How to update the EOS public key mapped/registered to your ETH Address with MyEtherWallet (MEW)

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Some people may want to update the EOS key associated with their Ethereum address via Mew. Updating your key isn't any different than registering it, but since the original article is so lengthy, I decided to partition this step of the process into it's own article.

If you failed to register an EOS key initially, everything is fine, you can register a.k.a map your EOS key to your Ethereum address at any time between now and end of the EOS Crowdsale. While the title of this article is targeted towards "updating" your EOS public key, this can be used to initially register it as well.

Why would you want to update your EOS Key?

  • You lost your EOS keypair
  • You have decided to store your EOS ERC20 tokens in a different wallet.
  • You have decided to distribute your EOS ERC20 tokens amongst a few different wallets.
  • Any other reason.

You will need some ETH in your wallet to process the transaction that calls register()

Everything below is copy and pasted from the original article

Generate a new EOS Keypair (if needed)

  1. Visit the EOS Token Generator created by @nadejde based off the official EOS Distribution Interface code, but with everything stripped out but the Key Generator. The original article about this code is here
  2. Click Generate EOS key

Update the EOS public key mapping to your Ethereum Wallet

  1. Open this article to obtain Contract Address and ABI / JSON Interface
  2. Go to
  3. Paste in the Contract Address and ABI/JSON Interface code
  4. Click Access
  5. Under "Read / Write Contract" select registerfrom dropdown.
  6. In the field named Key enter the EOS Public Key you generated earlier. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT enter your EOS Private key here.
  7. Load your wallet using any one of the methods listed, depending on method you may be required to enter a password.
  8. Click Unlock
  9. Click Write
  10. Set Amount to send to 0 and allow the wallet to suggest a Gas Limit. If it does not autopopulate, enter 90000 or more. If your TX fails, increase Gas Limit. If you would like your TX to go through more quickly, adjust your gas limit accordingly.
  11. Click "Generate Transaction"
  12. Check the details of the transaction, and if you are confident, click Yes, I am sure! Make transaction
  13. If all went well, a green bar will appear at the bottom of the page including a link to your transaction on the blockchain.

The EOS key you just entered and broadcast will now be mapped to to the Ethereum address associated to the wallet that the TX was sent from after it has been confirmed.

Wrapping Up

  • You may or may not want to double check which key is associated to your Ethereum address
  • You will want your EOS ERC20 tokens to be in the Ethereum wallet you sent the register() transaction from before the ERC20 tokens are frozen. ERC20 EOS tokens are frozen 48 hours after the end of the ICO on June 1st 2018. When the EOS platform is launched, you would then access these tokens using the EOS keypair you generated earlier. You must have your ducks in a row 48 hours after the ICO ends on June 1st 2018 if you intend on claiming EOS native tokens on the EOS blockchain

Worked for me, thanks for the instructions

Does this work if you bought EOS trough the exodus wallet using shapeshift?

Yes. Doesn't matter how you bought EOS ERC20 tokens, all that matters is that they are stored in a wallet that is mapped to your EOS keypair when the tokens are frozen sometime after June 1st 2018

How can I map my Eos keypair to myetherwallet because I have tried several times and I cannpot get my eos token

Sandwich i was wondering if you had chance to verify this article about verifying EOS privet key

You can verify on yourself.

Thank you Sandwich! I upvote you with pleasure for your patience :)

Noob question
Can one claim eos coin more than 48 hours after ico ends? I work in remote area not everyday have clear connection

No. I would take every available opportunity to claim your tokens if i were you. Here's instructions on how to save money when claiming:


I'm guessing you need to have at least 0.01 ETH in your wallet to pay for the gas before you do this. I just got a warning of no sufficient funds.

yeah EOS is now going to be seen as a scam, you have to have like $5 in ether just to fucking sell it , so a lot of peopel who dont knwo anything about it will believe it is a total scam now...., no crypto currency should make u do exra steps, the EOS creators should fucking not be so lazy and have done AL these extra steps of registration FO US, they sold us fucking FAKE tokns traat have an EXPIRATIOON date? Yeah i dont have any ethereum in my wallet eithr so i cant do this either!

fucking EOS people should fucking compensate us for these goamn fees, this is so lazy, they should hav SENt people the extra gas with their EOS they scammed us out of, fucking christ, this is such a scam such a fraud, when peopel end up not being able to redem their EOS because EOS peopel are too lazy to come up with a way to KEEP TRACK OF WHO HAS HOW MUCH EOS everyone has, then peopel will SUE the EOS people, and production and development of OS will come to ahalt, it will be ugly, EOS crw should fucking make up for thios utter gred, WTF i am so mad about this right now, what a scam, we were sold FAKE EOS tokens that ARE NOT Eos tokens! They are fucking fakes that EXPIRE what a fucking scam....they should have just WAITED for EOS to come out ,....i swear to god they better pay for my ethereum wallet to be able to even regutrer this fucking shit! i cant ven SEL it now without fucking having some ethereum!

this is rediculous! EOS should PAy for EVERYONEs etheruem fees becausethey basically conned us into thinking we actually had a REAL token that was WORTh something...liek EVERY OTHER CRYPRO CURRENCY EVER. but NOPE this is the ONE crypto currency witha fucking expiration date

sorry for getting mad but this IS a fraud and i dont care what peopel say they cant do tis to people, they cant scam people like this, MANY MANY MANy peopl will NEVER be able to complete these EOS registration steps! its so fucking diofficult so many steps its crazy, they expect random people to just larn all this shit? now eopel are STUCK WITHA COIn they CANT EVEN SELL without BUYING ANOTHER COIUn think about that, EOS should PAy for this and COMPENSATE US for this MESS

You really don't understand. The tokens are frozen because otherwise there's no way to build a reliable distribution lists. Aggregating and subsequently calculating the ~120k and growing addresses that have an EOS token history takes time. And in that time, transfers can be made, and thus invalidate the snapshot. In order to have a 100% verifiable snapshot and to ensure all value is properly transferred from the ERC20 token to the EOS native token, the tokens must be frozen at some point in time.

i have never laughed harder.

Yes. You'll need some ETH for fees, I've updated the instructions, thanks for pointing this out.

I participated eos ICO with MEW last night, but I made a mistake on process...

My process was

  1. Funding ETH > 2. Generating key > 3. Register (Public Key, Private Key) > 4. "Claim all" process

Now I know I had to generate key first and I shouldn't have registered Private key.

When I checked this morning, My MEW account was linked to my Private eos key, so I changed it into Public Key.

and I did "claim all" process again but now I wonder if there would be any problem on getting my eos token.

Please let me know if there is anything else I have to do.

Thanks a lot

Nothing is wrong. As written in my original article, you can register your EOS key at any point between now and end of ICO in 341 days. Claiming, however, can only be done after any window you've contributed to has finished/closed. The first window is still open, thus, you cannot claim your tokens until it is closed.

Thank you for your reply.

I successfully got my eos tokens in my MEW.

But I am still concerned because I registered my private key on the "contract" page.

Would there be any problem on it? or do I have to change my eos public key?

I saw someone who lost all eos tokens, probably because he registered private key on contract.

Please let me know if you have any opinion.

You registered your EOS private key? Please regenerate a keypair, and the update your EOS key then. No harm is done as long as you update this before June 3rd 2018 and NEVER use that EOS keypair again.

I sent ether to the EOS contract address and after I generated the public and private key but I still cannot map the public key to myetherwallet and as such I cannot get my EOS token, I need assistance on what to do

yes am getting the same error.....was able to register the public key but not able to claim yet

hey the transfer occurred now and can see the eos's in myetherwallet...I had not registered the public key so didn't have a clue why it wasn't working...thanks mate for the awesome step by step guide!!!

hey sorry for my angry commnts about EOS being bullshit if they dont buy up AL the tokens they sold, registered or not....because thats fraud if they dont....but we should find a solution and i figurd out a simple one, a trusted whale can register an EOS address, an simply let peopel send their EOS to that address if they cant fiugureout the complex and extremely dificult EOS regiustration process with freakin 20 steps, its impossibly difficult for a BEGINNER and will take many days of learning, but anyway the easier way is to send yoru EOS to an EOS wallet alrady registered and owned by a TRSITD mga whale who everyoen can trst OR a bot

andthis bot can detect incoming EOS, match it with asteemit comment that says the address it came from and how much and the username, and then that will let someone send EOS to a registered address JUST incase they cant get the EOS registered!

anyway i hope people register their EOS but its going to be CRAZY when peopel find out the OS they spent tens of thousands of dollars on all of the sudden is worthlss becaue they didnt "register" it, there will b massive lawsuits, i cant beleive im the only one angry about this, its strange, it shouldnt be like this, EOS crators should honor EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TOKEN they sold i man THEY sold the tokns, shouldnt they have a responsibility to fucking honor them? Maybe AT LAST refund someone the value of the EOS if they cant give them real EOS....its just, people were mislead into thinking they owned EOS, and when they find out they own a worthless ec20 token bcause they didnt regiuster it even though NOONE told them they had to, there ius going to be alot of angr!

bcause look not evryone is going to register them! peopel are gonna fall through the cracks! we forget that NOT EVERYONE uses steemit! LOL we ALL forget this and we ALL assume the whole WORLD knows whats goin on wit crypto! not true, peopel plenty of them, have never head iof bitcoin....

I ask peopel all the time if they ever heard of bitcoin, many may peopl still ay "What? whats bit coin? like a coin? Big coin? whats Bick coin? Brick coin??

ok sorry again for my ramble sorry sandwich i am eing really angry today on a 2 month old post im REALLy venting! I am gonan FOLLOW you and start upvoting ur posts from now on! ok man have a good day and ii hope ur excitd as i am about the bitcoin and altcoin raly!

hey, thanks for the great instructions. however, i'm using metamask and I actually sent in some funds to the contract adress, before creating a key. now i dont know how to map my ethereum wallet to the key. any idea?

Yes. Follow the instructions in this article. When you get to the part where you load your wallet into MEW, select "private key" and then use the private key from your MetaMask wallet (there's a little key icon on the far right that will expose it)

Hello @sandwich Question, if I purchase EOS from an exchange and want to send to MyEtherWallet that I have properly mapped, which address do I send it to? Is it my ethereum public address or the EOS public address that I generated to map the wallet?

The EOS tokens are ERC20 tokens for now, ERC20 tokens are on Ethereum protocol. So therefore, you would send the tokens to your ethereum address. The purpose of mapping is so that the snapshot can map your erc20 tokens to your EOS keypair after the erc20 tokens have been frozen and after the Genesis block on the EOS blockchain sometime around June 2nd-3rd 2018 2018

Thank you very much! :)

can you send ether more than once from the same myetherwallet address??

Yes. Only exception is if you exercise buyWithLimit() and set the limit parameter to anything other than 0. This is something 99.99% of contributors will not do, so likely it does not apply.

The limit doesn't have anything to do with how many transactions you have sent from your address. It's related to the currently accumulated amount for the given period (day). If people have contributed 20000 ETH on one day already, then your contribution for that day with a limit of 20001 ETH would raise an exception an be cancelled.

Thanks for sharing

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