Verify EOS private key by mapping to public key

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EOS has been one of the hottest topics now as getting closer to its launching date. I've posted days ago about how to validate ETH address registration with EOS but realise there is one more important issue to verify.

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After EOS registration user will receive an EOS key pair that consists of a public and private key. This key pair is useless until 1st June the EOS blockchain is finally established. The abovementioned method can validate the ETH address that temporarily stores the EOS as ERC20 tokens will be snapshot at the launch day. Upon the establishment of EOS network, user will need to use the EOS private key to access their EOS as those funds will be moved from ETH network to the new one.

Paranoid investor like me will have a real worry now, how to verify the EOS private key is valid before the mainnet?

Offline tool to verify your EOS private key and mapping to public key

This is a great tool I've found in Github:

This is a simple tool to verify EOS private key by generating the public key using a web browser. Take note that I did my verification in Google Chrome as Internet Explorer failed me. And the instruction is simple:

Steps to running this tool with peace of mind!

  1. Turn your device offline. This page will work without an internet connection.
  2. Paste your EOS private key and then click on "Map to EOS public key"
  3. Your EOS private key and corresponding public key will show up. All done! You can close this page and then turn on internet connection :)

You may generate a random EOS key pair to test this tool before using the real key.

Testing result of an example key pair

Overall steps to verify your EOS is properly ready for launching day

  1. Register ETH address that is used to store EOS, refer this guide for MyEtherWallet. User receive a EOS key pair.
  2. Use this guide to make sure ETH address is registered with EOS. It requires the user to provide ETH address and return with a EOS public address which has to be in match with the EOS pubic key user received in Step 1.
  3. Use the offline tool to verify EOS private key. The generated EOS public key has to be same as the EOS pubic key user received in Step 1 as well.

These steps are crucial if the user were to store EOS inside private wallet. Failing to do so might risk your access to the EOS you have bought after mainnet was launched after 1st June.

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Was literally planning to look this up and better understand it. Great post, thanks!

Your are welcome. Gald that it helps!

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is this legit? who made this
is it approved with
this could be a scam

Has anyone tried this?

Everything is open source in this post, you can review the codes to see if that is a scam yourself.

I'm not a coder. I can't tell

Create a VM, make it offline, launch the program and test, close and delete the whole VM.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I saved it on USB stick and tried it on offline PC and paste private key selected "Map to eos public key" nothing happened!
what does VM stand for?

Dont use Internet Explorer.
Virtual Machine.

Great guide. Too many people are still clueless about this andbthink that they actually hold EOS today and not a placeholder.
I’ve registered and confirmed my EOS address but I am also paranoid. As soon as main net is launched, I will confirm that my EOS exist on the blockchain. I believe you will still be able to register for 24 hours after launch so that gives a small window to correct any screw ups.

Yeah we are able to get things right within the first 24 hours but I just like to play safe now and worry less in the critical time.

I agree. But I’ll still be worrying until my EOS are safely stored in an EOS wallet, picking up regular airdrops!!

I just got to know about EOS right now. It seems to be causing a buzz in the crypto network. Thanks for this article, it helps to clarify some security concerns and procedures

Not too late to know about this project, I think EOS will be the main character for 2018!

Oh man, I was searching for something like this for a longer time! Thanks for sharing

Yeah me too. Found some useful tips and hope it can help a little!

EOS announced those airdrops and got everyone's attention. Worked really well after people got $4k from the Ontology airdrop.

Nice post.

Yeah, those airdrops help to promote EOS in a big way.

Couldn't there still be some malware implemented, that once you turn your internet connection online the keys get send out? Paranoia be a bitch...

The code shoild be simple for anyone to check. Also, you can execute this on a offline VM and delete the VM after checking. This is what I did.

I recommend to wait for better tool by Sandwitch (user name) soon. This did not work for me and i don't trust it.

Well, it is totally up to you. BTW you are just assigned your trust to a random stranger on Internet in this way, sounds more unreliable to me tho.

Interesting article and very informative, thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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Please stop spamming already.

What is eos ? Tell me please, i'm a newby

Google is your best friend.

Epic reply

Ha ha, thanks 😀

Thank you. Thank you.

not long to go now, hype is building for main net

Thank for sharing master, go go eos😚


This is a very good post! Thank you for that! I am very interested in crypto currencies. I also blog about cryptos :)