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Tell A Story To Me,

Oh The Endless Possibility,

Let Your Imagination Run Free

And Maybe Win Some SBD!

Welcome to Tell A Story To Me in the @bananafish realms! We are back baby - with another round, positively splashing with possibility, and swimming with potential!

The Prizes

First Place - win 5 SBD

Second Place - wins 3 @steembasicincome shares

Third Place - 2 @steembasicincome shares

All entries will also receive a 100% @bananafish upvote and resteem

Popular Choice & Voters Prize - Popular Choice wins 1 SBD and 2 @steembasicincome shares - once this round closes I will release a list of all the entries and everyone will be given the chance to vote there. Lucky voters will also win!

Thoughtful Prompt Fulfillment - 200 SNAX to the entry that fulfills the prompt in the most creative/imaginative/unexpected way (Edit: Now x 2!)

Round Four

tell a story final.jpg

Artwork by Mad Uncle Studios


1. One Entry Per Person, written for this contest, and inspired by the prompt
2. Prose, poetry, any form of fiction is accepted, as long as you tell me a story based on the prompt
3. Contest closes Midnight Eastern Standard Time (the end of the day) on Monday 15th July (That gives you two weeks to enter)
4. Use the tag #tellastorytome
5. One picture only
6. Link back to this contest somewhere in your post.
7. No min length and aim for under 4,000 words
8. Post a link to your tale in the comments below

The Prompt

I am looking for a science fiction/horror/fantasy (fiction of any sort) story set in a future where oceans have already risen and covered most of the land.

I want to hear a story set at some point in the future where sea levels have already risen and covered most of the continents creating a mainly water covered world. I would like the story of life, either on, under, or along side the ocean. Your story could be fantasy, horror, scifi, post-apocalyptic, utopian/dystopian speculative, environmental, steampunk, pirate-esque, or as realistic as you like - as long as it’s fiction, there is just no limit on the genre! The perspective you chose and the story you tell is entirely up to you, your story doesn't even have to be anchored to this timeline, or even humanity if you really want to push the boat out! I would like a fictional story set in the future featuring life on a mainly water covered world. This could be the focus of your story, or it can be the background setting in which your story plays out, let your imagination run wild!


The Bananafish Tribe!

Tell A Story To Me is part of the @bananafish family, we run a selection of regular contests! All writers are welcome so give us a follow for your fiction fix! #finishthestory is out with a week 56 open for entries.

A special thanks to @gwilberiol, @dirge, @tristancarax, @theironfelix, @raj808, @brisby, @maverickinvictus, @cyemela, @marcoriccardi, @hidden84, @calluna, @oivas, @ntowl, @f3nix,, @khasa @vdux and @blueeyes8960 who's precious delegations make these projects a reality!


Woo yeah! Water World! @calluna here, can you tell I have been feeling the classics recently? I had three ideas for this round, and another contest went a little close to, and then an entry last round got a little close to another, but don't worry, they remain on the list for another time, and very grateful for it being easy. Hopefully fate conspired in your favor, and maybe this hot summer has you all equally dreaming of watery drifting... and maybe a little speculative pondering down this very train of thought..

I really can't wait to see what you come up with for this one. It is one I have had on the list for list for a long time. I love these forward-looking ones, and in the end, I am very glad we landed on this prompt. Good luck! (Not that you guys need it, with your amazing creativity <3)

Don't forget to include a link in the comments!

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Hi @calluna! I always desired to participate in your Tell A Story To Me, but I never had the time to sit down and write a good story, then translate it in a decent English... never had the time until now!

I'm very happy! Here it is:

<3 oh! Yey! So very honoured you have managed to join us marco! I very much can't wait to get into this, i am more than sure it was worth the wait, I very much know what it's like not to have time, and I am so very happy that you made it for this <3

If you ever need an amateur to help a little with you English, if I have the time, I’ll help you out.

Thank you, Tristan! If you notice something I could improve, feel free to tell me, even if I already posted!

I usually shy aware from making suggests, but since you opened the door, I might do it from time to time.

@chireerocks as always you bring such a wonderful gift of poetry, so very happy to have you with us again <3

Thank you so much for your blessful words. Have a peaceful time ahead and stay blessed.

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I like your poetry-like entry! I hope some other will accept the challenge, we are currently like the last two Highlanders (or Mohicans, or whatever...)

Let's hope for the best. Have a great time ahead.

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Nice prompt, @calluna, one I can sink my oars into :)
Just finished a monster blog that took my back 25,000 years. It'll be nice to look into the future, for a change.
I am resteeming.

I just adore a little future speculation, I can't wait to see where the tides take you! <3

Water World ... ok ... thinking ... thinking ...

Ooooo!!! Now you have me excited! I very much hope you have chance to come up with something! <3

Working on it, right now, bit by bit ...

Awww wooo yeh! So very glad you've made it!

Who knows I come up with something

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Oh gaby, now just look at that title! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

Finally, my watery blog :)
Couldn't think up a story...kept coming up dry (ha ha). So I tried to write a bit of verse. Best I could do this time around. It was great fun to stretch those creative muscles, as resistant as they were.
Here's my entry:
And Not a Drop to Drink...