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RE: Finish The Story Contest - Week #57!

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That fuzzy squiggly knows how to write an ending i just can't bear to miss out on. (I mean you all do really, but shhh puns haha) Shiro has one form, and one form only. And i was so happy this opening made it possible for Shiro to be that <3

This was another opening that set up so much to be answered, and left it loose enough for those answers to take the story many different ways, there is a real art to these opening, not just in telling a wonderful story that shows off your beautifully intricate and varied writing skills, but that provides a gift to your fellow writers in something that is peppered with loose ends that could go anywhere, words with such different possible meanings that allow for box pushing interpretation, and a setting with just the perfect balance of detail and blank space, every week we manage something that just too alluring not to finish. The bananafish is soaring with such a skilled sextet, providing us with weekly prompts that all reach this impossible bar, and it shows in the endings!

not sure this one should really count (edit: because i more reexplained the last bit of the opening than ended it lol so i understand if it doesn't count as an ending and also get if saying that i wasn't sure if it counted disqualified me and sooooo not panicking now hahaha) but it was plenty of fun, and a bit of a fever dream, thank you for this wonderful opening and being able to join in



The squiggle is beary happy that you found it irresistible! (Thank you for your sweet words but I'm dying here as I blush furiously on a hot day! We are truly blessed with the talents in our tribe!

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