ETHEREUM (ETH): Bearish Pattern Complete & Confirmation is Next Step

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As discussed before, here is the bull flag price channel that Ethereum (ETH) has been patterning out now for the past week or so. The overall Elliott Wave count still shows ABC as likely (blue). The subwavse have been entered to show more detailed progression. Blue C wave has thus far likely completed red A in five wave strokes (white). This means that red B wave bounce is expected before the C wave decline.

Here is the longer term perspective. This correction is a requisite because the blue five wave impulse had completed. The fractal of actionary to reactionary waves can't be broken. It's a healthy correction. What does one do at the terminal end of a correction?

Last week I had introduced the developming Head & Shoulders Top pattern. Well that pattern is now complete. To me, all patterns have two stages, it needs to complete and the confirm. This H&S will confirm if price declines below the neckline (blue). The minimum trajectory is around $481 or so which isn't too different from the C wave target.

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What do you think XRP is likely to do next? I'm seeing a completion of a downward wedge with a retracement to 0.786 ($0.57) and possibly a bull wick even lower. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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Thnx! In the first picture, why do you draw a 3-wave to C? Shouldnt that be a 5 wave structure?

I think we may be finished with the correction. I see a double zig zag with an extended flat.
ETHUSD 5-16-18.png

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

No offense but the proportions and structure make that a horrible count. I don't think Haejin's is right either but his structure makes sense. Your W-X-Y might as well be impulsive, not sure why you would turn that into a double three with a bizarre flat pattern.

We will see.

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