Register Before June: Your EOS and eosDAC Will Freeze Forever!

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If you own EOS or eosDAC ERC20 tokens, please, take this post seriously. Failure to register your Ethereum addresses which hold these tokens with a valid EOS public address could mean you lose a lot of money or make it difficult to access.

EOS and eosDAC tokens exist right now on the Ethereum blockchain. Both of the ERC20 contracts for these tokens have code in them to ensure transfers will not function after a certain date. For EOS, that's June 2, 2018 11:59PM UTC. For eosDAC, that's June 1st, 2018 11:59PM UTC. If you don't know what time that is for you, use a tool like

You might be wondering, "How can I know for sure what time these tokens will freeze?" Good question! Don't take my word for it. Go explore the token contracts yourself. Here's the code from eosDAC as an example:

So now that I've convinced you your ERC20 tokens will be frozen forever, what do you need to do? For both EOS and eosDAC, you need to have a valid, registered EOS address connected to your Ethereum address. That way, when the EOSIO mainnet launches, whatever ERC20 tokens you had will be credited to the registered EOS address. This will work for both EOS and eosDAC tokens. Follow the steps outlined below and you should be all set.

Please, ensure that you've securely backed up your EOS address private key and are practicing good security basics. This is really important! Episode 3 of Understanding Blockchain Freedom can help.

Step 1: Check your Ethereum Address

To see how much time you have left to register your EOS tokens and to check if they are registered already, visit Take note, eosDAC tokens freeze one full day before the EOS tokens do.

Scroll down a bit to the form on the left and put in your public Ethereum address where your ERC20 EOS or eosDAC tokens exist:

If you're already registered, you should see this:

If you do, you're done! Just make sure you get all your EOS and eosDAC ERC20 tokens into that address before June. Please, do not wait until the last minute. If the Ethereum network gets clocked up, you may end up paying a lot of money in fees to move things around. If you stored EOS and eosDAC tokens in multiple addresses, be sure to check them all.

If you're not yet registered, move on to step 2:

Step 2 ( Method): Generate an EOS Private Key and Public Address

The best approach is to use the official website to create your EOS address and private key. You can view walk-through images like this or posts like this on how to do this. Since many reading this are in the United States, EOS does not allow access to their ICO for those in the United States, and I do not recommend using a VPN to pretend you are not in the United States, read on for alternatives.

Step 2 (Nadejde Github Method): Generate an EOS Private Key and Public Address

You can use this Github code which is a slight modification from the official EOS Github repo:

The first question you should be asking is, why should I trust this random Github repo? Well, you shouldn't! But, I'm going to show you how you can, if you look over what changes were made from the official EOS repo (which we should be able to trust). You can view those changes here:

The main changes we care about are in the generate function:

You don't have to understand everything going on here, but the key thing to notice is there's no logging to some external website or local storage or anything like that. It's all pretty straight forward. It just generates a key pair and displays it for you.

That's how you can know this is trustworthy to run on your computer.

Actually getting it to run may be a little more tricky though. If you don't have PHP or a webserver installed, and you trust Github to be running the actual code in the repo, you can generate your key using this page: Just load it up, disconnect your computer from the Internet to be safe, and generate your key.

If you'd rather run the code yourself on your own computer (which is even safer), you'll need a webserver running to get around the Chrome browser's default security settings which don't let local files run scripts from your computer.

First, download the repo here:

Unzip it to a folder on your computer. If you don't know how to open a terminal, search the web for how to do that on your opperating system and then run this from the docs folder:

php -S localhost:8000

You should see this:

Now open a browser tab to localhost:8000 to generate your address and private key:

If you don't have PHP or a webserver and want an alternative method, read on.

Step 2 (Node.js Method): Generate an EOS Private Key and Public Address

If you have Node.js installed and you're comfortable using the command line a bit more, see this post by EOS New York. It explains things well and walks you through how to run the correct commands using code directly from the official EOS github account to generate your EOS public address and private key.

Step 3 Register Your EOS Address

This step should be performed for every Ethereum address where you hold EOS or eosDAC tokens. Now that you've generated your EOS public address and private key, you need to run the "register" method on the existing EOS contract named "EOS Contribution."

You can fallow the steps here: How to update the EOS public key mapped/registered to your ETH Address with MyEtherWallet (MEW) but the only difference is you don't need to manually paste in the contract JSON as it's already in MEW as EOS Contribution.

I'll repeat the steps here as well:

  1. Go to
  2. Select "EOS Contribution" from the existing contracts.
  3. Click Access and scroll down to select the register function.
  4. Put in your public EOS address (not your private key!) you generated above. Reminder: your private key should already be securely saved and backed up at this point.
  5. Connect to MEW using your preferred method (I use a Ledger Nano S) and click the WRITE button.
  6. Go with the suggested gas limit, but keep in mind, it will cost some Ethereum (so if you don't yet have any ETH in that address, you'll need to obtain some). I ran this earlier today and it cost me $1.27 in gas (EOS can't come soon enough).
  7. Click "Generate Transaction" and "Yes, I am sure! Make transaction"

You should see a green bar at the bottom of the page which includes a link to your transaction on the blockchain. It may take a few moments (or minutes or hours) to show up, depending on how clogged the Ethereum blockchain is.

And that's it!

Be sure to repeat that for every Ethereum address you hold EOS or eosDAC tokens in before June.

Please, do not procrastinate on this. It has to be done, and you should get to it right away. June 1st is just around the corner!

Before you comment about "My exchange said they will support the swap. Am I okay to leave them there?" I suggest revewing cryptocurrency rule number 1:

I can't speak for exchanages.

I don't trust exchanges.

This post was about EOS and eosDAC tokens you own, not tokens someone else controls that you're hoping they return to you some day. You should not store your cryptocurrency on an exchange. If you do, it's not "yours" anymore because you don't control the private key.

I know some wallets and various services have said they will support the token switch as well. Please don't ask me about them as I do not know. That's up to you to decide if you trust them to do things right, and if you trust them to know which chain ends up being the correct EOSIO mainnet chain.

If you're curious what the EOSIO launch may look like the first week of June, check out this great post by @thomasbcox: Magic 15% — Unlocking the EOSIO Blockchain

I hope you found this post helpful, and you'll share it with everyone who still needs to register their tokens before June 1st. I know this may seem a bit overwhelming at first (and I gave you a few options to choose from instead of just telling you what to do). Please keep this post in mind: How Do You Teach Experience? What Will Your Cryptocurrency Story Be?

I take no responsibility for anything here as far as it working correctly for you. If your computer has a key logger or virus or some other nasty, then that would be bad. I'll do my best to help, but we all have to take personal responsibility for this stuff.

Good luck!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Luke Stokes is a father, husband, programmer, STEEM witness, DAC launcher, and voluntaryist who wants to help create a world we all want to live in. Learn about cryptocurrency at

I'm a Witness! Please vote for @lukestokes.mhth

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As long as you have your Etheruem address registered with the smart contract on Eth network, the tokens will be 'transferred​' for you and more importantly you will receive​ all the airdrops that are currently happening. Most exchanges will honor the mainnet swap but NOT the airdrops.

Here is a link on how to use the exodus wallet with a 1-click registration process, it is super simple and has worked​ for me and many others.


Yeah, the airdrops are a big reason I recommend people do this on their own (that, and actually owning your own cryptocurrency).

Exodus doesn't support eosDAC, so that concerns me a little, but if the EOS tokens go off the registered addresses, it should hopefully be okay if people store their eosDAC tokens there as well.


Indeed it is, you can check the status of the current airdrops sent to you registered Eth address by going to

Also do not forget to check out how you your account name will appear on the mainnet, it is good stuff


How do you 'redeem' the airdrops in MEW? I haven't been able to find much good information on this. Do the airdropped tokens go to the same address that you provide for the airdrop snapshot?


Hey @mydayswithsound.

I would personally wait for the EOS mainnet launch to complete so that EOS based tokens can be handled natively, but if you do not want to wait, there is a good how-to​ on GitHub​

If you had your EOS ERC-20 tokens stored in MEW (and registered) the tokens will be attached to that address.

Head over to MEW and create a custom token by following these steps

  1. On the "Send Ether & Tokens" page on MEW, click View Balance Only (Must use one of above options to send) and paste your address.
  2. In the sidebar, click the link under Transaction History or How to See your Tokens.
  3. Click the dropdown in the right-upper quadrant. It's labeled Token Tracker.
  4. Click the token that you aren't seeing on MEW.
  5. Copy the string next to Contact Address.
  6. Back on MEW, click the Add Custom Token button on the right sidebar.
  7. Paste the Contact Address.
  8. Type in what you want to call it - the name or the symbol.
  9. Return to Look for the number (between 0 and 18) next to Token Decimals.
  10. Enter this under Decimals on MEW.
  11. Click "Save" on MEW.

Credit for the MEW how-to.


Thank you, appreciated! I might wait for the mainnet launch then, I just thought - since some of the airdrops take the snapshot at the mainnet launch - I needed to do some preparation before the mainnet to be able to claim those tokens.


Thanks for sharing this for Exodus.

I wrote this post about how to generate an verify EOS keys offline with official tools

Thank you @lukestokes for this informative post. I jus got into EOS a week ago. I will take your instructions and make sure to follow them. The last thing I want is to have problems with my tokens moving forward. Thanks again for the share! Resteem

Registered months ago and I really can use this post to help me verify things again(I'm a paranoid person). While having my EOS keypair backup properly , I got nervous one day looking at the keypair wondering if I really saved it correctly.
I then made a post below which can help to verify if your EOS keypair is valid:

Also, I have received my eosDAC under the same registered ETH address, I suppose I don't have to register again for the eosDAC right?

Whew! I'm glad I handled this a while back. Can't wait for the launch! I've been dabbling more heavily these past weeks and I hope I could get one or two dapps off the ground in the next few months.


Man, that would be fantastic! I can't wait to see what you come up with.


what what what

Hey man, I know you mentioned you can't speak for the exchanges, but any chance you know if this is necessary if the coins are stored on Binance? I know they put out an announcement regarding handling all technical details for the mainnet swap, but still a bit nervous. Also man, this is epic, great to meet someone else who is also from Nashville and using Steemit! Making sure to get a fellow 615 brother a witness vote for sure to help your cause.


Binance will support the EOS swap but I don’t know about eosDAC. I would recommend controlllig your own cryptocurrency.

Heck yeah, 615! :)


I hear you. Yeah I'm meaning to take them off the exchange, but if Binance is handling the swap for me, I figured it would be easiest to leave them on until after it happens. Appreciate the info on how to do it off exchange however, and really looking forward to June 2nd. Got that witness vote in for ya, can't beat having a Nashville guy at the top of the game here on Steemit.


Great post Luke. And then some.

I came to say thanks for the vote, that is the biggest vote on a post of mine I have had in a few months, and I appreciate it.

You have worked hard on the EOS stuff man, good job.

I tried as hard as I could the last several months to get as much as I could, I believe in the project and Dan a whole lot.

I also enjoyed my Smashville time there many years ago, yes, I was at the rink for games LOL.

Thanks again Luke.


The only exchange that has come out and said that they will support both the mainnet swap. the airdrops and delivered on that promise is Bitfinex right now. All the other exchanges that have “hinted” at it have caused users nothing but headaches.

But as @lukestokes said, get your tokens on to a wallet you control to make sure you get all the benefits and security.

The only bummer is missing the trading opportunities .

I heard that only 33% have done this. I used a more paranoid method of creating the public and private key pair (there's a set of 4 commands that I used in Terminal) on an airgapped machine and then registered in MEW.

However, it appears that NS James has actually come up with a method for all those who have EOS on ethereum addresses to generate EOS keys for those who forget.

-A new way to convert Ethereum private keys to EOS private keys within @Scatter after the snapshot

It's better to be proactive. The issue is discussed more than half way into the video (sorry I don't remember the precise time). That won't help those who don't have keys though in which case, you're relying on the mercy of those who do.

Thanks for looking out for his noob crypto investors. I have a small amount of EOS tokens and will be using this guide. I like what you stand for: you "want to help create a better world for us to live in." I agree, if we don't control our private keys, then that defeats the purpose of using crypto in the first place. Be your own Central bank!

Thanks for posting, exodus wallet has one click registration btw


I know. I explained in my post why I don't trust service providers to do stuff like this for me. Also, Exodus doesn't support eosDAC yet.

Luke Skywalker, why are they freezing? I have Bitcoin but have not got into Ethereum yet. So, I'm guessing that EOS is like a spin-off fork of Ethereum. Is the freezing of transfers due to it dying or what?


No, they are an ERC20 token (see the link in my post for more on what that is). They exist on Ethereum for now, but the EOSIO chain is launching in June at which point they will be native tokens on that new blockchain.

Finally I made it.. so its not that hard ;)

Wow I had no idea you had to register eosdac! And a day early! I used exodus to register eos I guess I need to send to exodus then pull out private key to keep eos dac. I do not think eosdac people know this!


Yeah, that's one of the reasons I did this post to make it clear both EOS and eosDAC tokens freeze and, as you said, eosDAC tokens freeze a day early. It's important to ensure your tokens live in a registered address and that you have access to the private key.


Oh! So it wasnt enough to do the eos registration on exodus? I need to do a different registration (eosdac), too? @lukestokes


It's important to understand what's going on. When you register an Ethereum address, you're essentially attaching an EOS address to it. As long as the address you store your EOS and eosDAC are in registered, you should be good to go. The confusion with Exodus is they do not support eosDAC at this time. That means the private key associated with the EOS address they registered may not be accessible to you (???). That means in the future, you may have challenges accessing your eosDAC tokens on EOSIO that will be sent to that address.


By you can export Eth address private key then interact with eos contract to get eos key? Do I have to have a eos private key at launch or can I pull it later.


I don’t understand the point of your questions. Just register the address where you store your tokens and you’re good to go. Why make it more difficult?

Quality post. By now, holders of EOS should've gotten the message that they need to register their tokens. On top of that, the eosDAC airdrop should've provided a strong incentive for holders to register their tokens sooner rather than later. Is it fair to say that the airdrop also provided confirmation that those who registered their tokens did so correctly (assuming they received their eosDAC tokens)?


Actually, the eosDAC airdrop didn't require a registered EOS address, but other airdrops will. It's definitely important for people to get this taken care of.

Wow is the best ideas ,,,,good...


Thanks so much for this reminder and helpful tutorial! I've been quite busy over the past few months, and there's a good chance I would've forgotten to do this.


Thanks for these simple tool. I do follow the process in the eos website before.

With this, it just makes it more easier to verify if the Ethereum address have been registered.

Oh oh.... i am so green with all this! I changed some BTS to EOS in my bitshares wallet... i have no idea how/ if it's connected to Etherium. I feel so ignorant! ....... what should I be doing if anything? Ah! The clock is ticking....


If you want to leave them there, you'll be fine according to this, but as I said in my post, I prefer people actually own their own cryptocurrency. That would involve getting an Ethereum wallet (maybe something like and then going through the steps outlined here.


Ok! I will dig in a little deeper here. This is such foreign territory. It's really kind of you to reply & share all this info. I will dig into a few of the links you offered actually. Thank-you 💚


I put your ETH address in the tool I mentioned in my post and it came out fine. You're all set:

Thanks this information I did not know, its a shame for those who will go without this info.

i should still own some tokens somewhere, but how to get them ? I tried claiming them , but not sure it worked.


Do you know where your tokens are? Are you using something like this to keep track of your cryptocurrency? Remember, you are your own bank. You have to keep track of stuff.


yes i know which address. Ofcourse



"FREEZE FOREVER" sounds really scary! Thanks for the info @lukestokes! With this post, your saving some people's financial EOS life!

Man, I really need to get this done! Time is ticking, thx for the reminder.

Thanks @lukestokes for this great reminder. I am going to verify mine right away!

I’m going to take the slacker route and wait until I can buy EOS through OpenLedger DEX. Yeah, I may miss some profit, but I can sleep at night.


You can buy EOS through any BitShares DEX right now:

If I buy from I don't need to claim my tokens right? As long as my address is registered I am set to go?


As long as you're registered, you're good to go.


Thanks that's good to know!

It is good that you keep informing people of this, it is dangerous if people lose their EOS for not taking the time to understand it properly. I have regostered EOS a month ago if I remember well :)

Oh ho... what a wonderful information to behold .
This is amazing I must say
Thanks for the heads up
You’re much appreciated for this .
Merci boucoup mon ami

Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📉 24h📉 7d

Nano was mentioned???

Nice work I will add this article to my video, later on, we got to keep reminding people to register.....




Don't feel nervous. Just learn. Educate. Grow. It's all a beautiful experience that will make you understanding blockchain technology that much more. Embrace it. Love it. Enjoy it. See the post I linked to about your cryptocurrency story and experiential knowledge. It may help set you at ease and have healthy expectations.

@lukestokes que noticia, gracias por tan valiosa información, me interesa mucho

Great information and reminder. Followed and resteemed.

Oh no! All the wallets that store EOS are going to have to change, like overnight.

Hey @lukestokes! Just checked and see this one:

Should I still use 'ClaimAll' or 'claim' if I see this one? I guess no.

I registered the wallet with the EOS token dist. address a few days ago.


Claiming your tokens is separate from registering them. If you need to claim, use claim, not ClaimAll. If you own your Ethereum address where your tokens are, then you're all set.


Thank you @lukestokes. The news from today - The exchange I use confirm they'll do the technical registering and claiming - I'm still in doubt if I should fully trust them.


Thanks for all the explanation and reminder for the EOS and EOSDAC holders!

One question about eosDAC is about staking. I think I read something about it, that holders of eosDAC will be able to stake them for dividends? Am I right, or this was for some other crypto?

By the way, I wrote a post today of the most important things I believe I have done here for the benefit of the Steem Blockchain. Looking forward to your feedback when you get the chance.

Recap of the most Important Things I Believe I Have Done here on the Steem Blockchain

Regards, @gold84

I'm so glad I saw your discussionn/arguement with another witness onn a thread and started looking at your profile, or I never would have seen this.. bless you and my newly registered EOS. lol :D

Hello. Great post!

Thank you so much for this. Really timely and helpful. @adejoke16 you need to read this too.


Wow! Thank you for the mention @olawalium the information is really helpful.


Glad you love it. Let's work on this dear.

hola ya tenia una idea pero no sabia de el grado de importancia exelente me gusta

I know it's not the safest option, but my tokens are on Binance, since they will swap them for me.

Thanks for the heads-up!!

Hi! Thanks for such an informative post. I was wondering if you could please help me? I’m wondering why the GitHub site that generated my keys said 'null' next to the private and public keys?
It’s made me really worried?
Thankyou so much

Thanks for the great article Luke Stokes, alot of people still dont know about this, you guys are doinf really great job to save everyone out of this situation because after few days many people will realize what they did!


If you received OPEN.EOSDAC on Openledger, do you have to send them to your registered meta mask wallet?

Such important information! I cringe thinking at how many people will lose their EOS because they don’t realize this. 😬

Re-steeming to help spread the word!

June is gonna be a fun month with EOS coming online! Can’t wait to see what all happens. 😀

Quick question - I had my open.EOS on Bitshares and just registered an EOS address on Exodus. I sent my open.EOS to my EOS receive address in Exodus via openledger-dex, and it shows in Bitshares are a completed transfer in my activity with a TX ID, but nothing is hitting my EOS balance in Exodus (or showing up on Etherscan). It's also not showing up as a recent withdrawal on the withdrawal tab if I were to try again.

Does openledger-dex take a while to relay the tokens to my EOS address in Exodus, or do you see that I did something wrong here?

Thanks, this is a very detailed post but it is incorrect in one respect. If your EOS is held on Binance, they have said they will automatically perform the token swap onto the mainnet for you as detailed below. There is no need to register. This is for EOS and not eosDac.


I didn't intend to suggest exchanges who have committed to do this wouldn't do it. I simply said I do not personally trust them with my cryptocurrency. Was something I said actually incorrect here?


My apologies, I misunderstood that part. My comment was only to remind users who do trust major exchanges or hold them there like I do for trading reasons, that they are covered with regards to the mainnet launch.

I would not trust an Exchange with a significant balance either, but an Exchange like Binance has gained enough trust for me to store smaller balances for trading.

Trusting exchanges is an interesting question and I know many people have fallen foul of misplaced trust in the past. I worked in IT for a major bank for many years and I would trust some organisations that have to comply with the kinds of legislation they have to comply with more than I would a hardware wallet. I am not suggesting Binance do have to comply with those kind of controls, but I would be surprised if most individuals kept backups of their private keys in a firesafe or locked in a secondary location.

PS, you now have a new follower :)


I ran a PCI compliant business for 10 years (FoxyCart), so I do know the value in some regulations that are actually followed. Unfortunately, far too many companies fudge it. The stories I've heard from QSA's is... scary. It's not surprising to me why there are so many hacks out there both with cryptocurrency exchanges and traditional credit card systems.

Thanks for highlighting that option as well. It's possible that hardware wallets can't be trusted, but I've yet to seen anything major in that regards and the same can't be said for exchanges. I was a "paper wallet only" guy for many years.

Thanks for the follow.


My hardware wallet wasn't so much about a hack on a hardware wallet, but ensuring people protect the recovery phrase and wallet in such a way as to ensure they cannot be lost together in the same event, like a house fire (mining anyone?)

Also, I had to update the firmware on my Nano S the other day and it required me to uninstall all the wallets first. That was a scary moment, and the data fortunately remained, but it would only take a botched firmware update without taking the right precautions with your recovery phrase to lose it all.

I've worked for a bank in the UK and they have a lot more than PCI to worry about. The restrictions and regulations placed on EU financial companies like EU 575/2013 on prudential requirements for credit institutions is crazy. I have some currencies with Revolut for that reason because they have to comply with these regulations. I know a Chinese crypto exchange does not have to comply with these laws, but I would expect they have some similar regulations to ensure financial prudence.


like a house fire (mining anyone?)


Yeah, I've had a couple freak out moments already with my Ledger Nano S, but over time I've gotten used to how it works and thankfully I've confirmed my seed phrases work just fine (I have a couple different wallets).

The number of regulations coming out now is just ridiculous. They are going to strangle what little life is left in the legacy systems. Everyone's going to move to the blockchain eventually.

Holy freaking cow, thanks for this one, I almost missed this one. I only got the earlier memo about getting them out of openledger (except they end up supporting it anyway, go figure....).

I ended up going the MEW + ledger nano route (since I had that).

Whew... Not sure what would have happened if I missed that boat.

Very helpful. Many thanks for this truly detailed manual on EOS token transfers onto the mainnet.

Pls what about we that have our EOS on exhanges like Binance, Kucoin etc?

One thing that's not clear to me, particularly having bought EOS from Binance. How to transfer from that exchange to the new EOS public key I generated? Binance reported "Address verification failed" and I need EOS in this account to pay for the gas to get it submitted to the register function in the contract?

Super easy method is to download exodus wallet and there is a link you simply click register eos takes about 20 seconds and not complex :)


Yeah, if you're cool with Exodus, it's an easy way to go.