Ethereum (ETH): The Short & the Long of It....

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Yesterday, I had posted this chart with an ABC decline projection. It's almost there and for now, the cluster of support in the blue circle seems to be holding. I have updated the MACD which is likely to dip a bit more and then turn up. Price also probably has a little more dipping to do.

The longer term chart below was also posted yesterday and how much has changed? Pretty much none. The purple wave 2 is still in progress and the red ABC is trying to finish up. However, the correction is a bit too quick. Remember the "Hurry UP & Wait" syndrome because corrections are almost never very quick. So, the current ABC could be the subwaves of the actual higher degree of trend wave A and a B bounce is to come. What does one do during these kind of corrections? Nothing! Quite often, for traders, you become your worst enemy. You constantly feel like you have do this, do that and do everything...until you have a pile of do do's. Patience and discipline go hand in hand.

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Yes totally agree with that we have to be disciplined and must have patience. No need of hurry up and wait. @haejin

ETHER TO EASILY HIT $2500 BY THIS FALL. troll can say whatever non sense or BS but it will do so. just wait and watch. any buy now will pay off big.


With (EOS ico) selling billions USD worth of ETH at the same time ?

Price to hight i can't buy


ethereum can be broken down just like bitcoin

You can buy a portion of ether


this time it´s perfect, you´re recovering to soon, ETH is a hit

waiting for ETH looks like the decline is over and going up .. please correct me if i'm wrong

hi friends greetings from Venezuela, very good post, I liked the image very much, I would like to have a little more time with this borrowed computer, to make a better constructive criticism, but I will be giving my contribution with my vote and this short comment of his post, nothing more to say his amgo always @manduto are wanted 🙌

@haejin, Thank you for the work done and your schedule with the forecast.

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people said that ETH hi $2500 and more; it´s the perfect coin that we need to invest

thanks for this awesome article.


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