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This week we asked a deep question about our emotions and the role they play in our lives. It was good to read many personal stories, and hear what you think on this topic. There was a wide range of answers this week, with quite a few interesting themes showing up. Whilst we all have our own perspective on things, a common thread that emerged from this question is BALANCE. When we are in balance, an our emotions are clear, our lives do indeed seem to improve and some even say their luck gets better too!

So thank you to all who took part, such a great response as always. Please find the posts below and have a look at the ones that you find interesting. That is the real trick with these tie up posts.. no one really reads all the posts, but you can quickly find one or two that you like and then meet someone new on Steem!


A while ago, I watched a talk on how we make our own happiness. One of the examples given was a group of people who were all contracted to do photos. Their two best photos were upsized and printed and they were told they could keep one and the other would be sent to fulfil the contract. Half of them were told that once the decision was made, they couldn't change their mind and the other half had two weeks within which they could change their mind and choose to keep the other instead. Of those who couldn't change their mind, they reported being happy with their choice further down the line. Of those who could change their mind, most of them did and further down the line, most of them also regretted their choice.


We can make our own luck I have so many people around me who keep blaming their luck for everything including my brother and my boyfriend. They are 2 persons who are very close to my heart and looking at the way things happen in my life they always say "Your luck is good". Well this comment of theirs always end up with a lecture from my side focusing around the truth that you can create your own luck. No one froze it, customizations are possible.


I was a person who lived from the appearance above all, both in the family and in the prejudice of society. I never took care of myself for being aware of the judgment of others and for doing what others liked. Since I got married I dedicated myself completely to my married life and when I became a mother even more. When I decided to start my new horizon, I decided to take a trip to an unknown place ... This is how I called the new stage of my life. To have separated from my husband for many was to commit the worst mistake of my life. What many do not know was that my arms could no longer hold my emotions, my disappointments, my sorrows ... and as always so as not to affect my children I always kept silent about everything that hurt me.


I am a person who has always tried to be as independent as possible. I think that in order to get ahead, I do not have to go over any person and to be the best person, the only thing I have to overcome is myself. I am always willing to help others as much as I can. Now, yes, here is my answer to @ ecotrain's question. For me everything depends on each point of view. I have not let myself be carried away by my emotions. I think before executing my actions; however, my actions are linked to my emotions. I think that after executing an action there is no turning back. Day by day I learn from my mistakes why life is learning. In some moments of my life my emotions have won me; however, I prefer to keep my emotions aside. I have seen many people make mistakes just because they do not think about the actions they are going to perform.


Emotions are a fundamental part of our lives and define part of who we are and how we live. A positive attitude towards life will bring a positive life. Speaking from experience, we attract what we think, or as I have read somewhere, "What you believe, you believe", our mind has power.


When I was younger, especially during my teenage years, it pretty much felt like, I was being ruled by my emotions. Everything felt so much more intense back then. When I was angry, I got so angry, I mainly took it out on myself but I felt so much rage. Then when I fell in love, it all but consumed me. And then the heart break, well it felt like my world had ended.


Once I had begun to live a more consciously aware or mindful life I recognized when thoughts or emotions would be arising and saw them for just that - thoughts and emotions. If I don't get caught up in them, then they don't control my actions or my well being. I try to keep an equanimous view on things as much as I can (note: I did say try, for it is not easy to do, especially if you are prone to getting caught up in the moment.)


Life is a strange journey. Is not it?

Our way of thought, believe, feeling, emotions changes over time. And so our life. I sometimes thought if I could go back to a certain age and change some of my feeling and emotions. But later I understand, there is nothing to change. These are all part of our life and this is the process of human life. I am what I am today all because I experienced all that things and get emotional to all that events. There is no regret!


The question in question is a bit like the old paradox of who came first: the hen or the egg? And when emotions are frayed, irremediably, we are weaving life. Our emotions condition many of our behaviors, but they do not constitute life. Life goes beyond, our being grows and expresses itself in different ways. Of course, an important part depends on emotional healing. It is not easy to spread the wings with a stones sack tied to the feet. Hence, the relevance of caring for and understanding emotions. They can raise or sink us, according to many factors.


Like question for each week this time too it is simple
but powerful topic that is to be discussed.
Arrows of many questions aimed at a single object, the human mind
and its resonance with the human behavior.
Like the endless waves of sea, any answer to this topic too results in the same way most probably.
Nevertheless one can always give an opinion which would be relevant and
carrying its own credibility due to the complex nature of the subject.


One of my favourite topic to write about is Life, I love to discuss about it. I feel like from different situations of life we can learn so many things infact every situation leave some important message for us. But this time @ecotrain put me into deep thoughts, something which is not easy to demonstrate, something which you can't define so easily and that is...


you are really emotional, then you will better understand how the emotions play an important role in every person's life, but there are some people who can be successful in life using these emotions, and there are some people who fall a lot due to the emotions.

I think our life needs emotions because if there are no emotions then there will be nothing to love and love will not have anything to understand. So it is necessary to have emotions in our body for all the good of our body. But I am not prepared to think that emotions control our live rather than Live emotions and control the emotions if our lives are not there, then where do we get emotions? If you know what you have done imosanera.


This will not be a discussion, this will be an attempt to correct people's perceptions of how the world works, so that they can see what is happening themselves.

Modern materialistic science has people believing that the universe is a machine. A cold, uncaring, machine. That B follows A. You pull lever 1 and you get a cookie. You pull lever 2 and you get doused with water.
That the cause is always in the past and the effect is always in the future.

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That's some really great entries. It's great to see how differently people think!

Thank you for the opportunity. The question was somewhat complex to answer. However, I loved participating. Grateful for the mention. I hope to continue to participate with my answers in the @ecotrain questions.

AWESOME job of the tie-up post, Mr Train Driver. Appreciating you, @eco-alex. x

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