IGNIS Could Ignite a Trend Reversal!

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IGNIS/ETH is very close to the Apex, the point at which the two triangle lines intersect. The retracement thus far has also been 78% or 0.78 Fibonacci level. Yes, a rather deep retracement; but just as no coin can go up forever, a correction does not last forever either. This means that at terminal ends of corrections, one can a reversal and one should be occuring for IGNIS/ETH.

Once that resumption of the original up trend occurs, the below Elliott Wave scenario shows potential wave 3 target at 0.071 ETH and wave at 0.0798 ETH.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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I'm not even sure what this coin is all about.

Guys, this is your chance to buy EOS!!!

That is a text book Apex lol Can't wait to see it break out lol Im ready for it!

Good thing Bittrex hasn't given it out yet! HODL!

Until then, here's a trade in the mean time on Steemit.com with +100& profit potential.

Screenshot 2018-01-14 at 2.33.29 PM.png

Sys is in 4k-6k range for weeks ! I got tired and sold !

do we still have the chance or it lost the opportunity

I’m still waiting on my ignis airdrop from Bittrex...... jeez I’ve been waiting forever

Yes! If really felt like forever.

Have you gotten your ignis yet?

any luck? woulndt be Worth much though...

Ha first

Excellent info.

Oh man, you're a funny guy Haejin.

well post in ethereum i like it thanks for shearing

I'm an avid follower of Haejin, I bought into Ignis Futures weeks ago when Haejin called, it I followed quite blindly, Ignis has two different variations, The Futures that are being sold on HITBTC and ignis the coin being sold on other exchanges, Be wary, Ignis is apart of the nxt network which have been having countless issues in regards to maintenance and changes of their coins on various exchanges with their updates, I personally made ignis dip down harshly and its been struggling to get back up, don't believe me? i've got screenshots of me selling at a loss to jump onto other bandwagons, Trade at a high risk with ignis,

At this moment, etherium is best crypto to hodl.

Nope USDT or USD is!

The only pegged crypto worth holding longer than 24 hours is bitUSD. Tether could collapse at any second. bitUSD is always backed by a minimum of 2:1 collateral.

@cannonball6 The site of Tether gives me other information. Do you know more than me about this?
.......and that's a serious question, not a sarcastic one.

@cannonball6 Thanks for the warning. I just checked some you-tube vids about it and they are warning about it. So then the most safe way would be BTC/USD on Bitfinex?
Now I took NEO as a "safe heaven". Only one of a few coins that's keep showing us a upward trent.

Sorry for the late reply. Short answer is I don't "know" anything. I just think there is enough smoke that there might be a fire too. If some of the speculation out there is true, it is a huge problem waiting to happen. In contrast, bitUSD is absolutely backed with a minimum of 2:1 collateral, through a smart contract, and is an effective (accurate) peg to the $ (they also have bitCNY, and others too). I would love to see wider adoption, or else just greater volume on the Bitshares DEX. I do think that is a matter of time.
In terms of other safe havens...I would have suggested DASH because it seems to me it did better in the last couple of corrections, but not so much this time...

Oh yeah, Bitfinex, and basically all the exchanges I use (Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex, Kucoin) all use Tether for their $ exchange, even if it isn't obvious.

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We are still waiting for our IGNIS airdrops at HITBTC, anyone have any news on IGNIS release?

Muy buenos tus análisis, gracias

Wait, let me sell my coins... (once I sell, these coins will hit the mooooooooon!)


Amazing information about the EThereum though i know am not into its trade but for the main time i have observed how people chase after i guess its value is much more that i can understand. I remember how bitcoin started it was a hell full of attraction but it has its position now and am just a speculative buyer,waiting for much increase in value then u sell but from what u have seen recently bitcoin is not a an expected side but i hope it bouncr back to a better peak. Thanks for the info 🖒🖒

thanks, your post! have a nice day.

Wow que complejo aun me falta muchísimo.

I have 400 ignis from the recent airdrop and honestly got no idea what to do with them. It's only traded on HitBTC exchange, which I don't trust much. May be if it gets added to some bigger exchanges I can see the prices going up.

.............and be aware most of the coins produce a @haejin bubble!

Haejin Haejin! The great cryptoanalyst! Sometimes i wonder how long it takes you to put your post together. You really do put a lot of work into this and that is why you get rewarded for hardwork. Keep up the good work and am following up in your steps!

exactly the law of nature 'what goes up must come down' in these sense, NO COIN CAN GO UP FOREVER

so trade wisely and with caution too

This is ignis futures not ignis. You cannot trade at this price. The actual price of ignis is actually like 70 cents

I hope so 😌

Excellent post friend. You have my vote and I hope to have you soon by my blog maybe you can support me with your vote. Greetings

Muy bueno .

let's see tomorrow

I really respect your knowledge and work but I noticed your predictions are always predicting coins going up drastically. Do you ever have bearish predictions?

most shitcoins are bullish in the long term, especially if you look at chart analysis. Plus most people are interested in what potentially could bring them profits. You shouldn't throw your money at anything @Haejin mentions, chart analysis is helpful, but you need to do your own research into the technology and roadmap before you invest.

I completely agree with you. I like to do my own research on the coins I'm investing in. Most important for me is, team behind the project and their use cases.

and don´t ever follow a haejin advice:


Or just do opposite of what he recommends...

Check back for corrections - Monero was one.

good post dear thanks for sharing

Be carefull and wait wat the coin does after it reaches the end of the triangel. In a bullish market it mostly goes up. In this bearish market changes are very big it drops after the end of the triangle. Just give yourself some time and buy in very carefully. It's better to get less profit than to loose some money!

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Hi, do you have any comment on ICO?


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Everyone complaining about losing money on NXT and IGNIS need to realize that you only lose money if you sell. price will go up again. @haejin great post though...!

Nice post I like it friend.

Anyone have a trust worthy website I can buy this currency from?

Thanks sir discuss about the cyptocurranec ..I always read your blog.waiting your next post.

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thanks, very useful information as a consideration to predict the rise and fall of digital currency.

Loving eth more than btc, Eth will moon more after retracement @haejin

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this poo definitely stinky! smell that? its bullshit.

and he only votes on himself!! not you ignorant followers!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

and he only votes on himself!! not you ignorant followers!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

and he only votes on himself!! not you ignorant followers!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

could you update this with a btc chart? it's trading on bittrex as a btc pair now. thanks @haejin.

i hope ignis can be best coin in 2018
lose much money for ignis T_T

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

With its previous all-time high $IGNIS is such a great buy!