The ecoTrain Magazine: November 6th 2018 - Discover Amazing content from our passengers

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I'm happy to see you for this weeks roundup of posts from our amazing ecoTrain passengers. You know, I'm not just saying that, our passengers are really amazing people and have inspired me in many ways through reading their posts. If you are looking to meet and engage with some great people please do read some of these posts and then Say Hi! As always, remember to follow the passengers that you like, and even resteem the posts that really touch you. It's so easy to forget, and then miss out on more great content.


Cascadia to Aztlan - Coasting the One

Riding the coast you might assume we were past the big hills, such as the Grayback, we rode into California across, or the Bald Hill, coming out of the Klamath valley. But the coast had its own challenges: The road would fall steeply, winding over many turns into a hairpin curve, out of which it would climb just as steeply hopefully into an outlook with some breathtaking view... not that you had any breath left anyway, after that climb. So coasting was the last thing we do, instead try to gain some precious momentum.

A Halloween Encounter

Escaping Back to Summer

Once we made it to the coast, around the town of Orick, certain things returned to a familiar normality we almost forgot when we headed inland from Seaside, Oregon. For one thing, the weather changed back to Summer, with warm, sunny days, and mild nights. Of course the nights carried a great deal of sea moisture in the air, and the afternoon winds were at times stronger than needed, but once again we managed to leave the approaching Fall behind us.

Tricky Autumn on the Coast

While we thought we had outsmarted the changing season, it soon dawned on us that dusk kept falling earlier each day. Sure enough, these were the last days of October. Halloween was upon us, and in less than a week we would fall back from Daylight Saving Time, when the afternoons would turn into evenings.


Little Confidence Boosters (Day 14 of 30 of the Happiness Challenge)

When you think about the happiest times in your life, chances are that they are times when you felt confident.

When I think back to my happiest times, they include days like my children's birth, my wedding day, also my university days.

What is interesting about the uni days is that there are lots of things I did that I'd cringe about having the confidence to do now. I had a job as a university warden and I'd go and tell people to be quiet in the university halls in the dead of night when I received a complaint, in an ever so polite manner, mind, but I'm not sure I'd like to do that again!

What were those times for you?

Why Getting Enough Sleep May Be The Key To Happiness (Day 13 of 30 of the Happiness Challenge)

Sleep is very important. I know we've touched on it before, but it deserves its very own dedicated post…

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is important for your health, how you feel, well-being and how alert you are. One bad night's sleep can affect your performance during the following day and a chronic lack of sleep can contribute to all sorts of health issues and also weight gain.

I have an inkling of how lack of sleep feels. I had interrupted sleep for about 6 years because of waking children and going to deal with them, without a night's break.


Support Internally Displaced Persons from the War in Cameroon

We know it may sound bizarre to say we are at war in Cameroon but it's real. Cameroon is at war. We are in a civil war between the armed separatist of comprising of English Speaking Cameroonians from the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon against the Cameroonian military.
A lot of steemians like @manka, @martin.mikes, @mr-greens, @princelouise and others have written about the war in Cameroon and you can learn more about it at:

Green Art of the Week | Nature is good

Nature is good but how can we guarantee the beauty of nature. At @thegreens, we are working to #EndPlasticPollution and we are encouraging you to join us in our crusade to #EndPlasticPollution. The beauty of nature will be restored if we #StopPlasticPollution.

The 5 Rs to #StopPlasticPollution

Chose of one or two or all of the 5 Rs and do something to stop plastic pollution


Simply say NO to single-use and disposable plastics, such as bags, bottles, straws, cups, spoons and plates! Discover alternatives. This is the most effective of 5R's and will allow you to discover that life without disposable plastics is not only entirely feasible, but also healthier and wealthier.


Translation Node.js from English to Dutch - Part 8. 1028 words

Node.js project details:

In short: Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.
As an asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtime, Node is designed to build scalable network applications.


Project links:

The project's crowdin page:
My profile:

The translation

I am getting close to the end of translating the 'Assertion' chapter, and it's been quite fun to progress in this. In the beginning, I didn't have a clue what all this meant, but now it gets easier every time.
The deep-equal is beginning to make sense.


How To Build A Rose Trellis

Today Ini helped me complete a simple task we had needed to do for some time:

Build a trellis for one of my roses!

But enough of my waxing poetic, this is a Tutorial post! Let's have at it... Take it away Ini.

Here's how to build a simple trellis:

  • I took some white oak that had been felled on site from one of our trees and cut it into 9 ft lengths (accounting for stake length underground).

How To Post A DTube Video From Your Phone!

As more and more people get excited about uploading videos, vlogs and snaps through DTube, I thought it would be helpful if I shared how I've uploaded DTube vids through my phone for the last 9 months.

That's right: through my phone!!

With these simple and clear steps, you should be able to upload DTube videos through your phone too.


Looking in the Mirror: Exploring Judgement & Challenging Beliefs

If you asked me this morning about what I thought about judging others, I would have said that I am not a judgemental person. I embrace acceptance and kindness always.

The word judgement makes me think of those horrid magazines that you pass at the grocery store. It bothers me that these magazines exist and that people enjoy the ugly judgemental nature of them.

Would you consider yourself to be a judgemental or non judgemental person? How do others see you? I am considered to be a really nice person and quite non judgemental but - how true is this really? How judgemental am I really without even being conscience of it?


Music Monday: Moving House Tunes Plus SBI REWARD (Steem Basic Income)

It's a gorgeous rainy day here and I have a box of records of my boy's that he has left with me for when he travels to Europe on Saturday. On the weekend I went over and helped him and his girl clean up their rental property, which has now gone down in legend as the place with 9 different sorts of wallpaper. The record player, of course, was the last thing to go, because the three of us had to rotate through vinyl, choosing an album when the last one had finished.

Kiss My Aaaaaaaa....tichokes.

You know that scene in Wallace and Grommit where one says: ' and the other one goes 'kiss my aaaa...rtichokes', the kind of joke that goes over little ones heads but makes the adults giggle? That one? Yeah, it's still doing it for me. I tried to find a link but couldn't, so you have to go and watch 'Curse of the Wererabbit' just for that line.

Moving right along, one of the sexiest and most romantic moments of my life was J. introducing me to artichokes. He steamed them (not steemed, stop being single minded) and then we ate them by peeling off the leaves and dipping them in butter and feeding them to each other so we could skim the flesh with our teeth until we were left with the tender hearts - by which time, our hearts were tender too... and then... stop it!


Cook with Us #29: Vegan Koftas Lunch for 2 people ONLY 1.85 SBD! FEED YOURSELF WITH SBD EARNINGS!

I really loved the theme for this weeks @cookwithus challenge: Budget Meal!!!! I agree that people spend too much on convenience food and eating out. As someone who has worked in a restaurant I know first hand it's not worth it, when you can cook your own food, much fresher, cheaper and better than a lot of restaurants. Sure they make it look really fancy but with not much effort you can also have a fancy meal at home!

I haven't had an official income since June this year, instead i've been living off my earning on Steemit. Even though I can make nice food and get some good snaps, i'm still living very frugally, so it is entirely possible to feed yourself with steemit dollar earnings!


Remembering How I Birth My Daughter Next To The Sea

Looking at that photo above, brings back so many memories. This was where I was living 6 years ago, in the south of Ireland, parked up on some land next to the sea. And this is where I birthed my second daughter. She was born in ta bell tent, next to the bus, exactly 6 years ago tomorrow. I will be busy celebrating with her then, so today I wish to share her birth story and begin the celebrations early.

I remember this exact night 6 years ago, very clearly. I was feeling quite apprehensive, as earlier in the day I had been told by my community midwife that I would have to go for a check up in the maternity hospital, because I was already 2 weeks overdue. I had already resisted there attempts, to try and get me to have an ultrasound.But then my midwife told me she would not be able to assist me if I did not have one. So in the end I did and but I made sure they were quick when they scanned me. I really wanted my baby to be born at home. I had wanted the same with my first daughter, but in the end I was taken to hospital and had a very traumatic birth.

Why Do People Have To Keep Birds In Cages?

Today I went into town with my youngest daughter, I had to get some food for the dogs and cats and I also had to get a few last minute things for my daughters Birthday on Monday. I have walked this route so many times and I really am blessed with the views that I get to see on my walk. Well most days I am.

So after getting all that I needed, I made my way home, only to realize I had forgotten something.So I took a way back into town, that I usually don't take that often and I saw something that always makes my heart sink.


Upheaval, Self Care, and Poverty

It's taking a toll, you know. All this madness in the world right now has me pretty beat down. It's all good, I know. I get that it's all coming to the surface to be healed, but do we have to do it all at once? The patriarchy, capitalism, neo-colonialism, racism, xenophobia, trans phobia, homophobia, the military-industrial complex, violence, it's all coming to a head right now, and I'm feeling like maybe we should take these one or two at a time. It feels like a boxing match where I am losing really badly.


Breathing Unpoluted Air, Flowering Pink!!!

Go get some fresh air they say! I wonder if they new that different airs were considered medicine when people said that.

Our old House Plants Love the Homestead Life and the fresh they've been breathing!

For those of you who remember the post on finding Unsuspected Flowerson some of our house plants we brought out the the homestead from a Brooklyn apartment... This is a quick little update.

If the fresh air can do so much good to a couple plants like that, imaginenwhat it can do to the human body!

Money, Wealth and Country Clubs...

Yeah, country clubs... It's always been a mystery to me!

Ah, the Rockefellers... can you imagine what it's like to never have to worry about money? I guess I can, but it's only my imagination running wild!

I love to learn something everyday. Yesterday I learned about some vehicles the extremely wealthy use to make money, protect it and multiply it.

Dividend paying whole life insurance

I started looking into it because of a podcast called Cash Flow Ninja.

The idea is a vehicle for your money that is sheltered from the votality of the stock market. You collect tax free dividends through life insurance.

There is quite a bit of information online about this, and I don't understand enough of it to fully explain what it is. What I read is that it is an asset and you can borrow from it without government and banks raping you. You than can find a cash flow property that pays the loan back. Once that's paid off you can do it all over again... thos investment also seems to be a shelter for wealth transfer to the next generation.


[Video Tour] Gardening for Food Security - Indoor Gardening Project Part 4

The indoor garden project began with the purchase of an LED grow light (which explains the pink glow in the video below) – but what to put under it?

The light would cover a 4' x 4' space and I wanted to maximize that growing space.
I did that by:
• Choosing square or rectangular pots that would fit tightly together
• Growing only productive plants
• Keeping a rotation of seedlings going to rotate into that space once the plants are past their prime (these were grown on a separate grow light stand.)

Old Abandoned Barn - 'Old Wood.' #aswcontest

I love looking around old abandoned buildings and this old homestead, close to my home in the boreal forest of Canada, was a real treasure to look around to get a glimpse of how they lived back in the old days.

It is also a perfect entry to this weeks "Abandoned Shit Contest" with a theme of "old wood"


Artificial intelligence researching religion and violence

Religion based conflicts are as old as religions themselves. There is a constant battle between people on which God is stronger, better and of course, real. Reasons why humanity not only justifies its doings by holy messages but promote them too lies in our neurons. Today, we will dive into reasons behind religion-based violence and what our neurons have to do with it. Using computer science for cognitive research is a relatively new field but it is expanding rapidly and helping us to understand the human brain, the most complexed intelligence system there is.

Murder on the Orient Express 2017 - movie review (Steemitbloggers Contest)

Let us see if I can make a decent enough movie review... It will not be positive or a nice one. There is only one Poirot and his name is David Suchet. Sure, we all have a right to our opinion and taste preferences but some things you just do not do. You do not play with my Poirot. Yes, I said my, lol... Anyway, there will be just a small spoiler alert and it will be clearly marked so you can skip when you see that subtitle and read the rest of the post if you have not seen the movies or read the books.


Military Music Show at the Royal Opera House in Muscat was a treat over the weekend 💖💖💖

The Military Music Show is held in Muscat city once a year for 3 days and is the most awaited show. It is a spectacular Military music concert where bands from various Government services together put up a show. The flawless Military parades and the Music, the trumpets, the Drumming, Bagpipes everything is a delight to watch. There is a Global representation also in the event, though not at a very large scale, since the focus is more on the internal performances. This year it was Poland, Scotland and China who represented at the event.

The whole event was extravagant, so colorful and charming. I have been missing the event since last 2 years and this year I made it a point that I will visit as I had heard lot of good things about the show and nevertheless it was more than my expectations.

Excursion in the Mountains.

Random road trips sometimes turn out to be the best excursions.. This day was a little cloudy which is not very common in middle east so we do not want to miss such opportunities and headed straight for a day outing. The place we planned to go had nothing around except for just being in the mountains and discovering them. We packed our lunch and drove off straight to the unknown land.

Normally people would do an overnight stay in the mountains in tents, but I am not all that adventurous, though sometimes I feel it would be a good experience. May be in future sometime I may think of doing that. 😃😃

Drive between the Mountains. I feel this is one of the best shots I have ever taken.


Meeting My First Steemian - Hey its REAL folks!

Good day my steemit family and tribe.. It sure has been a whirlwind of a week for me, and right now Im writing to you from Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have been on Steemit for a year and a half now and during that time have gotten to know so many people in the virtual world.... but until now have not met anyone in the flesh..

Sometimes i would wonder how REAL these people are here! I mean you know how the Internet can be! All my friends could just be bots, or 11 year old kids pretending to be adults! I remeber back in 1995 when i discovered this 'girl' i was chatting up for weeks turned out to be a guy! Boy did i feel like a twot!

Help Ever - Hurt Never : The power of being a team player

What does this world need for all of us to be looked after, happy, and safe? We know we cant rely on our governments ... and these days many of us can't even rely on our family! Things will always go wrong, and sometimes it seems that we are unable to fix a problem... More often than not that is because we are trying to succeed alone!


3 Natural Medicine Survival Essentials For My Month In Burma

So. Here I am. Finally. This part of the world has called my heart for decades.

Where am I? In a wild part along the east coast of Burma, where the mountains meet the sea.

I'm here to spend a month alone, collecting and documenting wild healing plants and working with the indigenous Karen people who inhabit these wild jungles and mountains. What's it like? Sub-tropical, so damp, hot in the daytimes and very cool at nights, humid and utterly gorgeous.

The Paralysis of Perfection - #FreedomFriday Reflection

"Now if I can just tweak that bit first, pull the funds together for another photoshoot, get commitment for that other bit, redo those bits online, identify those targets, get the video done and prepare XYZ alongside ABC which comes after P &Q, THEN I can move forward."

Yup. I really did say that. Damn.

I was challenged this week by @eco-alex, my private live-in steem & website tutor for a few days while he renewed his visa here in Chiang Mai, that my desire to have it water-tight and un-criticizable was one of the biggest limiting 'things' in my life and my business. Because in my need-desire to be approved of and protected from criticism, and my need for all the drafts to be perfect before being sent to ANYbody, everything simply sits in my lap and on my hard-drive and in my head, while I nearly break under the weight of all that I am holding alone. My recently badly broken arm - literally not able to hold anything anymore - was a big clue that I was, and am, overloaded. Not by tasks or challenges, but by the heavy weight of my own expectation.


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