300+ hours of web and social media marketing class have left me something, right?

..look at him bragging out! :-D

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