The 8 Pillars of @TribeSteemUp: Clarification, Refinement, and Re-Casting the Spell

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317 days ago I created a container called @TribeSteemUp, with the purpose of supporting, connecting, and inspiring content creators working toward a more peaceful, harmonious, loving world. When i set those first intentions, I had not considered just how powerful a spell I was casting, and now I am here to clarify & refine, reinforce & recharge, to bring more intention & mindfulness to the conduit of energy that has been opened.

I, bearing witness to the lessons of history — that no form of political governance may be relied upon to secure individual rights; that no society based on competition & consumption can live harmoniously with itself or the natural world; that change must always come from the hearts & minds of the people— now therefore establish and provide certain fundamental principles guiding our conduct toward ourselves, toward one another, toward others, and toward the Earth:

FIRST, each individual is the exclusive proprietor of his or her own existence and all products thereof, holding no obligations except those created by consent;

SECOND, no individual or association of individuals, however constituted, has the right to initiate force against any other individual and each individual has the inalienable right of self-defense against the initiation of force;

THIRD, explicit voluntary association is the only means by which binding obligations may be created, and claims based on association or relationships to which any party did not consent are empty and invalid;

FOURTH, rights are neither collective nor additive in character, and no group can possess rights in excess of those belonging to its individual members;

FIFTH, the Earth is not a resource to be exploited, it is a living system, of which we are all pieces, and we must learn to live in harmony & balance with the rest of the system;

SIXTH, animals & plants do not exist to serve humans; they are living things that have their own existence, of which they are the exclusive proprietors;

SEVENTH, the purpose of all human endeavors should be the creation of a more thriving, peaceful, healthy, joyous world for ourselves and to leave for future generations;

EIGHTH, basing our interactions with each other on cooperation, co-creating the world we want to live in and pass on, is key to our success;

This is not a contract (legally binding or otherwise), this is something much more than that, this is a conscious commitment to myself (and any & all higher power[s] I recognize). I hereby declare my commitment to peace, individual sovereignty, cooperation, and respect for the Earth and for all life.

It is with these intentions that I have created the container of @TribeSteemUp, and it is these principles which the community was designed to support & spread. The portal has been opened; abundance, inspiration, and support is pouring through this container, and I dedicate myself to maintaining the alignment of purpose for which this spell was cast.

"I am because we are"

TribeSteemUp Portal.jpg

You may recognize those first four from the Shire Society Declaration, because that's where I got them :-) I discovered that document when I first heard about the Free State Project back in 2013, and it always stuck with me as a great way to set the framework for any list of agreements.

If you're curious about exactly how @TribeSteemUp functions, please visit the recent updates from the account:

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We are the projector of our dream, having the inherent capability to tinker the screenplay by focusing WITHIN. We might say we are a tiny minority among billions of people, yet the vast majority is not aware of their creative power, hence they are in a state of dithering. The collective dream direction is defined by those few ones aware of their inner projector, and it is these Souls who influence the collective dream the most. Hence, the minority feels like the majority, or should I say we are a conglomerate of powerful Souls which can literally move houses? :)

Great pillars perfectly in resonance with my Soul's longing. This project energetically has the potential to become a story many people one day might call a legend or fairytale :)


Brilliantly worded you amazing soul. Let's co-create for the rest of mankind and open our hearts to the universe. May the fairytale be written by our actions!


I live in God & God lives in me ;)

I havent given my vote to any post with more than 2sbd in a long time, but you just got it!

Thanks for caring about the rest of us, kenny!

Keep working, stop paying.


Thank you, I really appreciate that! It's so exciting to watch this thing unfold!

Vote 100 here: excellent axiomatization.

Solid principles.

Be the best to give the most; and be peaceful to be the best. Cooperate and be organized.


Great intention pillars Kenny, I do not disagree with anything stated here, respect.

Thank you @kennyskitchen, reading those principles is like coming home for me. I am very excited to be part of this amazing community that recognizes the importance and value of all living things and that works towards living in harmony with them.

I am because we are

Natural Law and Abundance! Let's Go!

I'm glad I came across this. I see groups on steemit and in the excitement of people building and finding 'success' I don't get to see where people started from, and see the core of what they are doing. This idea of total cocreation with others and my participation, and the ideas of consent in circles of creation has been pretty much in the forefront of ideas I'm wrestling with lately. This is articulated really well (and I will check out Shire Society- Ive never heard of it), and I feel like out of the posts I've seen from you that I 'get' you and your sincerity much better now. Not that it matters to you how I view you, but it makes me happy to find more authenticity as I dig, and not less <3

What an intention...what a powerful invocation. I am so chuffed to be in this tribe @kennyskitchen and cant thank you enough for the love you have manifested!!

With principles like these I can identify from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, Kenny, for creating the vessel that unites the spirits who are pioneering a new-old way for life and love on this magical organism Earth.

Wow. And again, just wow.

And saying I agree with the eight pillars doesn't even cover it; as a peacemaker and environmentalist all my life, being repeatedly called out as naive and unrealistic even by some family members, this is precisely what I've been trying to do in my own life, and the sort of tribe I've been attempting to build on my own. For decades.

And here you are doing it on Steemit. Hat's off, in a big way. The eight pillars are right up my alley, feel as though I could easily have written them, and I almost wish I had.

@crescendoofpeace is the name of our mini farm in Tennessee, and that is the sort of community we're trying to establish as well, a place of peace and acceptance, as we continue to align ourselves with other souls well on their way to awakening from the collective illusion, while helping others who are in their own beginning stages.

You have my support, and I'll follow your curation trail as soon as I get back to my laptop. I'll also be printing out a copy of the Eight Pillars to post in our office, for daily inspiration, as I already know that Marek will resonate with them as much as I do.

I am already engaging with several of your tribe members; I came here by way of @eco-alex, and immediately recognized @trucklife-family and @riverflows as favorite Steemians. ;-)

May we each continue to be the messengers for peace, light, abundance and awakening within our own spheres of influence.

Kenny, I could not possibly agree more with each of your listed principles. I love everything you stand for, as well as all the amazing souls contributing to the Tribe, and then some. The world at large may not be awakening at a pace we'd all prefer, but the evidence is unmistakable - humanity is awakening. I'm tremendously encouraged and inspired.
Much love,
Logan (@aware007)

SIXTH, Animals & plants do not exist to serve humans; they are living things that have their own existence they are the exclusive proprietors of;

They may not exist with that purpose, still, we humans, don't really care about it.
Nice dream you are dreaming. How it was that saying? Oh, ya!

Ignorance is Bliss.

I like your dream, too sad isn't real.

So much asskissing in the comments, I can't believe. In fact I do, people will say/do anything for an upvote nowadays.


So, your point is that because some humans violate morality means that it's impossible for other humans (like me and those who agree) to live by those principles, to choose or own way of acting in the world?

...this is a conscious commitment to myself (and any & all higher power[s] I recognize)

I'm not telling others that they have to live a certain way, or acting as if everyone else did act a certain way. I'm being responsible for my own life, my own actions, and the morality of those actions, because:

each individual is the exclusive proprietor of his or her own existence

We're each dreaming our own dream, and they are all about as real, since we can only experience any of this through our personal, human, extremely-limited viewpoints. The story you tell is what you're going to live out, because confirmation-bias and expectations pretty much decide human experience.


Illusion, is what I call them ;).


We might live in symbiosis within the Earth ecosystem, but the rules of this game require too much strength. When comes to choose between your dearest ones and anything else, that statement it's just empty words :). It's not personal sacrifice what's hard to do, but the sacrifice of others.

I know is too brief, but I believe you will get it. Gotta get back to work, have a lovely day :).

Perfect principles right here.
Without a doubt the world would be a better place if those principles would be in everyones mind.

Just to pick out one:

FIFTH, the Earth is not a resource to be exploited, it is a living system, of which we are all pieces, and we must learn to live in harmony & balance with the rest of the system;

How beautiful would it be if just more people would think that way.

This is truly inspiring @kennyskitchen. I love these 8 principles. I will try to convert them in an Infographic and present it to you soon. :) Cheers! My wife is following you people diligently and many of the @smg members too whom you are supporting. I really love your initiative and support it. :-D Hope you reach on the top!


That would be awesome :-) Thank you so much for the support!

So inspiring, thanks to you and the amazing members of @tribesteemup for having me along for the ride! BIG love xx

I didn't recognize those first 4 principles from the Shire Society Declaration, but I thought they sounded pretty libertarian and could tell they were different from the last 4 principles :))) I really like them!


They certainly are, haha. That's part of why I created it this way, because when you talk about some of the things in the later pillars, many an-caps/voluntaryists/libertarians like to jump to using the perjorative communist, and try to start arguing about how force is wrong and government is violence and authoritarian socialism is bad... I agree with those things, and I wanted to clarify that part of the conversation right off the bat.


Well, I have a "dumb question" now 😉

The first 4 pillars make complete sense to me since I embraced libertarianism during the last election. I honestly wouldn't have thought of all the communist etc things for the last 4 because I'm stuck on a practical downside of the 6th pillar: if animals and plants are the exclusive proprietors of their own existence, doesn't that imply that we need their consent to eat them? And since that isn't exactly going to happen, what are we supposed to eat? This seems to knock even veganism on its head. 🤔 What am I missing?


Animals are not food, they are living beings with consciousness, preferences, and feelings. They will do literally anything to escape being killed, imprisoned, etc.

Plants on the other hand are usually not killed to eat (the biggest exception being certain root vegetables), and in general we eat the parts that are designed to be eaten to spread the seeds (fruits/flowers), and parts that will simply wither off and die on their own (leaves).

The biggest shift is in the viewing of and relationship to these living things. Am I just stumbling around tearing up plants to eat, or am I present, seeing what is ready to be eaten, and showing my gratitude for the plant.

I think these are great pillars for your community, it shows a great respect and care for the earth.

FIFTH, the Earth is not a resource to be exploited, it is a living system, of which we are all pieces, and we must learn to live in harmony & balance with the rest of the system;

I really wish more people felt like this, I hate to see all the overconsumption occurring in the world today. So few people appreciate a much more simple lifestyle with focus on the family and being together.

I hope you understand how grateful I feel for your existence.

I would love to be part of this group but I can not find any solution to apply for. I have to use @tribesteemup tag and I will be discovered or other criteria. Thank you @TribeSteemUp and @kennyskitchen your project is really very interesting.

Would you consider it a violation of property (violence) then, to eat a plant?

SIXTH, Animals & plants do not exist to serve humans; they are living things that have their own existence they are the exclusive proprietors of;


fruits 100% ok!
we could have a lively debate about plants
they are not wired to FEEL pain.. so that is a good start!
i think its OK.. especially if you grow them yourself with love to eat them.. and then throw some seeds around..

How would one join tribesteemup? I went to discord server, its empty. Thanks

Very good post . I really like your post . I think you are great unique writter.
Thank you.

Great principles of life with good intentions. btw how to join the community?

When reading the firs 4 pillars, I felt like reading something inspired by Ayn Rand :)

I wonder if you have read some of her work?


I actually haven't; but as I mentioned above I pulled those first 4 from the Shire Society, and I'm sure all of them have, haha!


If you have the time it might be interesting for you to check Ayn Rand philosophy called Objectivism.


I'm pretty familiar with it, and have major issues with her and her philosophy. I'm not really down with capitalism or anthropocentrism, or systems built upon those assumptions.


More than capitalism I notice that one of the ideologies that are most supporting of individual rights is the one created by her, but I might be wrong about this. I wasn't aware of the importance of individual rights before learning about libertarianism. Being from Venezuela where we are bombarded with all kinds of ideological indoctrination to support the "revolution" that took place here, learning about these subjects was like a breath of fresh air.

Pillars are what hold building, institution..., be it spiritual, physical, financial... in sphere of life, the 8 pillars above are what individual need to build and to make the earth a thriving community.

I hereby declare my commitment to peace, individual sovereignty, cooperation, and respect for the Earth and for all life.

☝Also my declaration.

Join the curation trail yesterday...

Please discord channel?


Only Love matters.

What a wonderful world it would be! 💕

Saludos, me fascina su publicación.. si cumplieramos el octavo principio a cabalidad generamos grandes avances de desarrollo.

Hey kenny. Always great reading your posts. And loving this new venture. Much love, Danny

A very spectacular pillar, I strongly agree that humans have an important role to create a better life, from the social level, the communication to the spiritual. Humans as the most perfect creatures have great power to create change in this world. No hostility, no crime, no murder, no oppression, no fraud. All will run steadily toward a happy life in its essence. Humans are human beings, human beings are not like other animals. So human life must be created as best as possible. One of the things that need to have is the science and science of the universe, the interaction of the universe with humans, and human interaction with his god. Thank you...

by : @ponpase

love it @kennyskitchen. You are an inspiring individual. Excited to see some more of the content that you and @tribesteemup come up with.

#upvoted and #followed

Awesome! I've re-steemed!


Thank you brother!

I love how you worded this Kenny. Really beautiful intentions for this awesome group @kennyskitchen!

SIXTH, animals & plants do not exist to serve humans; they are living things that have their own existence, of which they are the exclusive proprietors;

In a rather interesting equilibrium, humans and plants and animals do serve each other. In harmony, with no force, from a place of respect, trust and no agenda.
Just like you serve me and vice versa 🙂

this container is bridging heaven on earth. LOVE

Hi @tribesteemup and @kennyskitchen
Really like this idea. I'm so down and can't wait to get to know you all. Will join the Discord and introduce myself to you all shortly.
I resonate very powerfully with this expression of consciousness and harmony/peace and the way it was articulated above.
Very exciting stuff right here.
Peace n love,

your wish we have more of you on steemit. you inspire so much!!! @kennyskitchen

very nice artwork my friend. and hopefully you are always in good health. and I really need support from you my friend please visit my blog once a friend yes

Can you provide the discord link to tribesteemup please? I would also recommend adding it to the @tribesteemup posts so people can find there way there. Thanks.

This is me and i do abide by all these 8 Pillars of Tribesteemup and live my life by them. Ubuntu!

I know this is an old post but I'm curious to ask about this:
"SIXTH, animals & plants do not exist to serve humans"

To which I agree, however, how does this work when we use both as food sources? Even from a plant-based/vegan lifestyle, plants are still a resource. Just because we can't see the energetic plant kingdom beyond the 3D senses doesn't mean they don't exist in the same way we perceive animals.