EOS & Scatter - New Developments

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NS James & HappyMoneyMan Talk New EOS

You get to know Nathan. He's a great crypto mind
Listening to his project plans will open your eyes

Watch the exclusive interview here:

Topics include:
-A reputation that carries between dapps
-The 1st multi-blockchain dapp to sign transactions is Scatter on EOS & ETH
-EOS web wallet integrated with Scatter
-RIDL token and it's uses
-The WEOS project
-The Tulip Conference June 7-9th in San Francisco
-The Decentralized Paint Demo - A collaborative blockchain art project
-A new way to convert Ethereum private keys to EOS private keys within @Scatter after the snapshot
-Dan & Vitalik DPOS BFT finality algorithm
-Wiretract - An NS James brain-baby to create EOS smart contracts visually just by connecting wires

Listen. Get blockchain knowledge.
This is a fun time.

NS James Links:
Twitter: @Get_Scatter

Scatter Telegram:

Tulip Conf June 7-9 San Francisco

Happy Money Man Links:

WEOS Telegram:


HappyMoneyMan Crypto Friends (Telegram):

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@happymoneyman Wow great interview!

Yes, very good decision too for @ned that he realized moving to EOS along with @dan. Very nice strategy for his future. I'm powering down all my stake in Steem now.

I hope my decision will not cause a sharp dip to the Steem price. @haejin please take note of this. Please analyze the chart very carefully.

Awesome stuff again @happymoneyman really enjoy your posts and videos!! Really great to see you on the trending page :D

hey hey cheers Joe. Have a rad weekend. I appreciate the support

You get what you pay for ;) The trending category is a relict from an old time. It is the promoted category now but without the benefits for the community.

This post benefited me. Glad it was promoted!

Sorry, I should have been more specific, in the promoted category the paid money goes back to the reward pool, so you earn interest.

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That's true

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Oh not bad


Thanks for this very knowledgeable interview

Great post! I appreciate the awesome information. EOS is awesome and I believe has a huge future. I was able to pick some up for the first time yesterday. I don't hold Ethereum in my portfolio so buying it was an interesting process. I've never used any of the Ethereum sites or products. But, I made it happen and now I can start building a long-term position over time. It will be exciting to see how things go by the end of the year. Thanks again for the share! Resteem

eos to the moooon

EOS could be the #1 crypto in a year or two!!

I'm still waiting for EOS to show up on the Bittrex!

Bittrex is a piece of trash! Your coins are in danger as long as you're using that retarded exchange due to their strict KYC compliance crap. Binance is the best exchange in the world! Period.

Been using Bittrex exclusively for some time and have never had a problem with them. Both are nuanced in their pros and cons I suppose, but to each their own!

Agree. Bittrex works fine, unless for some reason you are scared of KYC laws and rules.

Anything that requires me to scan my face and upload it online and other BS stuff get handed unto them for free, be it crypto related or not, this I can tell you: suck my middle finger!

It will after launch

Actually I bought some last year on Liqui exchange, but have since stopped using multiple exchanges and only stick to one.

Good luke to all . Thank you for sharing

Excellent material

scamor miracle.jpg

NS James is legit ! Great video. Super cool dude

Yea, NS James is rad. Really smart, really helping push crypto forward, and really down to earth.

Great video friend, it is very funny

I can't wait to see the actual product release!

eos has strong technology and good team


Great stuff, love the high level conversations around the EOS project. One of the topics you hit on (registering EOS address) I actually just wrote a quick guide about if anyone is interested.

You now have a new follower, keep it up!

Cheers cool you wrote an article about registering EOS.Interesting times we are in

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Is not the moment for EOS. Wait 10 USD.

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James is cool guy. He is very responsive on his telegram group

Great video. Super cool dude

So in short @ned is migrating to EOS and leaving Steemit behind. That's all I want to know. I'm powering down all my stake in Steem as soon as possible. Thanks for this information.

Just watching your video and trying to get all the things.

Thanks for sharing this with the community. It always nice to read something that is done with passion.

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Thanks For Sharing 😊, Good Luck to All 😄

Que increíble amigo, veo que disfrutas de tus vídeos saludos humildemente desde Venezuela @HappyMoneyMan.

Awesome Video again I like very Much to this guy.This Guy is so talented.

I am enjoy with EOS thanks and good luck to all

I had joined EOS airdrop but haven't got any free EOS token. So, here I want to know that when will I receive native cryptographic tokens on the EOS Platform?

There is no real EOS airdrop. The site you might have signed up for that might not have been legitimate.

hello there!!! it was a great pleasure to see your video, also i think it is great what do you do for our community.
thanks a lot, good luck!!!!
have a wonderful day!!!!!

Thank you for all your work. Hola from Orlando/Colombia.

Great post. Really enjoy your posts and videos!! Really great to see you on the trending page :D

at the same time I don't want internet identity that will limit my behavior, I have real life for that, on the Internet I want to be different person every day :-)

The thing that i like a lot about EOS is the fact that the people at the 'top' don't seem to give off the feeling that they care about money.

People like Brock Pierce seem to offer a very philanthropic and utilitarian perspective on things, which is why I believe in it long term.

What do you think?

Luppers :)

Brock Pierce isn't affiliated with EOS. I agree the community is really tech focused and works together well. I like that about the entire crypto community. It's the same with Steemit. Eos sticks out in the same way.

Thanks for sharing the eos news with us..

best your post..good.thank you.

Great video looking forward to using scatter real soon.

Good Job! I will watch your next video! I am waiting! :D

What a great discussion indeed.

boss help me one like...plz...happymoneyman (64)

Great video. Super cool dude

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outstanding stuff again @happymoneyman really enjoy your posts and videos! Really really great to see you on the trending page 😊

wow very excited <3 now I'm hold a bout 10k EOS and wait for EOS $10

Great post! Good to see development, accelerating and evolving in the ecosystem.

Im enjoy with this... thanks @happymoneyman

Very good! At least some questions are clarified in this video. I hope to see more of this!

wow..This is in trending :o

Thanks for this interview. I do technical analysis on bitcoin every single day if anyone wants to follow me for that @schyler (cryptohippo) Check me out on youtube too : ) Always good to have both sides of the indicators.

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very good and interesting information in writing. hopefully I can learn with @happymoneyman the author is very remarkable. good job
intoduce my self, my name is febri ramadhan. i'm from INDONESIA. I'm cery happy can introduce with you.

I started with computers in a computer store called Computer City in 1993. I remember all intrigue with the Internet. I am no longer involved with the back end of computers, but now I am a simple user. It seems that the technology has out paced my knowledge and expertise in the field.
However, I am stoked with this concept. Keep trudging foreward!

a great video very well explained congratulations: D

I truly believe EOS will be huge! I’m so happy to part of this amazing community and together we can impact many people’s life

Great job! @happymoneyman And it's trending!!! 🚨

Saludos, caramba Brando no se con que brujas te bautizaste. pero te la comes con tus publicaciones. llevo ya dos mese y no he levantado vuelo... me mantengo por veo personas como ustedes ganando.. seguro llegara mi momento.

Very education. Nice one.

Yeah really a great crypto mind.I hope to success your project plan.

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Lots of interesting developments happening around great to see that :)

Good post
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^ this is such a thoughtful response. Alaali, you added so much value to this conversation. If anyone has earned an upvote, it is certainly you after writing this comment. I cannot overstate this.

Post is good...

Eos is a good currency for investment but for the long term

What an eye opener, kudos

There was a lot of help.

Thanks to your job go ahead......

I'm so excited to learn at this conference! Just signed up 😃

hey guys i want some help i will pay the person that finishes a task
i have a eutherium key from eos times and i should have some eos waiting for me , i have no ideea what i have to do to get them in a usable wallet

How to buy EOS tocken?

with bitcoin. then via any exchange.

Wow, that was a really interesting video, great things to look forward to. Going to look at Scatter and Ridl.

tons of free airdrops from 2018 are here http://freeairdroptokens.com/


Excellent topic. Thanks for sharing

the community should and will definately benefit

Hi @happymoneyman,

Great stuff, thanks for the hard work!
Any chance I can get you to do a special on taking the right security measures? Tuesday, I found out that I got phished, I made a rookie mistake and want to reach as many people as I can so this does not happen to others.

Feel free to check my Steemit post on this.

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Quite always interesting.

I am votes

I could not have said it better myself.

I am votes too.

The great interview ever ill join EOS soon

what a excellant writing it is!I hope that you do write more.

dpos is way better than other consensus, atleast casper could be next

Thanks for the info, EOS is a must have for sure :)

Thank You for the insight my friend 👍

Very good information congratulations friend

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good post

nice post bro

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great great great, very good news, may I also get rich with crypto, they are indeed genius

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