Understanding Blockchain Freedom — Episode 003: Safety and Security

Episode 003: Safety and Security

In this video I briefly cover some important basics you need to be aware of to safely and securely use cryptocurrency.

  1. Updated, Always-Running Antivirus
  2. Latest Operation System Security Updates
  3. Don't Download Random Stuff
  4. Use Verified Updates Only
  5. Physical Access Security
  6. At-Rest Disk Encryption
  7. Encrypt and Backup Your Wallet
  8. Backup Your Private Keys
  9. Get a Password Manager
  10. Double Check the URL
  11. Encrypted Backups on Cloud Storage

The first three videos of this series were recorded on the same day using a laptop in my closet. :) Future videos will have a clean backdrop with a high quality camera and lighting, so stay tuned! Thank you for supporting me so far. My next video will demonstrate how to get your crypto off of an exchange and transfer it to a Breadwallet mobile application.

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@lukestokes -I am glad to see this thorough description of security measures. I was able to use this almost as a checklist to ensure my Steem account in particular and crypto in general is secure. It is interesting that you mention 'Double check URL'. I believe the recent hack during an ICO was started with a duplicate website being built as first step. Much closer home, my wife recently showed me an email purporting to be from our bank and had a link to a 'look alike' website! Thank you for your effort to bring enlightenment on security and also your effort to bridge the gap between technology and understanding. With the world using more and more of blockchain technology for various things every day, such bridging of the gap is vital. Upvoted. I have already voted for you as witness. I am not sure if I can do more to support. Please let me know.

At my end, I have added a Gif blog with an exciting 'Bathing beauties-Elephant herd tracking and dust bath story'. I request you to take a look when you have time and provide your comments. It will be an honor for me. Thanks

@lukestokes is amazing i upvoted

Thanks for these tips. It's a difficult transition for most people to go from the "protection" that banks and credit cards provide to the responsibility of making sure your possessions are secure.

I followed you as a result of this video post and resteemed it. This information needs to be shared!

Thank you!

Yes, I completely agree. It's not just a shift in consciousness regarding banks and money, but also in terms of personal responsibility verses collectively trusting in others, many of whom don't have our best interests in mind. Cryptocurrency, I think, will lead to a much different and hopefully more self-aware future.

What if a hacker discovers your backup of Steemit private keys, is your account lost forever?

No because Steemit (unlike any other blockchain) has an account recovery system. You can challenge the ownership of an account and whoever is set as your account recovery account (defaults to Steemit) can then verify your ownership as long as you have at least one private key that was recently used. After that, you can create new keys only you control. Also, because of Steem Power and the savings account system, much of your Steemit wealth can be locked up. Other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are not so forgiving.

Luke I appreciate you taking the time and explaining it thoroughly for me. Thank you for being a great Steemian.

I am new to Steemit and am going to be using it as a safe way to learn about cryptocurrencies. Good to read that Steemit it more forgiving. I am now following your posts.

Thank you for posting this helpful information! I'm new to investing in crypto currency, and this answers a lot of questions I had!

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for new videos as they come out. You can also follow @ubf to get just the videos or use understandingblockchainfreedom.com to link right to them.

Will do, thanks!

great post. keep up the good work

Thank you @lukestokes! For making the road of cryptocurrency easier for us the beginers.

Simple and very easy to understand @lukestokes. Great for newbies like me, especially in the crypto world. Still struggling about blockchain and cryptocurrency. Takes time to learn, eventually i will get a hang of it. :)

I hope my first two videos will help with that. If you check them out, please let me know what you think.

Okay gonna check them out now.
And upvote them with my awesome 0.01 power :))

Great tips as you can never be too careful when it comes to security in crypto land. I just revamped my security procedures yesterday and saved my public address and private keys for my ethereum wallet to two separate USB disks.

I'm also considering getting a Trezor but will do a bit more research on it first. The only thing that I haven't done yet is better protect my private keys stored on my laptop. I was a bit worried about leaving them on there but didn't want to get rid of them either. I like your idea about encrypting private keys on laptop. I think that just might solve my problem.

Also, I keep a dedicated journal where I have all crypto related passwords stored and it really helps to keep things organized. I just have to ensure to keep it in a safe place of course.

You forgot porn. Another no-no on the same device as your wallet or any passwords that could lead to your wallet.

I'd count that as number 3, but it's a good point. Lots of malware out there on porn sites according to people like John McAfee.

Very informative, thanks buddy!

  • Disable window updates, cuz they can mess up things even without virus
  • Run web browsers inside sandbox to prevent autodownloaded autoexecuting files from tampering your computer files

You don't really need anti-virus running all the time, but something lightweight like HitManPro is good for scanning now and then...
Password manager can be replaced by scripting, make your own off-line scripts, for example via autohotkey, make crypto address insertion easier too...

Thanks for commenting. When you say "Disable window updates" what do you mean? Do you windows operating system updates? Though they can (rarely) have unintended consequences, it is important to keep your operating system fully patched with the latest updates as they come out. The most common way for hackers to get into systems is when those systems have been patched with the latest security updates for known exploits already in the wild.

By sandbox, do you mean a virtual machine? That's a good way to go, I think, but browsers themselves are, by design, sandboxes which do not allow privileged access to the computer. Problems usually come after a file is downloaded and run outside of the web browser.

The reason I think antivirus running constantly is important is that you will get the latest updates as they are available. Some people purchase antivirus software but don't keep it up-to-date which is almost worse than not having it at all because it creates a false sense of security. If the latest virus definitions aren't actively being scanned for, it's not offering much protection when a new file gets run.

I'm not sure I quite follow what you mean about scripting helping? How is the secure and what encryption is involved? Password managers were designed with encryption and security in mind. For a script to run, it has to be online, so I'm missing you a bit there. Thanks for clarifying.

As much as I know from experience that Windows Updates can mess things up... please don't turn them off. They do apply patches to protect against known exploits.

If you'd like to turn off Windows updates, it'd be much better for you to experiment with running Linux (which also has regular updates but has a better track record of them not messing up your system).

I'm very happy having run Linux for over 13 years as my primary operating system. I work with Windows everyday at work with customers' systems and see the frequent security problems that Windows has. Linux isn't perfect, but compared to Windows security Linux is like a vault safe to Window's "piggy bank".

This is very helpful post for everyone. It can help everyone to protect their accounts. Especially for the beginners. nice post sir.. 👍

marvelous information.

thnks for this information

what if.....the imf and your gov say it is illegal and criminal to use cryptos and you can only use bancors, the rest is shut down what then?

bitcoin up to 2794.56 What is the best wallet for mobile?

Thanks for sharing Security tips i always follow these steps.

Great bit of information, thank you!

You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Interesting @lukestokes! Thanks fro helping bridge the gap between technology and understanding! It is more clear with the video!


Oh, hell yeah! You don't have any money unless you HAVE your Money! 🤔🤓💯🏌🏾

With BTC one thing I'm concerned with sigwit is the security aspect it brings to the blockchain. unchain adjustments is what SN suggested is more stable. offchain activity leaves potential vulnerabilities

Hi, Welcome to Steemit.
I can Follow You.
You can follow me.Thnx

What do you use for encryption?

Great post,really useful for anyone new to the subject and gives you a basic understanding of everything needed.
Would definitely recommend reading this post to all newbies.
I think you would make a perfect witness,you got my vote,well done and keep up the good work.

Very useful article! Thank you very much for sharing these great article with us!


Great points you made here, Luke. I really feel like security concerns regarding cryptocurrencies are one of the barriers that prevent wide adoption. It's great to have a reminder of best practices with regard to securing information necessary to transact. It would be a shame if a crashed computer or a corrupted file would result to a person losing valuable investments.

Great video for folks! Thank You @lukestokes! Sharing to the followers..

Great info as always. For those people using something like the Chrome book which the user is supposedly protected from viruses and the likes through the "cloud" are there any concerns or recommendations for this?

I am still not sure about how much freedom one has when "once in the blockchain, always in the blockchain".

Thankyou for sharing @lukestokes, i like your post, help upvote my post.

It makes me laught how some parties still thinks blockchain is something bad. Its so beneficial for banks, security departamens, retails and basicly all kind of data managing. But well, it'll probably be the same as with the smartphones. Eventually everybody uses them. Even though some people are using them only because you cannot buy a cell phone anymore

Thankyou for sharing..

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I'm spreading your videos. Upvoted and Resteemed.

(P.S. For God's sake - please get rid of that awful music at the end of your presentation!) :-)

Thanks for the feedback. :)

I'm trying to learn from various YouTubers I like and it seems intro/exit music is a really contentious topic. I've seen other commenters get upset at all kinds of music. I wonder if it's just a matter of taste or if it would be better with no music as to not offend anyone. Music tastes are really personal, so there's no way to please everyone. I probably should put my personal preferences ahead of getting the message out.

Thanks again. I'll be thinking about this for the next video.

Covers just about everything a person needs to know about the security issues in general online activity with the added security needs if dealing with crypto currencies. Great advice shared thanks.

I took your advice and am checking out your previous material. Again, the information that I am getting from you is helping me immensely, thank you!

Great post! Thanks for posting it. Very useful.

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